part 150

The first week of marriage has been quite relaxing and fun….aqeel and I sit up talking till the wee hours of the night, perform tahajjud salaah, read abit of quraan until fajr, we read our 2 sunnah rakaats of fajr salaah together and then he goes to the masjid for salaah….

Nabi(S.A.W) is reported to have said to the effect…”that we should not make our homes like graveyards”…meaning that some salaah has been encouraged to be performed at home as this will be a means of barakah(blessings) in the home…

Ofcourse this doesn’t mean fardh far as possible a man is required to perform all fardh salaah In the masjid with jama’ah(congregation)….but its preferred that the sunnah and nafl salaah should be performed at home so there is less risk of doing it for show..

Aqeel confessed that he sometimes found it really hard to go to the masjid…just the thought of getting into the car and driving all the way and then driving then so much of time passes and its too late to catch a nap again before work…

But he heard someone mention in the masjid the other day…that if an announcement was made that a large amount of money was to be distributed at a specific time to anyone who comes to such and such place….we all would be more than happy to rush there….then sleep also would be forgotten…

So here, Allah is promising everlasting wealth to the person who sacrifices his time, his sleep and his comforts whilst so many are enjoying their slumber….

Aqeel:”how can we ever miss this opportunity..only a fool will do something like that”

And so he’s made an intention….which for now is better than nothing at all….to go to the masjid for every salaah inshallah….

Before he can even return from fajr, I’m far away in dreamland….we wake up around 12, have a cup of tea, read zuhr and then go out together for lunch…

We’ve been doing loads of shopping..aqeels been spoiling me rotten…..everything my eyes fall on, he wants to buy…..and there’s no arguing with him…..its a total waste to argue with aqeel…he always gets what he wants..

For supper we’ve been invited by all the family….its either my mum or his or this cousin or aunt….which is quite of sweet of them…but I honestly can’t wait for normality….for life to begin and responsibility to set in…

I know I sound crazy..I mean who wants responsibilty to start?everyone wants to live a life like this….no responsibility, shopping everyday, no cooking, cleaning, having to make lunch…no routine….but that’s not me….I LOVE routine….

So after the first week was over, aqeel unfortunately had to return to work…even thought it was their own business, aqeel was very hard working and didn’t take advantage….he was passionate about his work…

We discussed about the apartment one night….

Me:”baby…why don’t you want to stay here? Its lovely….and cosy and comfortable..and we’re only 2 of us…there’s no need to buy a house at the moment…maybe oneday, if and when Allah grants us kids, then we can think about it…”

Aqeel:”its not fair sweetheart… deserve better than this place….and there’s too may rotten memories for me in this house….”

Me:”ok…I understand…it reminds you of her ne?”

Aqeel:”yeah…and not like there were any good memories at all…”

Me:”sorry….to bring it up…it must hurt a lot….”

Aqeel:”naah…not really…it hurt at first, when ismail came to me that night to tell me, I was shocked, because I felt like a total fool…..I trusted her with my whole life..I never doubted her even though there were many warnings before we got married, to make my mother happy I ignored it all and went ahead with it….I felt pathetic…..but once It really kicked in, I realised that we never really had much of a relationship, there wasn’t ever a spark…you know what I mean?”

A smile automatically spread across my face..
“Ofcourse I know what you mean”

Aqeel:”(giggle)…exactly….like you and I…we have that spark…from the beginning….like an electrifying type of feeling that runs through your every nerve in your body….”

I was blushing again..I could feel my cheeks turning all shades of red….

Aqeel:”you’re blushing again…”

Me:(embarrassed and hiding my face)…”I’m not”(giggle)….

Aqeel:”yes you are….”

And there he went again…tickling me like crazy..I’m extremely sensitive…I go insane if someone tickles me and aqeel figured that out….and he wouldn’t stop until I had tears streaming down uncontrollably…

That’s what I’ve learnt to love about him..the situation can be so serious and tense but he always eased the tension…and we’d always end up laughing and smiling at the end….

I’m falling in love more and more, day after day with this man who’s my husband and we yet have the rest of our lives to fall deeper in love…I am so at peace for doing things this way…

May Allah bless mine..aswel as all the other marriages in this world with peace, happiness and contentment and most of all…understanding!ameen

Authors note:
A new page has been added under the title of ‘duas we make unknowingly’
Please do check it out and feel free to add what u wish….

Also, this is the end of salmas point of view…things will continue from faaizas point of view as of tomorrow inshallah…..hope you all are having a wonderful weekend



8 thoughts on “part 150

  1. Awww Aqeel is such a sweetheart and salma is lucky he gets her all he wants when they go shopping :p well jealous 😉 (shopaholics know what I mean) Cute Couple n I have to say doing it the halal and sunnat way ther is just so much barakah and blessing and love for each other that comes directly from Allah ❤

  2. A says:

    Awwww so sweet of Aqeel to spoil Salma
    جزاك الله خيرا mrs SL for highlighting the importance of Salaah in the masjid for men n also the rewards
    Salma n Aqeel are so cute n hopelessly in love, hope they stay like that for always
    Can’t wait to read what Fay’s been upto, really missed her but would’ve liked to read what Salma’s first day alone at home was like

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​ما شاء الله !!!! How wonderful their relationship is !! Full of understanding , communication , fun , romance …… Just perfect ‎​​​الحمد لله …..
    And its sooo good that they r striving to b more islamically inclined n do wat pleases ‎​اللَّهُ…. ‎​اللَّهُ will defntly put lots of barkat in their lives –
    Waiting to hear wat Fay has been up2 !!!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله
    I no I’m very very late 2day ….(better late than never) lol …… But I nvr hav my fone the WHOLE day n I was havin ‘forever a mess-up’ withdrawal symptoms !!!! Now I’m happy – ‎​​​الحمد لله

  4. Shabana says:

    Yay!! I missed Faaiza, Ismail and the kiddos. I hope the good times keep rolling for Faaiza..

    hmmm, maybe a bun in the oven for Aqeel and Salma soon. Hey.. I know they’re only married for a week but still.

    Sorry for my delayed action today! Mwah

    • Hey! You sound like those aunties who constantly ask when you getting married and now that they married ‘when you having a baby’

      But they getting old…they need to get somewhere soon and increase the ummah…:p

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