part 141:

I answered without even looking at my screen to see who was calling…I was absolutely groggy…


Person:”don’t tell me you’re still sleeping sal…?”

Me:”fay…what is wrong with you calling so early in the morning?(Yaawn)”

Fay:”its not early you clown….its 11 o clock…..get up or you’ll be late for your walima…..I’ll be there in 10 minutes…make sure you’re bathed and decent enough for me to start your make up…and the hairdresser is scheduled for 11:30″

Me:”oh crap….(Yawn)..oh k”

Aqeel:”(his eyes still closed)who’s that?”

Me:”its faaiza…..its late…its 11 already”

Aqeel:(putting the pillow over his head)”do we have to go to the walima?”

I laughed:”duh”

I got out of bed and jumped in the shower……ooooh what a lovely shower…it was better than my shower at home….I did my usual morning rituals and slipped on my cloak from last night just in time for the intercom…

Aqeel also got up and decided that he’ll use the guest bathroom and room to get ready so that we could have the room to ourselves for our major beautification….

Fay arrived with the hairstylist and they got started on the time they were done I was shocked at the end results….I still looked like me though but a different me…

Today I had a slight upstyle and had a dainty diamante alice band to complete it…

Fay did my make up very naturally again….she just knew what I’d like….and then I slipped my dress on…

It looked dress was a cream dress with full silver work..the top was fitted, the sleeves came to a point at the wrist, it had buttons all the way from the top to my waist at the back and went slightly flowing from waist down….not as flare as a ballroom dress but not straight either…

I slipped over my matching cape over…it was in the same cream material but no silver work on it…there was a silver braiding around the neck and down the middle and at the bottom aswel as the edge of the sleeves…the cape flowed into a slight trail at the back…

My scarf was also bordered with abit of the silver braiding…….

And I was ready and set to leave once I’d performed my zuhr salaah…

I had no hectic stiffening and all of that so going down in sajdah was no problem at all..thank goodness…

It is my major day, but in no way was I going to sacrifice my salaah just because I needed to look good…

Allah comes first….I always wondered about brides who wore those extremely hectic gowns, how do they perform salaah with that?…if they do perform at all that is…I truly hope that every bride performs their salaah….it would be of such a waste to have a walima which we claim to do because its sunnah but then not performed our fardh(compulsory) acts….

Aqeel looked more handsome than last night.he had on a sort of bronzish camel colour kurta with a matching topi and a camel colour suede shoe which blended in perfectly…

We left for the venue…aqeel told me that it would be completely seperate so if I felt comfortable I could remove my scarf but with our indian weddings, the men are known to come into the hall at some point…I’d have to wait to see the vibes when I get there because as much as we sometimes say its a seperate affair..the men usually do the serving which defeats the purpose also….

We reached the venue…it was so crowded…it seems as if we were abit late..but what the hell?!…we were the bride and groom…I guess its allowed..

Aqeel then walked me in to the ladies area and I was in absolute awe of everything that stood before me….



16 thoughts on “part 141:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww ‎​​​ما شاء الله !!!!
    Lovely points abt salah first …. Evn tho its our big Day we cannot forget our beloved ‎​اللَّهُ who granted us sooo many ni’mats !!!! We r ungrateful servants , ‎​اللَّهُ blesses us soo much n we forget ‎​اللَّهُ ……… We must get our priorities rite …..
    Its wonderful that dey starting their new life 2gether on dis note … Defntly ‎​اللَّهُ will put barkat – ‎​​إنشاءالله

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    Fay !!! I’m here …. Waiting for u * hahhahaa*
    Bring on the deg chows !! *sticking tongue out*

    N btw – I seriously nvr bring my apron .. So NO kitchen duty for me *talk 2 the hand *
    ‎​=))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_‎​​

    • Yes it is and we who have been married for a while can advise those yet to marry that these little things which we disregard are the very things that make the differences years later

  2. Sister A. says:

    Ooh! We at da walima at last. Salma looks gorgous. Da decor is soo luvly. Sis °̩и Islam I’m waitin 4 Ʋ. Kept a seat nex 2 мε 4 Ʋ. Cum 2 da front Ʋ’ll find мε der. Can’t wait 4 da lekker dheg chow. ℓ☺ℓ!

    • Long wait to this

      U and sister in islam, I knew you guys will purposely forget ur aprons…soooooooo…:)…..I was kind enough to bring others for you…:)

      Enjoy the scrubbing of the deghs 😀

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    *whisper* Sister A …. We’l eat quick n hides from Mrs S ….. Scrub those degs ????!!!! OMG :O. ……..

    Btw Mrs S – u were soo kind as to give me off 2day ….. Hmmm , r u having
    A change of heart – or going bak on ur word ????!!! I WONDER …….


    • I heard that…….my ears are much sharper than u think…

      Err….going back on my word?ha uh…that don’t sound like me…..I mustve been suffering from slight amnesia….

      Sigh….ok ok…..nevermind…I give u off….A was kind enough to offer her help…

      Just remind me not to invite you lazy bums to the next function…tsk

  4. Sister A. says:

    Don’t worry sis °̩и Islam we sortd out. Noo need 2 wash dishes & dhegs. I offered 4 us 2 help,but Aqeel’s mum sed not 2 worry bcause da caitering company is sorting da dishes out. No need 4 any1 to do any wrk 2day. Yipee! I’m wearing a poofy dress. Cudnt hav worn it if I was washin dishes. Belovd author so sorry sis °̩и Islam & I cudnt cum wid Ʋ °̩и da truck 2 da Walima. Ώĩ†̥h our poofy dresses we wudnt hav been abl 2 get on & off da truck & our luvly dresses wud hav gotten creassed. Anyways, we came °̩и my Lamorghini 2 da venue °̩и style. Since its a completely seperate function, now we parading ώĩ†̥h our beautiful dresses til its tym 4 lunch. (•͡.̮ ~͡)

    • You think the caterers are going to be washing deghs?ha uh…the dirt work is left to us…what does aunty faati know….eish…

      Anyway its sorted, A and I will sort out all the chevros and left over souk mouk

      Ya ya…u rich people are too embarassed to cum with us in our shame truck…go go in ur lamboghinis and all..never mind..don’t even off and all

  5. Sally says:

    Salmas big day…sOo exciting!
    Absolutely love this story.
    Jzk khairan!!!
    Its realistic yet entertaining…
    & beneficial too!

  6. A says:

    Such a beautiful reminder that even though it’s ur big day u still need to make Salaah, Fardh before sunnah
    Also now we understand the hadeeth that says if u were obedient to الله then after the angels question u in the grave u will sleep like a bride without any worries
    I knew those two will ditch u sister SL but don’t worry I’ll come n help u

  7. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww ! Dats da shukr we get !! Whole weekend busy @ the house … Washing dishes n serving guests !!!!!! Its ok , our rewar is wid ‎​اللَّهُ …..

    Hehehehe – u think I’l let u down Mrs S !! Seems like u don’t know me so well yet …
    I’m not afraid of hard work *talk to the hand *
    Anyway – IF u need me *cant look* den I’ll b der

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