part 149:

Aqeel got up…went to the kitchen, drank some water and came back to the room…

Aqeel:”sorry my love….certain people and certain things make me very angry…..tell me…who told you that?it can only be rubeena herself right?”

I just noDded…

Aqeel:”well I should have warned you about her before this happened….but I didn’t think she would start her sh** as early as my walima….”

I looked at him puzzled…

Aqeel:”rubeena is my mothers sisters daughter”

Me:”(nodding) she said…she’s ‘faatis’ sisters daughter…(Giggle)”

Aqeel:”exactly…that alone will show you how rotten she is….no damn respect for anyone…I don’t completely blame her..I blame her parents for not bringing her up properly..but now that she’s an adult, she has a brain of her own to know what’s right and wrong…”

I listened…..not saying a him a chance to explain….

Aqeel:”Rubeenas mother… khala….was always jealous of my mother, especially when my father started prospering….she was divorced and even tried seducing my father..shukr my father had more brains than that…but he didn’t want to cause problems between my mother and her sister so he didn’t tell my mother anything…and he gave her some money every month, because he felt sorry for her…having to look after rubeena as a single parent….but she took this to her advantage and started putting doubt in my mothers head….”

Me:”like mother like daughter”

Aqeel:”(light laugh)…aha…rubeena turned out exactly the same…my khala is very different to my mother…sometimes I wonder if they were born from the same parents…but anyway…my mother and father started fighting endlessly until oneday my father finally told my mother about her….they didn’t speak for a few years but because my mother is a soft person, after a few years she made maaf with her sister thinking she’ll change….but unfortunately ‘old habits die hard’ ”

Me:”oh my word… you seriously get people like this?”

Aqeel:”unfortunately so my love”

Me:”but why does she have it in for me?did she interfere in yoiur first marriage also?”

Aqeel:”(sarcastic laugh)….you see, rubeena was the only person that my ex-wife ever got along with..I’m sure fay must have told you..noori was one stuck up person…and since rubeena and her had so much I common, they were very good friends….I’m sure they probably still are…”

Me: “oooooh….now I see….she hates me because of her best friend……(Sigh)”

Aqeel:”it shouldn’t matter love if she hates you…..she’s evil on her own….so what exactly did she tell you?”

I told aqeel how I conversation more or less went…

Aqeel:(sarcastic laugh)”inseparable?pft…in her dreams….I never ever so much as even greeted her properly in my life….inseparable is so over exaggerated…”

I hugged him:”what a relief, I was feeling quite upset after that but I’m sorry for being annoyed with you about it….”

Aqeel:(kissing my head)”no need to be sorry love…you just need to be careful ok…..just stay out of her way if ever you see her….”

Me:”just one more thing…”


Me:”umm…she asked for my number and….”

Aqeel:”don’t tell me you gave it to her?”

I put my face in my hands…defeated….

Aqeel:(huge sigh)”its ok…..if ever she contacts you just ignore her and we’ll block her number from your phone..otherwise if you want to, we can get you a new simcard?with a new number?”

Me:”umm…but everyone has this number of mine..”

Aqeel:”ok my love…no problem..let’s just wait and see….hopefully she won’t trouble you…and if she does….I’ll sort her out once and for all….”

Me:”(smiling and rested my head on his chest)…my bodyguard(giggle)”

Aqeel:”so…….I’m going to be taking off for ths week so I can spend some precious time with my gorgeous wife….I was going to take you somewhere for a honeymoon, but one of your cousins approached me and said that they’d like to gift us our honeymoon trip…but that will only be in 3 months time….”

Me:”what?are you serious?which cousin?”

Aqeel:”I can’t remember their names…if I see them I’ll be able to tell you…but they took my number and said they’ll get back to me some time this week to finalise everything…..(Pause)….I hope you don’t mind? But if you want to, we can go to durban for a few days this week and then again in 3 months time for your official honeymoon?”

Me:”(giggle)…..anyway there’s no basis of honeymoon in islaam….we can be anywhere in the world, but what makes a difference is that we’re together..even if its here at home….”

Aqeel:”that’s why I chose to marry you my queen….(Hugging me)…because everything in your life has to be about your deen(religion)…”

Me:”I try….”

Aqeel:”the best wife is one who reminds you of Allah….”

Me:”and the best husband is one who is kind to his wife….”



16 thoughts on “part 149:

  1. Subhanillah what a beautiful relationship Aqeel and Salma have, may Allah always give them barakah in their marriage. And as for Rubeena and her mother, I hope they get struck by lightening lol.

  2. zana says:

    Super awesome post
    Jazakallah author. Its just shows how simple our deen is that when ur angry if u sitting you stand up. Or u drink a glass of water سبحان الله
    May allah save us all from all the rubina’s and their mothers in this world

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    *shew* – @least he knows how she is …. and everything is clear ….
    They r toooo ‎​​​ما شاء الله !!!!!
    And soo perfect together … Her bodyguard !! WOW ..

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  4. A says:

    Shukr it wasn’t something worst. Sometyms people can be so horrible they can’t be happy for their siblings but want to ruin their lives
    U can see what kind of a person Rubina is by the company she keeps n her bf was Noori ‘can’t see’
    الحمد لله for technology today that if u don’t want to talk to someone u can just block them lol
    At least that problem was sorted out btwn Salma n Aqeel الحمد لله n they still out cute n loving couple

  5. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه at least dat issue has been cleared up bet. dem. Wen a person has دين °̩и his\her lyf it mks it so easy 2 deal wid any situation dat da person finds himself °̩и. Der is a solution 4 evry problem °̩и our beautiful دين.
    Aqeel & Salma mk a perfect match. ❤

  6. sammy says:

    aqeel has found his match. salma deserves happiness at least she confronts her fears and speaks her mind knowing she just got married Allah keeps dem happy always and away from others mischief ameen

  7. You really do get people like Rubeena. Saw something last night which made me think of your post. I was at a family gathering and I saw this ‘forward thing’ hug one of her male cousins. His wife was just around the corner and I thought, well good for you that your wife didn’t see that otheriwse you’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight. The worst part is he’s only married for 3 weeks 😐 Allah save us all, what is this world coming to

    • Lol…..yeah it annoys the crap out of me…shame that guys poor wife….urgh…don’t they have brains… would he feel if he seen his wife hugging her cousin….then I suppose its a different situation… should work both ways…

  8. Outstanding post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi….I have no idea why ur comment was sent to spam, I only dicovered it now….which topic would u like me to elaborate more on?I’d be more than happy to do so…pls let me know…thanks!

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