part 145:

Moulana:” I will conclude with my last bit of advice…not to say there isn’t any more….but this wasn’t supposed to be a bayaan, it is a walma function….so we will keep it short so that everyone will remember these important advices….

A pious aalim once related a wonderful analogy of marriage. He compared it to a garden, a beautiful, well maintained garden is well appreciated and valued. However, weeds very often become a problem and threaten to spoil the natural beauty of the garden. If these weeds are ‘nipped in the bud’ (removed as soon as they become apparent), they can easily be uprooted and the garden will continue to thrive.. But, if they are left unattended and allowed to invade the garden, they will become deep rooted and spoil the beauty of the garden. Even if they are removed later, when they have already grown into ‘small trees’, the roots will remain embedded and they may occasionally rear their ugly heads.
Similarly, a marriage too, no matter how rosy it may seem at the outset, it will sometimes be faced with difficulties and problems, like weeds in an unattended garden. If we nip theses initial problems in the bud (that is discuss and resolve them) when they surface, then we can promote a happy married relationship and make that bond of love even stronger. But if we ignore the initial stumbling blocks and pretend that they don’t exist, then these problems may increase and become a threat to the marriage, and Allah forbid, they may become so deep-rooted that attempts to remedy them later may fail. Even if , insha’allah they are resolved, they could still taint the love and affection of the couple for many years to come., and make life very unpleasant..”

Shuffling could be heard over the mike and then moulana began making dua…I said ameen to every dua especially when moulana made the following duas and a few tears came strolling down..

Moulana:”yaa Allah, fill this marriage with strong imaan, everlasting good health, wealth, joy, happiness, prosperity and pious children.

Yaa Allah, instill love and mercy within the couples hearts for one another

Yaa Allah, grant them both the ability to fulfill your commands, discharge one anothers rights and emulate the beautiful example of your beloved nabi muhammad(S.A.W)

Ameen ameen yaa rabbal aalameen”

Everyone wiped away their tears and there was still silence when mamu was back behind the mike..

Mamoo:”jazakallahu khair to moulana sahib for those beautiful pearls of wisdom…may we all take in what has been said and rectify where we have gone wrong in our marriages…

Now everyone, I won’t keep you from what you’ve actually come here to do today, and that is……to eat!
Unfortunately, as your mouths have all been watering for lovely ‘dheg birani’ …there will be no dheg biryani served today….we have a lovely spread of all kinds of sea food from prawns, kingklip, calamari, soles, chips, rice, lobster , crab curry, and much much more…so go ahead, start opening up those chaffing dishes and don’t forget to read your dua….assalamualaykum”

Everyone laughed and started off to the centre where the food had been beautifully set out buffet style…

Fay:”what can I get you to eat sal?(Picking up my plate)”

Me:”just now….let the rush finish and I’ll go myself(putting the plate back down)”

Fay:”you crazy?! You’re the bride….today you shall be served my dear(giggle)”

Me:(rolling eyes)”well I’m not one of those brides that are just going to sit here and wait to be served..I want to get up and walk around and talk to everyone….”

Fay:”crazy bride…”

Fay sat next to me and I looked around at the many people that were here..I always found it amusing to see how people dressed and carried on at a function…I could sit for hours just analysing…

I noticed the very young ones dressed in their fitting and revealing dressed with the craziest of heels…

I noticed the mothers chatting away and laughing with people they probably have met in ages…

I noticed the elderly sitting at the tables with their tasbeehs reading away…

I noticed a few kids tugging onto their mothers whining and nagging while others were running around stealing the little packets of souk mouk that laid on the tables…

But something rather different caught my eye….

Authors note:
The story of hazrat ismaa’il (A.S) has been updated..please read it when you have on the first red circle on your left at the top of the page, you will be shown the menu and different pages that I have uploaded..feel free to contribute to any page by commenting…



21 thoughts on “part 145:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Absolutely beautiful analogy abt the garden ….. Really an eye opener – ‎​​​​جزاك الله
    This Moulana is very wise and learned ‎​​​الحمد لله … (lol)

    Mmmm …mouth is waterin for all the seafood – finally we can tuck in and ENJOY …
    Bismillahi wa’alaa barkatillah ………

    ‎​​​​آمين – to all the doas – for Salma and every1 else too ..
    What a lovely atmosphere !!!!!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    • Lol deff mlna is very wise .lol 😉

      Finally…eish it took forever to get to this point hey…atleast u rem to read ur dua…thought ul be so hungry that youl forget…

  2. A says:

    Such beautiful advice by the Moulana, seems he really is wise with his analogy of the garden n marriage
    آمين to all the Duaa that he made
    No dheg biryani ‘crying face’
    Anyways will have to tuck into the seafood yummy!!!!
    Lol @ Salma for not wanting to be served n wanting to socialize but that’s what I like about her, she’s so down to earth n unpretentious n mature
    جزاك الله خيرا to mrs SL for another informative m entertaining post

  3. rooksana says:

    Beautiful narration regarding da garden. Alhumdulillah
    Da wordz of dua brought tears 2 my eyes masha allah. ???
    Wishing 4 sea food mmmmm. *tongue out*mouth watering.
    Wonder wat caught sal attraction. Hmmm dnt kep us waitin 2 long mrs sL

  4. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه wat beautiful words of advice. Loved da دُعاء too.
    Oooooh ! ! ! ! ! ! I jus luuuuuuv da menu. Seafood is my favourite. 😀 I don’t really lyk rice. So dis is jus perfect. ℓ☺ℓ!

    • Oh cool..glad u like the menu…aunty faati was sooooo worried about you wanting dheg biryani…and I told her not to worry, I’ll sort u out…shew..what a relief…I’m going to rush and tell her now…

  5. sister/in/Islam says:

    Cheesy garlic rolls !!!!!
    Fish wid tartar sauce ……
    Prawns !!!!!!!
    Chips ………
    Fresh lemons !!!!!!
    Creamy spinach……
    Butternut mash !!!!!!!

    YUMMEeeeeEeeee !!!!!!!!


  6. zana says:

    آمين يارب العالمين
    To the beautiful dua moulana made.

    Oooh soo much yummy food.
    The food taste devine we need some recipes for the kingklip and prawns lol🍝

  7. Sister A. says:

    Eish mahn! Sis °̩и islam ,wen I went 2 get sum prawns ,as I looked at da prawns da prawns looked bak at мε wid der beady eyes. I don’t lyk my food watchin me as I eat it. ℓ☺ℓ!
    Da food was too YUMMMYYY !!!!!!
    Nw I’m goin 2 hav dessert.

  8. sister/in/Islam says:

    Sister A *big eyes* !!!!
    Luckily I FINISH eat b4 reading ur comment !!! *sigh*
    U rather go for the kingklip … Its filleted – *shew*

    Absolutely DEVINE !!!!!

    Btw – Mrs S – plz send me ur email addy …. Just incase I need to give U some advice – lol
    Just kidding ( abt the advice) I still want ur email ..
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  9. ss says:

    Slmz sister! Well done on the awesome blog. I’ve just come across it 2 days ago and have reached this far already (quick considering the fact that I’ve got two little babas) I must say that this wedding posts create a feeling of nostalgia like you can’t believe! Allah always rekindle those feelings of love time and again in the hearts of all married couples . Ameen. Salma is such a lovely person and deserves aqeel! As for fay she’s an angel. I hope that ismail behaves for good! Just wanted to say that in case some people don’t know all types of shell fish are not permissable for hanafis including crab and lobster. Anyway keep up the great work! Much love :*

    • Wslm sister…
      Jx sooo much for the comment and for taking tym out to read this blog…
      Yes deff true about shell fish for hanafis…

      Keep commenting and following..



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