part 153:

I slowed down abit and tried to squeeze my way through these inconsiderate people who park their cars like they own the road…don’t they ever think that there’s crazy people like me on the road?that could possibly dent or damage their cars severely?

Ismail helped me by slightly turning the steering wheel to the right….I think more because he was stressing about me bumping….

Shooooh…….I made it freaking embarrassing….

Ismail:”ok I think that’s enough for one day…let’s go home….(Pulling out a cigarette)…”

Me:”your grand idea(rolling eyes)”

Ismail:”apart from you almost bumping someones black SL500, err…you weren’t that bad….”

Me:”ya well I just need more practice again….I don’t even know if my licence is still valid…..”

Ismail:”you better check it out…if its expired you going to have to do the whole learners thing and all that again…”

Me:”great! And here I was thinking that all my exam writing has come completely to an end”

We got back home and I was abit worried to take the car into the driveway so I stopped just outside while ismail pulled the car in properly and parked….

Monday morning, I woke up excited…sal was coming to spend the day with me…once I’d given everyone breakfast and ismail had left to drop the kids off at school, I decided to give her a call….

But her phone just rang and rang and no-one picked up…..

I tried one more time and just before I was going to put down, a very groggy salma answered…


Me:”oh gosh….someones crabby today….missing your other half so soon?”

Sal:”do you mind fay?not all of us need to be up so early in the morning..besides, I’m not used to waking up this early..we’ve been waking up around 11 and 12 for the past week…I’m tired(yaaaawn)”

Me:”(laughing)ok sorry..I just called to see what time you’re coming here..forgive me for being over excited to see my sister…”

Sal:”I jumped back into bed immediately after aqeel left….I thought I could get abit of a snooze before the maid comes at 9:30″

Me:”oh good, you have a maid…”

Sal:”ya thank god….even though its the 2 of us only,but we’re too spoilt…I don’t think I’ll cope without one….”

Me:”ok so what time can I expect you then?”

Sal:”she’s new, so let me stick around abit to teach her everything and once I’m showered and dressed I’ll pop by…hopefully by 1….depends on how slow she is….”

Me:”alright….will wait for you for lunch…try to hurry up..just for today….see ya”

I started abit in the kitchen….preparing most of the stuff….I decided on some crumbed mushrooms and nachos for starters and saucy peppersteak and baked potatoes with sweetcorn and cheese for mains with a lovely salad and not too sure what to make for dessert….

It is abit chilly today so maybe a warm pudding would be good..I think we’re going to have winter much earlier than usual this year…

I didn’t have to worry about lunch..there was still quite abit of akhni left from yesterday, so we’ll all just have that and I’ll bake some pies for ismail the fuss pot who won’t eat left overs…

There are so many people starving in the world, they don’t remember when last they’ve eaten their last meal and have no clue as to when their next meal will be, and here we are fussing about eating left overs…

The problem is that he’s too spoilt and no-one taught him from young….he’s mother had her priorities all mixed up….she spoilt him in the wrong ways….by giving in to his fussyness but not bothering to give him the love and attention that he really needed…

I wonder how they are all holding up in that screwed up household?….honestly, its so much more peaceful without them interfering….

But it does cross my mind now and then….all these do they manage everyday, who’s been cooking for them, if rukaya is still with them or gone back home….I even wonder about chotikhala….and her baby..the babys probably around 6 months or so by now….I could never really picture her as a mother…

Ismail doesn’t ever talk about them…I wonder if he feels the loss of not having his family around or if we’ve filled that void enough for him…

Lifes been ok on my side for now…..I could only imagine how strenuous things wouldve been for me if I were still living with them…

No doubt, this was Allahs plan…otherwise I wouldve definitely lost both my babies……

Which reminds me, I have an appointment at the gynae again this week to check up on my little angel….we’re eager to find out what we’re getting this time around, but everytime we go for an appointment, the baby is in an awkward position and the dr can’t seem to make out for sure…

I don’t really mind what it is, as long as its a healthy and normal child, but I’m just eager to know..

Authors note:
Since we are nearing the months of rajab and sha’baan, I’ve uploaded a page to help us understand the importance of these upcoming months and what is required for us to do…feel free to add on as you desire….



9 thoughts on “part 153:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awww shame – Fay’s soo excited n poor Salma just can’t get up early ….
    Routine will set in soon , post honeymoon is like that , she probably feels like she’s jet-lagged – lol

    Mmm yummy yummy , cook extra Fay , I’m deciding to gate crash !!
    Mayb some yummy warm Malva Pudding in this cold weather ….. Grrr , stomach grumbling now !!!

    We hav2 humble ourselves n not b fussy abt food – there r ppl starving all arnd the world !! Just think of Syria – may ‎​اللَّهُ ease their situation and all arnd the world – ‎​​​​آمين

    Seems like baby is playing hide n seek !!! Hehehehe
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. zana says:

    Faaiza thus pregnancy is making you all upside down. Don’t get so upset with ismail.
    All men have their preferences.
    But is true if learn from an early age it does help.
    But remember you love ismail so don’t complain and keep him happy. Lol
    If he is happy you happy. As for his family may allah give them love in their hearts.

  3. A says:

    Shukr Fay made it thru without embarrassing anyone. Salma is still getting back into routine Fay, give her time lol
    It’s so true that some parents will spoil their kids in the wrong way esp sons n them their wives have to put up with all their nonsense bit remember he’s ur Jannah so u need to put up with him
    All pregnancies are different n this baby just wants to surprise u lol
    Make lots of Duaa during ur pregnancy that الله softens the hearts of ur inlaws towards u n ur family ان شاء الله

  4. rooksana says:

    Mk lotsa dua 4 those women who r trying 2 have a baby. Bt r not gtn it. Fay shud be happy day she has kidz.
    Som Ppl r dying 2 have dey own kidz. Allah mk it easy 4 dem ameen ?

  5. Sister A. says:

    ℓ☺ℓ! Salma stil njoyin sleepin til late.
    So true, while many r starving around da world many others r fussy abt eatin left ovas & den we hav others who r just wastefull.

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