part 147:

Authors note:
This is a bonus post because I’ve reached 300 followers…alhamdulillah….jx to everyone for the great support…..

Girl:”hey….salma right?”

Me:”(fake smile)..err jee”

Girl:”oh I’m rubeena…(Putting her perfectly manicured hand forward)”

I couldn’t help but noticed that her nails were quite long and she had red nail polish on them…..yuck

Me:”(forcing a smile)…nice to meet you”

Rubeena:”yeah…most feel that way(annoying giggle)…I’m aqeels cousin…faatis sisters daughter…”

Faati?like girl..if you’re ‘faatis’ sisters daughter then that would make you ‘aunti’ faatis neice…..where is the respect gone to?who do you think you are..

Me:”oh ok….(I managed to force out)”

Rubeena:”ya so you’ve probably heard a lot about me from everyone…(Twisting some of her hair around her finger)”

Me:(confused)” really…”

Rubeena:”oh(wide eyes)…you haven’t?oh well you me..aqeel and I go back a loooong time…because we’re aroud the same age we like grew up together..quite inseparable actually…nobody could separate know aqs..he has somewhat of a soft spot for me……(Wink)”

Why was this girl thoroughly enjoying this? She was trying to spoil my day and trying to make me jealous, which was working quite well….I don’t know if I approved of my husband being inseparable with another woman, even though she’s his cousin…and especially one like her…I know I’m judging..but she’s given me all the reason to….

Rubeena:”(clearly enjoying the look on my face)…its quite unfortunate that he ended up with someone as simple as you…you’re really not what I expected for my aqs…but what to do…..?have to just accept his choice….”

My blood was boiling..who the hell was this evil witch to tell me such crap on MY big day…I felt myself gulping hard….and swallowing the tears that were threatening to flow…why couldn’t I answer her back?why can’t I just put her down the way she’s belittling me?

Rubeena:”anyway….we should keep in touch some time……what’s your number?bbm pin maybe?are you on whatsapp?oh what a dumb question, ofcourse you must be, how else would aqeel find you…(Laugh)”

I just glared at her…

She opened the flap to her phone and began poking her fingers typing out something…

Rubeena:(talking to herself)”sal-ma…aqs second wife…right so your number is?(Looking at me, waiting for me to give it to her)”

Me:”err (clearing throat) err its….”

And I gave my number to her….only when I gave her the last digit did I regret…how stupid could I be?….this woman was crazy…I hope she doesn’t stalk me….

Rubeena:”anyway, I will like be in touch…please do look after my aqs…..otherwise dear, you would have to deal with me(giggle)…”

And off she went…

My blood was boiling..I was fuming…I hate her..I may not know her, but I hate her……I felt like crying…I don’t know why I was so sensitive..and I was mad at aqeel…..I don’t know why I was mad at him, but I was….why didn’t he tell me about his cousin that he was so deep into?

Fay:”sal…….hmmm…try this dessert….oh my word…its a strawberry mousse…its absolutely divine…..(Pause to look at me)…..whoa…..what happened?you okay?I was just gone for a few minutes and you’re so upset already?(Trying to brighten my mood)…”

Me:”fay, I think I need the bathroom, please come with me, do you know where it is?”

Fay:”no, let me just quickly find out k(concerned look)”

Fay went to inquire and was back in 2 minutes….”come..the bathrooms this way…”

We reached the bathroom and made sure there was no-one else there, I locked the door so no-one else could enter and then I burst into tears….

Fay:”oh my word sal…..what’s going on?(Hugging me)….you can’t cry like this…did something happen?are you just feeling emotional about being married?it will all be’ve got a good guy and he’ll look after you..and you’re living in the same town so you’ll see your family all the time and you’ll see me All the time also….what brought this on…i swear you were so happy till now….”

But I couldn’t speak…I hated that girl…..and once I cried out whatever was left..I told fay about her…

Fay:”oh gosh…Salma don’t let her get to you…I don’t know her, but from what you’re telling me, it seems like she’s just jealous..and there’s no place for jealous people in our lives….this is shaytaan trying to spoil the blessings of a beautiful day..thus far everything has been done the right way and shaytaan can not handle it..he just has to try and get his destructive hands on every situation…so don’t give him the upper hand…”

Me:(giggle)..”you talk a lot…..”

Fay:(raising eyebrow)”and you only figured that out now?”

We both laughed..

Me:”I guess you’re right…I’ll just speak to aqeel about it later on…she’s not worth my tears or my happiness”

There was a loud knock on the bathroom door…..and fay and I both jumped…

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14 thoughts on “part 147:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Ooooh maaan !!! I knew she was just BAD news *cant look* – eish !! Some ppl just can’t handle wen others r happy ….. Jealousy is a terrible terrible thing ….

    Poor Salma … She’s such a softie also !!!
    Hope things get sorted out quick quick – luckily she has Fay wid her for support ..

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. zana says:

    Aww salma please don’t worry about rubina she is just jealous snd as u know jealousy makes you nasty
    If you don’t want to chat to her Its really simple simple on as with any social medis u can block her number.
    And please speak to aqeel about her other wise every time you see her or her name is mentioned you going to feel miserable. Rather hear his side of her events.
    Remember aqeel chose you

  3. A says:

    JazaakALLAH khair for the extra post mrs SL
    Salma just ignore Rubina she’s just jealous n as u said she looks like Cruella maybe she is lol
    Just trying to test you n see whether u truly love Aqeel or are just after his money
    Fays words are so true that don’t let it upset u, it’s from Shaytaan
    If he ws so chummy with her y did he choose u n not her, just enjoy ur day n don’t let negativity spoil ur day

  4. Sister A. says:

    Argh mahn! Grrrr! ! ! Dis Rubeena spells TROUBLE. She is definately jealous. Hp Salma spks 2 Aqeel abt wat happen & dey nip it °̩и da bud. ɪ̇Ƒ she leaves it dis woman is gona cause havoc °̩и der lives, which ωɪℓℓ affect their marriage. Jus hp Aqeel is familier wid her ways & deals wid her appropriately. In life der r many pepl lyk Rubeena out der. Dey bhave dis way out of jealousy bcause dey r not happy °̩и der own lives. So, dey go around causing problems °̩и the lives of others. Dey may appear 2 b happy outwardly but dey really not. Instead of dealing wid their own issues dey choose 2 mk others miserable. These ppl r definately BAD NEWS. Fortunately Salmas got a wunderful fren lyk Fay 2 guide & support her.

  5. a95r says:

    I think its her mil… Maybe…
    Salma, don’t let this girl get to you…. Speak to aqeel, otherwise if you don’t and you keep dwelling on it, it will blow out of proportion in your head and cause a problem in your marriage.
    Hmmm this girl claims to be so close to aqeel…. Then why does she think he ‘found’ her on bbm or whatsapp ….. Should’ve asked her….

  6. This rubeena is a like witch tsk already hate jealous and causing unnecessary trouble 😐 Poor Salma 😥 Let’s hope the knock on the door was Aqeel who sees her crying and does something about this rubeena girl making his queen upset :p

  7. rooksana says:

    Ooooh dnt wri sal. Js speak 2 aqeel abt it later. Its best let him no wats dis cuzi is upto. Dnt keep it 4rm him. In all cases u get jeasous ppl. I totally hate dem ??
    Wonder who ws banging on da door. Hmmmmm

  8. sister/in/Islam says:

    Recite Durood From Wherever you May Be

    عن أبى هريرة رضي الله عنه قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم لا تجعلوا بيوتكم قبورا ولا تجعلوا قبرى عيدا وصلوا على فإن صلاتكم تبلغنى حيث كنتم (ابو داود رقم 2044)‬

    Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (Radhiallahu Anhu) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Do not make your homes into graveyards (i.e. Recite Qur’an and perform salaah in your home so that the home does not be a place void of Aa’maal as is the case of the graveyard), and do not make my grave a place of festivity, and recite durood upon me, for certainly your durood reaches me from wherever you may be.

    A Benefit of Reciting Abundant Durood

    In “Nuzhatul Majaalis”, the following incident is related: “Once a man went to visit a seriously ill person at the time when he was on the throes of death.  He asked the sick man, “How do you find the bitter pangs of death at this moment of departure?” He replied: “I do not feel any discomfort at all. I heard the Ulama mention that whoever recites abundant durood upon Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) will find himself safe from the discomfort of death at the moment of passing away.” (Fazaail Durood)

    ‫يَا رَبِّ صَلِّ وَ سَلِّم دَائِمًا أَبَدًا عَلَى حَبِيبِكَ خَيرِ الخَلْقِ كُلِّهِمِ‬

    ‎​​​جُمُعَة مُبَارَك to All !!!!!  


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