part 154

It was 1:15 and ismail was home already, I needed to give them lunch…..and salma still wasn’t here….marriage has made her delayed as ever….

Me:”sal?where are you?the whole days almost over”

Sal:”chill, I’m around the corner, will be there now…”

When she finally did arrive I hugged her so tight…I honestly missed her….imagine if she really married goolam and moved away to rustenburg…?gosh what would I do then?thank goodness she didn’t…

After lunch ismail and the kids were on their way again…so sal and I had some catch up moments…

She told me all about rubeena and her mothers craziness and about how her incredible her first week as a married woman was and about everyone in aqeels family that she’s met…

So far rubeena and her mother seemed the worst….everyone else was quite cool….

Sal:”fay…I’m abit freaked out….I got a call this morning while I was getting done…”

Me:”from who?”

Sal:”I don’t know, it was an unknown number…..but it was a girl…..I first thought it was rubeena, but her voice was a little more squeaky….”

Me:”what did they want?”

Sal:”she just went on about how pathetic I am to take her left overs and every step that I take in this house I should remember that everything belonged to her first…..(Sigh)…I think it must be his ex-wife …but where would she get my number from?”

Me:”didn’t you say that she and rubeena were friends?sal you were really silly to give her your number”

Sal:”sh** I know…”

Me:”did you tell aqeel?”

Sal:”ha uh…I didn’t want to trouble him at work…I thought I’ll tell him when we alone at home tonight…”

Me:”you must, maybe he can do something about it….she’s wicked that girl…trust me…..and she’s capable of anything”

Sal:”I suppose aqeel was would be better to move out from the apartment and find our own place..I think he feel just as haunted…apparently they haven’t left him alone either…..till just before we got married he says they were still calling to beg him to take her back…”

Me:”she messed up…that’s the life she chose…..she had her chance and messed up big time….once you lose your husbands trust, its very hard to regain…a woman is slightly more forebearing…as much as she’s hurt, we feel some kind of hold onto our hubbys…we can’t let go so easily…but men are different..hurt them and betray them once, especially in the way that noori has…and its over….”

Salma:”I guess I shouldve expected all this when I married him….she ended the call by telling me that I will pay…she’ll make sure of it…and make sure she breaks my marriage”

Me:”oh please sal..those are empty threats…she can’t do anything to break you and aqeel up…he loves you too much and you know it….”

Salma:”but what if she does something…like jadoo or black magic or something”

Me:(laugh)….”Come on sal…..put your trust in Allah…read manzil everyday and your 4 quls…Allah protects…and just like how people have power to do these things….Allah is All -Powerful….everythings is in His control…no harm can come to us if He doesn’t wish for it to…so just chill and stop stressing…..”

Everyones test comes in different ways…..Allah looks at our weaknesses and tests us accordingly…my test was in my marriage and my inlaws and In losing my parents and my one baby and lots of other things…..and while salma had her parents, a good husband and amazing inlaws, her test was in the evil ex-wife….

and that’s life…someone else may be tested by their husbands cheating on them, or by being unable to have kids, or by financial difficulties etc etc…no persons life is free from trials..Allah has placed us in this world as the greatest test….to see how strong our faith is and to see if we will ultimately be successful…

Fairytales teach us that everyone gets a happily ever after…although that is not completely a lie….because if we pass our trials and difficulties in this world then we still will get our happily ever after in the hereafter…

This world is just a passing phase and hopefully it will all be over in the blink of an eye…no calamity or difficulty lasts forever…

I changed the subject and tried to talk about happier things to get salmas mind off that stupid phonecall….

We spoke about my pregnancy and about the holiday aqeel and her cousins farhaad and his wife farida were planning for them in 3 months time….apparently its mostly a surprise..they don’t want to tell her anything….so she’s just enjoying the attention for a change…

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12 thoughts on “part 154

  1. a95r says:

    Salma, plz don’t stress. Don’t let the worrying ‘what if something happens’ spoil your happiness. Coz that will spoil aqeels happiness which eventually may be detrimental to your marriage. Put you trust in Allah, make dua, take fay’s advice, read manzil and quls, read ayatul qursi and leave the rest to Allah.

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Hmmm !!! Rubeena is a crazy gal !! N her frend is Noori ,… So. ??!!!! Can trust dem to do some wierd things !!!!!!

    Poor Salma … She doesn’t all this kinda drama in her life now …. Let Aqeel sort dem out once n for all !!!!!!!

    Hmmm – yay !! A jokes page !!! I hope u put my pic there Mrs S … Coz I’m the BIGGEST JOKE … Lol

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  3. A says:

    Ya الله can ppl be so full of hate that they can’t see others happiness
    Wonder y Noori is now running behind Aqeel wen she was busy runn

  4. A says:

    Y is Noori running behind Aqeel now that they divorced bcoz whilst she was married to him she ran behind someone else
    Salma plz don’t let doubts ruin ur marriage bcoz only u going to loose out on happiness

  5. zana says:

    Totally agree with faaiza. We all need to have total faith in our allah. Make dua allah saves from all evil jadoo and jealousy and the only thing that will help is to read.
    People are mean and can’t see others happy.
    Salma speak to aqeel and let him know what’s happening
    Enjoy the supper guys. Faaiza don’t over do. Take it easy

  6. Sister A. says:

    Argh man! I knew dat Rubeena was not gona leave Salma °̩и peace. Salma must tel Aqeel abt dis. He can sort dose 2 trubl makers out.
    I agree wid @ a95r. Gud advice sis.

    • On the top of the page there are 3 red, light red and blue…click on the first red circle on your left..that will give u the menu…click on whichever page you wish to access…

      If you don’t come right, let me know….jx

  7. I seldom comment, but i did a few searching and wound up here
    part 154 | forever a mess-up. And I actually do
    have some questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be just me
    or does it look as if like some of these responses come
    across like left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you
    are posting on other places, I would like to follow anything new
    you have to post. Would you make a list of the complete urls of your community pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or
    twitter feed?

    • Hi…

      Thanks for commenting…
      Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have…

      I don’t use any social networks such as linkedin, facebook, twitter etc…

      This is the only medium that I use…pls do visit this site whenever you wish to….and comment aswel..

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