part 152:

I walked gracefully with my arms folded and my forehead creased towards the car……and once I was stationed right infront of ismail I asked:
“Babes?where exactly are we going?you’re acting very weird I must say….”

Ismail grinned even more crazily and lifted up the car keys with 2 fingers right infront of my very curious face…
“To get you driving once again….”

I couldn’t help but laugh right there and then, in his face…
“You are absolutely out of your mind love…there is no way I am jumping in the drivers seat….I haven’t been behind a steering wheel for like 7 years and now suddenly when I’m as round as jumbo, you expect me to just drive?uh uh…you mad…”And I started walking away giggling to myself….

Ismail:”babes…come on…you first angry that I don’t want you to when I want to teach you, you’re laughing at me…?!how bad can it be?its not like you have no clue how to drive, you used to drive all over the show, you just need a little bit of practice…”

He was right, but I was nervous…I had no courage to drive again….I know its a necessity, but honestly, now is really not the time for this…

Almost as if though he could read my thoughts….
“Besides, its a sunday, the roads are more quiet than usual….and if you feel like you can’t manage, I’ll take over and we’ll come back home..” He looked at me questioningly… He wasn’t sure if I was going to agree or not…

Agh! What’s the major deal.?…he was atleast trying…let me just do it to make him happy…even though it would be rather strange with my big tummy coming in the way….

Ismail:”and trust me love, your tummys not that big yet…if I weren’t your hubby, I wouldn’t even know you’re pregnant…”

Me:”that’s because I’m wearing a cloak…YOU can’t notice it..but I who’s wearing the big fat belly, can definitely feel it…(Big sigh)…oookay….let’s try this”

The kids were still standing at the front door waiting for us to go…and when they noticed me jumping into the drivers seat they started giggling to themselves…

Raadiya:”mama?you can drive?”

Me:”I could….but I don’t no anymore….”

Riyaad:”this is going to be so much fun….daddy please can we come with to see…?”

Me:”no ways(giving them big eyes and then turning to ismail)…they cannot be in the car..its bad enough that we’re risking 3 of our lives here…we can’t endanger another 2 humans…(Screaming)….go inside kiddos….we’ll be back soon…verry soon”

I closed my door and put the key in the ignition….

Ismail:”see!(Smiling)…that’s a start love…you still remember where the key goes…”

Me:”oh shoosh babes…its not funny…I’m going to have an anxiety attack and its going to be all your fault….couldn’t you wait till after I give birth…..?”

Ismail:”then you’ll say can’t I wait till the babys bigger and then you’ll be pregnant again and we’ll go on and on…..besides…dada and dadi are old and I’m most of the time at work or on training..I feel its necessary, especially with the kids now…I’m not saying you have to do everything and be in the car the whole day, but you need to just know, incase there’s an emergency, atleast you’ll be able to jump in the car and move…”

He had a very valid point..but since I got married, I’d become so dependant on him to take me wherever I needed to or get whatever I needed, I even forgot that I once was so independent and did everything myself…

I read bismillah and with a very heavy chest, switched the car on…….with a jerk…..

I put my face in my hands out of frustration while ismail laughed, clearly enjoyed this…

Ismail:”babes….you’re too tense….just calm down k….”

I tried again…this time its started and staying on…I then slowly put the hand brakes down and carefully pressed the accelerator…..oh my god!!!I was on the road again…..eeeeek!

Ok ok..calm down faaiza..this Is not going to be so bad…shukr to Allah that the roads were generally empty…so I surprisingly still remembered how to drive and change gears….

Until I came onto a very narrow street a couple of blocks away and there were loads of cars parked just where I needed to take the bend….and to top it all off, there were also just as many people standing outside the house….I started to panic…what if I couldn’t make it through…this is so embarrassing….

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7 thoughts on “part 152:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Bak to driving !!! Ooooh …..
    But once u learn , I don’t think u can forget … Just get abit rusty … I’m the same …. I feel better driving automatic …. I dunno who invented manual – its just soo stressfull , especially wen des kids arnd – lol

    Hope she doesn’t get too nervous n cause an accident – *cant look* …. Stay calm Fay , read durood sharief … It’l defntly get u thru any hurdle quickly – ‎​​إنشاءالله

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. rooksana says:

    Yeyeyeye I ws right. Learning 2 drive again. Her kidzz r soo cute. Masha allah.
    Dnt stress fay u will b fine.
    Dnt coz a seen. Good luck!!!!!

  3. A says:

    Ya الله Ismail has really changed. Yippee for Fay, now u won’t have to be so dependent on others to take u around
    Don’t panic Fay, just drive carefully or ask Ismail to take over if u too nervous
    Really like the two kids, they too cute

  4. Sister A. says:

    Ismail’s takin Fay 2 practice driving. At least she’s gaining sum independance again. Ismail is so patient. She’s panickin , hp she doesn’t cause an accident. Keep calm on da road Fay!

  5. a95r says:

    Driving! Fay, plz don’t panic.. That’s the worst thing you can do when driving… Don’t worry once u learn how to drive, you know how to. So even though u didn’t drive for so long it’ll come back to you – then it will be as if u hadn’t stopped.

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