part 148:

Fay unlocked the bathroom door and peeped out slightly….

It was just 2 little kids wanting to use the bathroom…lol…we didn’t realise that we occupied the entire bathroom and didn’t consider that someone might need to use one of the loo’s..

Fay let them In and fixed up my make-up abit
“Cheer up now…and no more crying(pointing her lip liner at me)…I’m not fixing up your make-up again…”

After tea and dessert everyone started to leave…fay helped me to put on my cape and scarf and the few people that were still left from my side came and sat around my table while aqeels family helped to clear up…

We sat and giggled and spoke about random things and some of them had to leave…by now there was no seperation…some of the family men were now on our side trying to help out to clear up…

Aqeel walked in casually looking straight at me….that smile that just made my heart melt and made me forget all that’s happened…how could I be angry with someone like him? He’s so sweet and loving and caring…I’m sure there’s 2 sides to every story…

Fortunately I didn’t have to see that witches face again…she seemed to have got onto her broom stick and flew away…shukr for that..

He pulled up a chair and sat next to me after giving me a small peck on my cheek…I blushed like a shy bride…well I was a shy bride…lol…he took my hand and sat all the while next to me having a conversation with everyone sitting around…

A man looking quite dishevelled came close to where we were seated..aqeel stood up and walked up to him. He put his hand forward and warmly greeted the man…

Aqeel:”(patting his shoulder)..did you eat nicely uncle?”

Uncle:”jee yes..jazakallah..may the almighty bless you and your wife…”

Aqeel:”ameen…please..don’t leave without taking some food…they are probably emptying out the food in the kitchen…stop there and take some with you before you go home ok…”

Uncle:”really you have a very good heart son….may the almighty grant many a heart like yours…and may you never be short of anything..”

And with that the man was gone….I was in awe of aqeel…

I later found out that at all their functions, they buy a sleeve full of take away polystyrene containers where they pack away all left over foods and give it away to the poor….nothing is kept for the family….

Me:”even the prawns?(My eyes were wide)”

Aqeel:”even the prawns…. (Giggle) Shukr we’re not short of anything..if we want more, we can buy more….when will these people ever get to taste prawns and fish etc?….forget that….when will they have their next meal…?”

Apparently its a monthly routine, that started off with aqeels father a couple of years ago that on a saturday they buy crate loads of bread and drive around giving out to whichever poor people they find…..

Aqeel:”no-one really knows about it…no-one needs to know about it..we were once not very well off…when I was a young boy it was tough…we lived from hand to mouth…my father sometimes worked a full 24 hour shift just to make a few extra rands so he could bring home some food for us…

There were days that we would just have a cup of tea for breakfast and skip lunch because there was nothing to eat and then for supper we would have a bowl of soup which my mummy managed to prepare…

And then shukr Allah started blessing us with father moved jobs and started working for a white company who only allowed him to move higher and higher until he was stable enough to move on his own…and from there he invested in different businesses and houses etc…

So now that Allah has given us, its the least we can do to thank Him for taking us out of poverty and giving us a life of luxury…

My father always used to make dua for Allah to give us abundance of wealth yet to never forget the times that we didn’t have…and not to allow our wealth to go to our heads and give us pride…”

I cannot believe my luck….what have I done to be given such a gem of a husband…Allah is truly Great…and the more I learnt about him…the more I seem to love him….

Now I understand when they say, love comes after marriage and you will learn to love your husband even if you didn’t when you just got married…

we returned home after a very tiring and eventful walima…just aqeel and I…we were exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before…

So after reading asr we just relaxed until maghrib….I was 2 minded about asking aqeel about rubeena…I knew I had to but I was scared for some reason…

So while laying in his hands and he playing with my hair, I sat up to face him….

Aqeel:(smile)”what’s wrong my love?”

Me:”umm…(Looking down and peeling my skin off my fingers nervously)….I need to …umm…ask you something…”

Aqeel looked at me with so much affection…..and took my hand…
“Sure..what’s on your mind?”

Me:”err…have you ever been really close with any of your female cousins?I mean like close close?”

Aqeel:(looking very confused)”I speak to most of them, I greet but nothing ever really deep or personal…I don’t do that hugging and shaking hands thing…why?(Smile) are you worried my sweet heart?I’m yours….and only yours….”

Me:”(feeling abit annoyed)..are you sure?what about your cousin rubeena?I heard that the 2 of you were quite ‘inseparable’….”

Aqeels smile wiped off his face and was replaced with anger that I haven’t yet seen…his eyes were blazing. I wasn’t sure if I’d just ticked him off about this…had I taken it too far?I shouldn’t have brought it up….I started getting scared…what did I do? Were we going to have our first fight already so soon?….



20 thoughts on “part 148:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​ما شاء الله …. That’s wonderful work that they do …. Its good that they remember that ‎​اللَّهُ provides and now wen dey have plentiful den dey share wid others …

    Nah !!!! Aqeel aint like that *talk to the hand* !!! He probably knows that she’s a trble maker !!!
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه its gud dat Aqeel’s famly havn’t 4gotten abt der days of poverty after ﷲ blessed dem wid wealth.
    Aqeel is a very understandin person. I doubt he’s angry wid Salma. He’s probably angry abt wat sum1 frm his famly told Salma abt Rubeena. Let’s see how he handles dis 1.

  3. Shabana says:

    Aqeel angry with Salma? And she hasn’t even did anything but merely ask a question.. he’s not angry with her. Definitely not..
    then again, everybody is made up of two sides. But again, highly doubtful. Lol

  4. A says:

    الحمد لله try have not forgotten about the poor people n about wen they didn’t have anything. They are so generous to give away the prawns bcoz had it been someone else they would have frozen it n took it out later to eat lol
    Wonder what ws it that made Aqeel angry….

  5. I think Salma did the right thing by asking Aqil, I think he’s angry thinking that someone it’s already trying to interfere in their marriage so Salma just hang in there the anger is not at you.

  6. U says:

    Aah….this one is a cliff hanger.plz plz plz can we have another post sister….pretty plz with a cherry on the top and chocolate sauce….lol

    • Eeeeew…choc sauce…and even more eeeew..cherries?lol..if you told me burfee or maybe some malva pudding with extra sticky toffee sauce and yummy ice-cream over then maybe I wouldve…I said ‘maybe’…

  7. Aqeel is too sweet to be angry with Salma, he’s probably angry with Rubeena and he antics. Very important topic brought up, how many people actually give in charity. Organizations have to constantly ask for assisstance while people are drowining in money, so sad how no one cares anymore. Allah save us from ever becoming, stingy, greedy and miserly. Ameen.

    • Its so true..I always wonder, what happens to rich who give? They actually get more in return…and that money doesn’t even affect their wallets in the least…

      But I must say, I know ‘sum’ rich people with some very big hearts…alhamdulillah…

      But generally people are becoming more miserly and greedy nowadays..

      Jx for the comment:)

  8. Ameen. So true and very thought-provoking. We’re always behaving as if we doing beggars a favour, but look at Aqeel’s attitude. Alhumdulillah. We forget that it is a mercy of Allah that he makes it so easy for us to give charity.
    We are not doing them a favour, they are doing us one by making it so easy for us to give in His path. Alhumdulillah.

    • Excellent point….yes, by giving the poor we are not doing them any favour…if we don’t give them, their rozi is already written out and Allah will still give them through different means

  9. wow says:

    Dearest sister. I can’t handle a cliff hanger. Gona have sleepless nights over aqeels response. Please post tonight. Pretty please, *: )

  10. wow says:

    K. Pretty ,,, pretty. Pretty please with a burfee cupcake… N a burfee milkshake…N burfee ice cream. Please give us a post tonight… , burfee sorjee. Lols…Will serve u the hot sticky malva pudding with ice cream tomorrow ..;) please post. My pressure can’t handle a cliff hanger

    • lol lol…….ROTFL……

      Now I need to go test my sugar..I think I’m having a major sugar rush…can’t even type…too much burfee…lol

      Tomorrows not too far away…sabr..but thanks for all the treats anyway……:D

  11. sister/in/Islam says:

    We shud b thankful that there r ppl who we can give Sadqa n Zakaat to , cos there will come a time wen every1 will b well off n there won’t b any1 to give it to so we’l hav2 bury it !!!! (plz chek n lemme no if I’m correct)
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    Missing u much Mrs S ….. Plz post EARLY .. Like mayb fajr time .. I said ‘maybe’…
    ‎​=))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_‎​​

    Lots of love n hugs ….

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