part 140:

Authors note:
So sorry everyone for such a late post today….really a ‘messed up’ day today….but anyway, rather late than never…:)

Aqeel returned to the room a while later with a glass of milkshake….he then came and sat next to me on the bed, took a sip and gave me some to drink…

Aqeel:”as a muslim man, we are encouraged to treat our wives with kindness and its a sunnah to present something to you to eat or drink….(Smirk)”

Asma Bint Yazeed (RA) said:
“I adorned Aisha (RA) for her wedding night, so the Prophet (SAW) came to her side and brought a big cup of milk from which he drank and then presented it to her, but she blushed and lowered her head.” (Related by Ahmad)

Aqeel:”umm…since I’m not very fond of drinking milk as is, milkshake can do I hope?(Raising eyebrow)”

I giggled and drank a sip…..”Jazakallah”

after the milkshake was finished, aqeel placed the glass on the dressing table infront of us and placed his hand on my forehead, he then began reciting the following dua:
““O Allah, I ask You her goodness, and the goodness of the inborn dispositions which You have given her, and I solicit Your protection from her evil, and the evil of the inborn dispositions which You have given her.”

The above dua could be recited in english or arabic, loudly or silently.. and the authenticity of this dua is mentioned in Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah…

Aqeel however recited it in loudly in english…I was glad because I understood what he’d prayed for….

How beautiful is our religion…that in such a short period of time, nabi(S.A.W) managed to cover every aspect of our lives..there was absolutely nothing left to be taught….everything was clear and taught to us by our beloved nabi(S.A.W)…

This dua was so made me realise something..that as perfect as we may think we are…Allah even knows that we’re not..that every person has good and bad that makes up their personality…but its upto us to benefit from every persons good and ask Allah sincerely to protect us from every persons evil side…

We can’t change a persons personality….but what we can change is our mind set and how we regard the person…

Thereafter we stood performing the 2 rakaats of salaah which was sunnah…aqeel stood infront and I read behind…it wasn’t read in jama’ah(congregation)…we read seperately, but at the same time….I’m usually very slow when it comes to salaah as I prefer reading each posture perfectly before going into the next and I took abit longer than aqeel..but he waited for me to make salaam before he lifted his hands in supplication….

He began reciting his dua in arabic…some of the duas I knew and read silently aswel and some I didn’t and just listened to him praying..thereafter he went on to making dua for the 2 of us in english…it touched my heart so deeply when I heard the respect and affection he had for me when making dua…

Aqeel:”oh Allah, today you have blessed me with more than I deserve…I am weak and evil and you have blessed me with someone so pure and strong willed…grant that we are both a means of attaining closeness to you…
Oh Allah..protect this sacred bond that we have entered….allow us to grow together, to love eachother, to understand eachother, to communicate and to comfort one another always…
Oh Allah! Make it poSsible for me to fulfill every right of hers with ease…and make it easy for her to fulfill what is due to me aswel…
Oh Allah! Keep away any kind of evil from this marriage…protect my wife and protect this marriage..
Oh Allah! Bring our families together….let us unite as one and always keep the love amongst ourselves..
Oh Allah! Let us always do only what pleases you and keep us away from actions that will cause your wrath..
OH Allah, grant us pious, healthy and beautiful offspring who will be ever obedient to your commands and to the sunnah of nabi(S.A.W)…offspring who will be preachers and ones who practices your deen…and memorises your word…..”

He continued for a long while and I listened sincerely…he had covered almost everything and more and by the time we were done making dua, my legs were numb from sitting in the same position…

The rest of the night we laid comfortable in bed, talking and getting to know eachother….there was so much to learn from eachother…our likes, dislikes and aqeels personality was incredible….he was full of humour about everything…he had me laughing for half the night and without even realising time had flown by..we weren’t even tired….

It was about half an hour before fajr and we hadn slept a wink…so I suggested that we perform tahajjud and then fajr before we have a bit of a nap before the morning..otherwise we’ll be finished at the walima and won’t be able to keep our eyes open…

We were fast asleep after fajr in no time…but before I could reach my 2nd dream…or so I thought….my phone started ringing……..



9 thoughts on “part 140:

  1. wow says:

    WOW, what a beatiful post. Indeed our religion is so perfect in every wayt . I was so excited thought there was 3 different post lols. Jazakallah for the beautifull well written blog

  2. Sister A. says:

    Wat a luvly start 2 a marriage. Performing Salaah 2gether & bonding with a دُعاء. The beauty of the Sunnah can only be xperieced & appreciated by making amal on it. May ﷲ grant us ӑℓℓ da taufeeq of inculcating da Sunnah in2 our daily lives ​آمِيْن

  3. A says:

    جزاك الله خيرا for the truly lovely n inspirational post
    آمين to all the Duaas they made
    Wonder who’s calling Salma so early in the morning….
    Post came in 3 tyms thought we got 3 posts lol

  4. umme says:

    Subhanallah. A beautiful way to start a marriage. May Allah grant all those unmarried , spouses that are like Salma and Aqeel. What a beautiful dua.

  5. anon says:

    Practising on the sunnah n following our beloved nabi (S.A.W) brings so much of peace n barakah in our lives may allah grant aqeel n salma everlasting happiness. ameen. Jazakallah for the lovely post. I’m really learning a lot n enjoying every part of ur blog.

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