part 138:

Lol..jumu’ah mubarak everyone…this post is for all you amazing people..and also because jumu’ahs are usually hectic, I don’t know what time I’ll manage to post tomorrow or if I even will….enjoy!

I decided to just close my eyes and allow whatever was to happen…I convinced myself that not only was this not haraam, it was infact an act which will be rewarded by Allah… it is an ibaadah (worship)… everything, besides fighting, that a spouse does together is an act of worship… everytime you look at eachother with love, it is an act of worship…. everytime you hug eachother it is an act of worship… everytime you tell eachother kind words, it is an act of worship…. as a wife, every meal that is prepared with love.. is an act of worship…

It just made me think of how 2 people can do the exact same actions and yet the one is being rewarded while the other is being punished by Allah..

Doing all these things within the boundaries of nikaah offers us so much of reward..while doing any of these outside the boundaries of nikaah would be regarded as a sinful and punishable act…

One is under the mercy of Allah, while the other Is under the wrath of Allah..

Before I could even think about what was happening, aqeel was kissing gently, but with so much of affection….I could feel his love even in just a simple kiss…

I forgot about the fact that I’ve never been kissed before…. this is what fay told me, that it would come naturally and I’ll just know what to do when the moment arises…

I felt myself kissing him back and this lasted for……. what felt to me like eternity… I didn’t want him to stop, and I could feel that he didn’t want me to stop either…. until I needed some air…. and we both instinctively moved away from eachother…. almost like we could read eachothers mind….

Aqeel had this extremely happy smile plastered all over his face… a smile he’s been wearing from the moment he walked in to my bedroom after he’d returned from the nikaah… a smile that made me feel complete, appreciated and loved….

Aqeel: “come sweetheart… I haven’t given you a tour of the apartment as yet…”

He held me around my waist and took me to every part of the house… we were already in the open planned kitchen/lounge area….

In the kitchen there was a vase of beautiful red roses with a tinge of white aswel… they looked almost fake, until I touched it and realised that they were smooth and delicate.. therefore they were real… there was a little tag hanging from one of the roses…. I looked at aqeel and he smiled again….

The tag read:
“My love is like a rose, divided into 2…the leaves I give to others, but the rose I give to you….”

Awww..that was so sweet and well thought guy is a gem…I wiggled my arm around him and gave him a small peck on his cheek…..

Aqeel:”and this is the lounge….”(Turning me around)

On each sofa was a different box of chocolates, I was so lost in my nervousness when we entered that I hadn’t even noticed that before….on the coffee table stood a chocolate parcel with a big bottle of…perfection(nutella)…ferrerros, raffaellos and a whole lot of my favourite chocolates…fay definitely had to be a part of this….aqeel could never have known what my favourite chocolates are just by a wild guess….

There was a note on the parcel aswel….it read:
“All I need is love..but a little chocolate now and then wouldn’t hurt”

I giggled…and gave him another peck, this time on his lips….

Aqeel:”and this is the patio….”

The patio had a little garden swing and a braai was small but cute……even on the built in braai stand was a miniature black board hanging which read:
“Braaing is a net of love by which you can catch souls”

Me:”oh my word…..did you think of a love quote to go with everything?”

Aqeel just smiled and continued towards the passage clearly enjoying my reaction..

Aqeel:”This is just a guest room”

Me:”oh!so no notes here?(I giggled)”

Aqeel:”and this is the guest bathroom”

It was simple, cute and I loved the colours. It was stone and deep purple…the walls were stone and the mats on the floor alternated between stone and purple and even the towels, soap and toilet paper matched…

we reached a closed door….aqeel now moved to the back of me..hugged me tight…kissed me and took my hand to open the door to what I guessed was the main bedroom……..

Authors note:
I’d just like some feedback from my readers…do you think discussing what happens next would be regarded as immoral?should I rather abstain from mentioning what happens behind closed doors between a married couple?

ofcourse I won’t be extreme and totally out of line as I myself am too shy to talk about such things..but I feel that there are many young girls who don’t know what it is all about and enter into a marriage either terrified of what’s to come or overly excited about it….

I personally feel that certain things need to be discussed for the benefit of those who are too shy to ever ask…

Its not that I intend being immoral in any way possible…


30 thoughts on “part 138:

  1. ZeeA says:

    Salaams, thanks for the awesome read… I have learnt a lot from your blog and am very grateful, shukran.
    I don’t believe it will be immoral for you to let young girls to read about a husbands love, respect and appreciation for his wife behind close doors….

  2. AOC says:

    I agree with ZeeA…… جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا for the awesome post….

    May Allah grant us all barakah and goodness in our lives our marriages and guide our kids to do the right things….. إنشـــــــاء اللَّــہ آمِيْن

    May Allah grant U barakah in ur life and assist U to assist us إنشـــــــاء اللَّــہ آمِيْن

    Pls don’t forget about us tom 😀

  3. Aslkm sister. Shooh. You are keeping every1 on their toes and getting them ready for wedding fever for this long wkend. Alhumdulillah. You, too, have shown the perfect halaal way of achieving love and the pure sanctity of romance.
    Since you asked for opinions, I didn’t comment before because I was afraid of appearing too harsh and critical, and I hate to be that.
    The writing of any type of romantic relations between husband and wife, though some want to know, will be too much to reveal. The very fact that it invokes deeper feelings within someone who is reading it, makes it just feel wrong. I know the relationship in question is a halaal one, but it doesn’t mean if we are watching a married couple on TV, it makes it correct. Just my opinion. You write with a lot of feeling, and readers really appreciate it, but when these things are discussed, no matter what the relation is, a certain modesty and pardah must be placed. Though popular and in much demand, I feel in a certain way, it deviates from the intention here. Don’t fall into the trap of writing what pulls in the readers, rather than what is right.
    Please make maaf if I have offended you or anyone else. I am so much in need of rectification myself. Please feel free to disapprove my comment if I am out of line.
    Have a lovely Jumuah and remember me in your pious Du’aas.

  4. sister/in/islam says:

    He is soo cute n thoughtful !!! Hope he stays like this always !!!! (mustn b a case of ‘ new broom sweeps clean’ )

    In my 2 cents opinion ( even tho I’m over rating it – lol ) , I think its something that needs to b highlited – evn if its in a subtle way – many girls don’t know anything, r not exposed to TV and don’t hav boyfriends – so they don’t know wat 2 expect . By explainin abit – they can b abit more confident wen approaching their husbands – and vice versa … Also some feel scared and intimidated – so they don’t go abt it the correct way . Our religion is a complete religion – and our Nabi ‎​صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ tawt by example….. There r duas to read and sunnats to carry out – so I think it’d b a good idea ‎​​إنشاءالله – (in my mayb half cent opinion *sticking tongue out* )

    Really brings bak memories to my first days … *sigh*
    But ‎​اللَّهُ has blessed me ‎​​​الحمد لله wid a wonderful spouse n I make lotsa shukr ……..

    ‎​​​جُمُعَة مُبَارَك
    To all u lovely ladies – may ‎​اللَّهُ grant u all barkat n best of both worlds – ‎​​​​آمين
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  5. anon says:

    I agree with u tht u should tell a little nt explain in detail cz sum girls go in extremely unprepared n really scared wyl other go extremely excited n thn gt let down jazakallah soo much for highlighting all of these important topics

  6. FATZ says:

    Jzkl for yet another lovely post. I dnt tnk it wud be imoral. I tnk many young girls dnt knw wat 2 expect. Frm what iv heard after speaking 2 a few of my nieces n cuzi’s dey quite scared because of the stories u hear in2days tym of how nasty a man can be 2 a bride on da 1st nyt even. So inshaallah it is my hope dat ur storie cud enlighten sum or our young unmarried girls about how gud ,gentle ,caring n sweet sum men are. N honeslty ur posts about salmah mkes me wana renew my vows wit my hubby. Really dey so romantic dey just put u in such a gud mood. Lol :’)

  7. Shabana says:

    I feel that Salma had no experience and was clueless, and she survived it. Like she said about the kiss, it happened naturally.

    On that note, I vote against the next post being about their private time together. It’s not immoral, but we can do without it. We don’t need to know about their first night together to learn about a husbands love, respect and appreciation for his wife. Aqeel has proved himself over and over in an innocent and public way.

    Maaf if I’ve stepped on any toes here. It was not my intention to start a controversial argument, as I am not a strong enough scholar of deen to debate about it. I merely gave my personal opinion, maaf again if I’ve come across as offensive.

    Author, the end choice is yours and I will support it, whatever it is. No boycotting and whining and complaints about it. I promise, lol.

    Very sweet post.. Aqeel is seriously from jannah. Lol.. xx

    • ZeeA says:

      Salaams, Jummah Mubarak to all:)
      Lol, we getting serious much hey lovelies!!! “About a husbands love, respect and appreciation for his wife” didn’t mean the consumation part of the first nyt, like others have mentioned the sunnahs and what’s right and wrong and what’s allowed for a husband and wife is what I meant. I’m sure The author was definitely not going to go all explicit on us, nor do I or any of the young girls expect any explicit details… Maaf if I hav offended anyone. Have a fab wkend

  8. slmz…jzkl for da surprize post…i think u should write about wat happens behind closed doors bcoz der r sum young girls out der who r very shy 2 talk of all these kind this will be a very nice tym 2 write abt it..dis is jus my opinion..but see wat others hav 2 say abt it..may Allah take u frm strenth to strength ..aameen.

  9. ash says:

    Jzk for the surprise post. Really wait th whole day for your post in my inbox. As for tomorrow’s post ,I think you shouldnt go in all the details lol. When I got married I didn’t know anything at all. So I guess it’ll help young n shy girls on how to behave n all. This is just my opinion. Thanx again. Allah reward you.

  10. R says:

    Please don’t write about it, for the sake of hayaa/modesty. It will just taint your blog. In today’s times I honestly don’t think that girls don’t know enough already (some may be innocents yes, but it doesn’t mean they’re totally clueless) I myself was hugely unprepared but I also survived. So for the sake of every person (you as the author and us as readers) please don’t divulge intimate details.

  11. sister/in/islam says:

    Just a suggestion ….. Mayb u cud highlite the sunnats b4 … Like 2 rakats salah 2gether – also the dua the husband reads while placin hand on wifes head – n den mayb skip the nitty gritty ( ‎​اللَّهُ does let that happen evn wen the person knows nothing ) ……and mayb just some of Salma’s tawts (clean ones) – like how ‎​اللَّهُ made it easy / wasn’t as bad as she expectd ……… Just my quarter cent ( seems to b changing everytym – hehe )
    U can also point out that its not compulsory for them to consummate on 1st nite – couples feel its fard …. If dey not up2 it den des always the next nite … Its nothin to feel ashamed or embarrassed – n also highlite that what happens in the room , stays der ….. Its quite disgusting wen friends talk to each other abt der hubby’s n wat happen …
    Just ideas – its entirely up2 Mrs S , wateva u decide ….. I’ll bak u up 1000 % !!!!!!!

  12. amy says:

    no no.. i think u should tell.. i feel that this is lyk a comfort zone for hose who are yet to marry.. that they know that its normal to be afraid but at the same time theres absolutely ntn to worry about, as fay says that things happen naturally. lyk i was too scared to spk to anyone so reading it on this platform will ease their worries.. n jazaakAllah so much for your informative posts. i have learnt so much may Allah reward u..

  13. M says:

    I think it would be a good idea to write about it. I read in a previous comment that there are sunnahs and duas. I didn’t know that. It’s way too awkward a topic to talk about it with anyone.Also, it’s better to learn this way rather than reading something crazy like 50 shades or something.

    Maybe consider this: instead of including it as part of the blog, create something like u did with the Islamic knowledge section of the blog like a sensitive topics section or a nikaah section so that readers that don’t want to read it or are against it won’t get too angry. This way you can always add to it and discuss other relevant things.

    To be honest, I don’t think anyone is clueless about it because it is literally everywhere. There’s no way that anyone, regardless of their age can be sheltered. You find it even in khaled hosseini books.

    But that’s why I think u have more reason to write about it.. It’s glorified in movies and series and this surge of erotic novels. It’s time to learn the reality of it. The halaal and the haraam. U can even go as far as discussing things like exactly where in the Qur’aan certain things are said. I’ve read the English of Surah Baqarah but that’s it. I think this will be beneficial to all those of age

  14. Shabana says:

    I also think that the sunnats before the actual consumation should be highlighted, and then skipped to the next morning where we come to know Salma’s thoughts. We are aware that both genders read this blog, so if there are shy unmarried girls (like myself) you could always create a different avenue to gain knowledge about this topic in an environment or chat where na-mahrams are not present. Perhaps a strictly female page.
    This blog has always been pure, innocent fun – I think some lines should not be crossed and some topics should not be discussed so public. Pardah should be observed, over our mobiles as well.
    just my two cents.. lol.

  15. John says:

    uhm .. Nopes i dont think you should mention anything … literally ANYTHING about what happens next. Thats nobody else’s business. Just skip to the next morning …. amazing special breakfast bla bla bla …
    It would make the whole blog go to waste and put it in the category of the “vomit blogs”.
    It would be sooooooooo totally immoral and disgusting. And for those of you going on about “shy girls who dont know bla bla bla” they will find out themselves when they get married, seriously reading it in this story will not help them in any way – for centuries “shy innocent girls” have survived, trust me you’ll survive without knowing.
    And if you just cant wait and really really dying to know then go get married for God’s sake.

    Dont do it!! Dont do it!!! Nothing about it at all ok? Skip it totally; no “brief outline” or any other funny idea. Todays post with the smooching was already MORE then enough.

    So far i have really really enjoyed your blog and read it all the way. Dont spoil everything!!! Please

    • Lol…thanks so much for that….really got you emotioal though…sorry….but I appreciate yours aswel as everybody elses feedback….I’m more than satisfied to say that my blog will continue WITHOUT unnecessary detail….
      That’s why feedback is so important…thanks!

  16. It shouldn’t be put up. As it is a subject of hayaa. There could be no one more innocent and shy than the Sahabiyaat, yet they all became mothers. In today’s open times, no one can say they have no clue at all. If they want to Genuinely know,they can enquire from you via email. Put the sunnats etc as someone mentioned the 2 rakats etc. Putting it in a story format will provide entertainment and shaitans net of deception. Previous generations had no guidelines etc, yet we exist.

    The hadith states,to the effect, those who disclose the “secret matters” that occur between him and his wife/her and her husband will be furthest from Allah on the day of qiyamah.

    Keep up the good work

    • pathway2palestine786 says:

      Subhanallah! that what so aptly put. Sahaaba married at such tender age yet they knowledge on these topics was so meager. Today’s time it is so difficult to find a girl that is naive. everone knows everything they were not suppossed to know!

  17. sabeeha's complicated life says:

    Aqeel and Salma are like the cutest couple ever! Jzk for the awesome post…. It truly is an eye opener 🙂

  18. A says:

    My opinion, maybe highlight that two rakaats of Salaah be read, then the husband places his hand on her forelock n reads the Duaa n also read a portion of kitaab in Nikah then they go to sleep, plz don’t go into detail bcoz it crosses the boundaries of Haya n modesty
    Also those who say they don’t know what happens when they get there they will learn in the halaal way. Plz don’t taint ur blog with bedroom secrets bcoz they should remain private

  19. zaki says:

    Slm I agree with all those that say don’t go into detail, and maybe outline the sunnahs n the name of the kitab. A bride-to-be should be reading it before marriage n that will give her the info she needs. Jzk for a beautiful captivating read, n for keeping it clean n not crossing the boundaries.

  20. mumof3soldiers says:

    Lol let every girl have dose nervys its part of the wedding butterflies…… lets not give girls too many expectations too….. rather leave aqeel n salma behind closed doors for the meantime;-) love the blog

  21. sumi says:

    Slms I also feel you shouldn’t go into details. Each persons experience is different and beautiful in its own way. I love this blog bcos of the lack of haraam. you write with sensitivity and maturity and it is refreshing. Therefore something special are best hinted at and then move on. Just my opinion. I’m sure if you do include this side of their relationship you will do so tastefully.

  22. Binte Ahmed says:

    Personally I feel that it would not b appropriate to divulge bedroom details,though theyr married n its halaal n John mentioned,the kiss was more than enough..i for one have a very vivid imagination,n theres fear of commitin zina of the mind(yes it exists n is also a sin) if too many details r mentioned..however the suggestions to mention duas to be recited on the 1st night,n prayin 2 rakahs salah,etc r good,that can b a means of teachin our young gals that 1st nights arent jst fun n games 😛 also for the “clueless” girls out there,read “Ashrafs Blessings” excellent kitab on marriage which highlight all important aspects pertaining to marriage,including 1st nights..
    Sis S.L,ur doin a great job with this blog,keep it fresh n clean,n dont giv ppl reason to criticise n put it down..

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