part 136:

And 5 of 5 for today…

We were ushered to the dining room where there was an array of delicious and very fancy savouries, cakes and desserts….

Aunty faati:”come now…no need to be shy..please make yourself at home and enjoy”

Mummy:”really faati, you didn’t have to go so out of your way to prepare all this…tomorrows still the walima and that also is another story of work for you people…”

Aunty F:”don’t be silly…we just have never seen aqeel this happy before in his life…he may have been married before, but that smile you see on his face(pointing to aqeel)…we’ve never seen it before….my son seems genuinely happy and why not thank the people that made this possible for him”

Aqeel:”ok ma…enough with the long bayaans now(putting his hand up) otherwise you going to chase them away..”

They seemed like a really close knit, warm family…and in no time I was chatting away and laughing along with everyone aswel….

Mummy:”maaf, excuse us..its getting quite late and you people have enough work on your hands tomorrow….we should get going(standing up)”

Aunty F:”no no…sit…you hardly even touched anything on this table”

Mummy:”we did..jazakallah..everything was lovely..we’ll see you people tomorrow inshallah”

Aqeel and I got up to escort mum and dad and whoever was leaving out…I felt a few tears again running down but this time I could control it..

Mummy:”look after my child ok…(Sniff)”

Aqeel:”don’t worry mummy…she’s in very good hands now”

Aqeel put his arm around me and hugged me..

We greeted them and they left along with all my cousins..

Fay:”we’ll be back now ok….just going to drop the kids off so they can get to bed, they’re quite exhausted…will you be ok?”

Aqeel:”what do you mean ‘will she be ok’? Ofcourse she’ll be ok….she doesn’t need you anymore…:p”

Aqeel was standing behind me and had his arms around my waist from the back….he hugged me tight…

Fay:”oh please(rolling eyes)..she’ll always need me….I’m her sister long before you came about mister”

Me:”you don’t have to come back fay..its extremely late and you shouldn’t be running around so much…I’m really worried about were given strict instructions not to overwork yourself”

Aqeel:”see? I told you she doesn’t need you anymore..but she’s too sweet to tell it to you straight out..:p”

We all chuckled…

Fay:”I have to be there for you…we’ll drop you guys off and then I’ll go home to rest….tomorrows no work for us…(Wink)..we’ll just enjoy the walima…we got away easy with no hectic wedding and all that…”

We watched fay and them go and aqeel and I were still standing outside..alone…finally….some alone time…

aqeel turned me to face him and still had his arms around me…

Aqeel:”you okay sweetheart? You tired? should we go?”

Me:”I’m ok…we’ll wait for fay and ismail and then we can leave..I am abit exhausted…but shame, all these people took out so much of their time for us..(Pause)…err by the way…where are we going to?”

Aqeel:(small laugh)…”You don’t expect to spend your first night in this place now do you?(Sarcastic)..”

Me:”I wouldn’t mind..its a lovely house…(Pause)…so then?where to?”

You could hear the despondency in my voice..

I was hoping to rather stay here…I don’t believe that a first night should be spent in a hotel room…I feel that this night is so should be spent in the place you’re going to be living in….so that the barakah can start from the very beginning….

But ofcourse we were not in any kind of contact for me to have discussed any of this with him..but I was hoping fay passed the message on…

(Sigh)Agh..forget it..I’m not going to spoil my wedding day worrying about where I’m going to spend it…wherever it is, its with my husband…and it shouldn’t matter..Allah knows my intentions….and inshallah he’ll still put barakah in my life….

Authors note:
Ok everyone…that’s it!!!!!aaaah no more 5 posts….my brain is dead…next post will inshallah be some time tomorrow….remember me in your duas and have an awesome sleep tonight…

Hug your spouses and tell them how much you love and appreciate them

And to those who aren’t married..may Allah grant you all partners who will love, cherish, appreciate and understand you always….ameen!



36 thoughts on “part 136:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​​​آمين to all ur doas Mrs S …. And it seems like des gonna more than 1 walima 2moro – wid every1 goin 2 hug der hubby’s tight tight – *wink*

    ENJOY !!!!!!………. Just rmb that u get sawab everytime u r with ur hubby – even to look @ him with LURVE … Hahaha
    May ‎​اللَّهُ put lots of muhabbat and barkat in all our marriages- ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    Hav a goood nites sleep – now we can relax 2moro n enjoy the walima – errmmm btw Mrs S , do I hav2 also wash dishes here ????!!!!!!

    • Sister/in/islam…only you have the energy to be so funny this time of the night…lol….

      Oh gosh….increasing the ummah….hahhahhahaha…

      Ameen to ur duas…

      What you think?you from aqeel side isn’t?all the time only worried about aqeel aqeel aqeel..poor guy…now you must work at the walima also..

      Ok ok..maybe I’m being too hard on you shame…you must be so tired….and because you are ALWAYS the first to comment on almost every post…..I’ll give you off for the walima….you can join fay and keep her company or do you want to sit with salma?cos I know how you were looking for attention earlier today(wink)

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​=))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_‎​​

    Nah !!! I think I’l just sit wid Fay – cos it doesn seem like Aqeel is gonna leve her side *rolling eyes*
    Anyway – I just read a saying – ” The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra ” …. So u my beloved Mrs S – is more than extraordinary – cos u go more than little extra – for us – ‎​​​​جزاك الله soooo sooo much – it is really appreciated …..

    Love u for the pleasure of ‎​اللَّهُ *hugs*

    • Awwwww…you are so sweet…you just made my day….

      I said go tell your husbands how much you appreciate them..not lol lol

      Just kidding..jx so much for you and every one…you guys have no idea how you pull me through my day…as I’m busy I read the comments as they come through to my fone..its so heart warming to know that there are so many amazing people in my life..

      Would inshallah love to meet you all oneday..if not in this world..then in jannah hopefully

  3. U says:

    Jazakallah Khair for the excellent blog…i really love it and i think you’re an excellent talented writer…may Almighty Allah increase you in all goodness.Aameen. lol im really happy for salma n0w i liss to go for a wedding

    • Jazakallah to all of you for reading and commenting..what’s a blog without people reading…and if no-one comments, how boring would it guys motivate me to continue…I can’t do it without your guys support…*beeeeeeeg hugs*

  4. Razia says:

    Jazakallah ms.S..I think u have made many of our nights with ur post 🙂

    Sister/in/islam..ur comments made me laugh.

  5. Sister A. says:

    ​آمِيْن to ӑℓℓ da دُعاء s. The wedin went of so well although it was simple. Simplicity °̩и nikah increases da Barakah. Now we shall meet at da Walima إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ. Soo tired after da weding. Yaaaaawwwn!!! Dweem sweet peeps!

  6. Zee says:

    I love how u always remind us about different aspects of our deen as u go along with the storyline & how u go the extra mile for ur eager audience. We love ur work sister S. ♥

    • I really love interacting with all of you…I try my best…I am a major blog addict myself and understand the frustration of not getting regular posts and not knowing what’s going on in certain blogs..this blog does not belong to me…it belongs to all of us….and together we can make a difference and enjoy ourselves at the same time..
      Deen is so beautiful, but its slipping away from us and we all need reminders everyday in a light hearted manner

      Jx so much for your feedback and feel free to comment at any time

  7. sister/in/islam says:

    Btw – there r 2 post 134 and no post 135 – its ok – as long as we got our 5 posts – we not complaining – just shows how tired u mustb Mrs S .. Don’t worry – I’ll come press ur feet ‎​​إنشاءالله – and head – cos anyway we don’t do full body massages – hehehe
    And I’m happy if I put a smile on any1’s face –
    May ‎​اللَّهُ keep u all always smiling – ‎​​​​آمين

  8. Nas says:

    Awwh really enjoying these post,I think its taking a lot of us back to when we first got married,I wish all brides were so pure like Salma and آمــــــــــين آمِيْن ثُمَّ آمِيْن to all your Duas,may Allah reward you for opening our eyes to things we over look in todays times

  9. muhassanah says:

    Alhamdulillah What a truly inspiring blog!!!
    Jazakillah soooo much to this amazing author who does such good work by preaching in a soft and humble way!
    May Allah reward You abundantly. May Allah grant us all pious spouses that will be the coolness of our eyes and take us closer to Allah, and grant us such ove between each other that we ook like hoors… Insha Allah
    p.s jzk for keeping to your word and posting on time
    It is said: to the effect that a muslims word is his honour! U truly are honoured.

    • Allahu akbar…I am truly touched by your comment….

      Ameen to your duas my beloved sister and jazakallah for those kind words…

      As a muslim it is our duty to stick to our promises..a sign of a believer is that when he promises, he fulfills his promise..

      With that said..I have to remember that nabi(S.A.W) was such that he would always repay everyone for their kindness..and my way of repaying all of you for taking your time to read and comment on this blog…is by replying to your comments,accepting your suggestions and posting what makes you all happy and to make you all happy..

      Atleast on the day of qiyaamah, when my deeds are too weak, you all can stand for me infront of Allah and protest that I was able to make u smile oneday..and for that, who knows, Allah may forgive me

  10. salaamz…hey!!! Those many many post were just sooooooooo awesomeeeee awsomeeee….jzkl sooo much…thumbs UP for all the posts..really intresing n cant wait for the nxt post 2moro..but dont worry now u can hav a break..1 post everyday…thou its really nyc wen u surprise us with these kindof 5 posts…n on top of it all for TWO days..its jus realllly fabulouse…jzkl sooo much again..take care..mwah…

  11. Shabana says:

    Absolutely beautiful..
    what makes this love story between Aqeel and Salma ten times better then any other story I’ve read recently is the purity of it all.. Allah and doing things for His pleasure is the main factor here and the love that radiates between these two gives me goosebumps..
    I am unmarried and yet to come across my Aqeel, after reading the last five posts.. believe me, I am inspired and so much more determined to be patient. I want a story exactly like this (minus the tragic fiancé death, shame)

    May Allah reward you.
    Love xx

  12. Ameen to all the duas 🙂 xx and Sister S thank sooooooo much for the 5posts and that also we got it for two days so a hugeeeee thank you xXx and well see you all in the walima of sweet aqeel and crazy salma..Am sure you all will be looking like hoors from jannah :p 🙂

  13. Shabana says:

    Ladies, you’re all welcome to come to me for your make-up.. liquid eyeliner, airbrush foundation.. the works.. It’s called “The Hoor Special Offer”
    Free of charge, coz it’s our perfect couples walima!

  14. anon says:

    Jazakallah for the awesome posts yesterday n all those tht are not married make dua tht allah gives us a partner tht will takes us closer to his deen n to allah n who will love us n we will love them and they will stand by ourside all the tym inshallah beeg hugs jazakallah for inspiring us soo much

  15. rooksana says:

    Wow ????? Da walima is 2mrrw. Cnnt wait. Love all url advise. N ameen 2 all url duas. Wonder were she goin 4 her first night*wink* Mrs sL jzk 4 da 10post in 2days. U r awesome. Allah tk u 4rm strengh 2 strengh
    We sooo sorry 4 mkn ur brain dead. We nva mean 4 dat 2 happen *sad face*tc.

  16. zana says:

    آمين to all the duas.
    Jazakallah to our wonderful author for writing so beautifully and bringing small important points which are so important to our dean.
    And for bringing Aqeel and salma together in the most beautiful way.

    May allah reward you and guide you to carry on writing and inspiring us all🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷

  17. Sister A. says:

    ثُمَّ آمِيْن! To ӑℓℓ da beautiful دُعاء s ƒ☺я our beloved author. May ﷲ grant Ʋ ӑℓℓ dat & much more ​آمِيْن
    Bcause YOU AWESOME LYK DAT ! ! !

  18. A says:

    آمين to all ur Duaa. جزاك الله خيرا for all the lovely posts and inspiration from ur blog, ws too tired last night after washing all the dishes at Salma’s house then went to help aunty Fatima with the clearing up to comment. Loving the courting n romance btwn Salma n Aqeel in such a pure environment of nikaah
    Salma it’s true that الله will reward u for ur intention of starting off ur marriage in a pure n paak environment آمين
    Can’t wait for the Waleemah, still need to iron my new abaya

  19. zana says:

    B  Begin your dαy ωith
    L  Love in your heαrt
    E  Expect blessings
    S  Shαre goodness
    S  Shine like the sun
    I  Inspire some one
    N  Never forgot thαt
    G  allah is ωith you αll the time Good Morning. Have a lovely Day({})

  20. Fatima says:

    First time posting. From England. Where’s Evryone from. Absolutely love this blog. So entertaining and intresting.

    Well done sister.

  21. Asalamu Alaikum

    Heard my family oohing over the wedding. Wondered whose wedding since I had not been asked to drive them to any. This blog turned out to be the nikah that so touched the ladies.From a guy’s point of view, even a guy whose a “rotter” wants a good girl. To find someone that stayed pure,Alhamdulilah is awesome. Kudos to the writer for bringing in top points Deenwise. I get that this blog is aimed at ladies but it is the net,so some things should have been said in a way that’s more modest.
    Was impressed by the reminders all the way, one thing I didn’t agree with was talking/joking with your friends husband and vice versa. No matter how brief an interaction.

    InshaAllah this blog will be used for khair and change.

    • Wslm….

      Maaf I think I take it for granted that there are only ladies reading…will inshallah try to post in a manner that makes it good for both male and female equally..

      Deff agree with u on that point…it does happen in society and that’s why I’ve brought it up in my blog…my intentions were to correct it in future posts as part of the story…I already had that part planned out..but since you’ve mentioned it, I thought I’d explain…

      Jx and constructive feedback is always welcome…

      May Allah accept whatever little actions we all do to spread the deen of islam

  22. HopefulMe says:

    While I was awaiting the assitant yesterday,I read your blog. I was left shaken and crying (in public nogal)

    I was wracked with remorse because I Could have been that pure girl when I get married. Then why oh why did I let myself get swept away with what is haram? I so badly regret my choices now after reading these posts. Every glance, every touch,every thought. I write this for girls like me,who are not married as yet but after reading this wish that we could undo the past. I made tauba immediately and decided I will Not ,not, not contact my illicit beloved anymore even though my heart used to crack with the joy of loving him. And the pain of separation. I do make dua Allah joins us in halaal bonds but without our hearts clogged with haram and tauba purifying us already. Or to who Allah knows is best for us.I ask all to make dua for me,please. I don’t want to go back to my evil habits. I so wish for that beautiful meeting with Allah and Nabi saw. May Allah reward you beyond your expectations SilentLiving, InshaAllah you changed more than one life. The beauty and simplicity and purity shone from the posts. I want to say to my sisters that even if you did the worst with a boy,turn to Allah,HE will forgive as long as we truly regret and change. Please make dua for me,so scared that I musn’t lose this desire to stay strong. SilentLiving;i read a hadith where Allah says, ‘I treat MY slave according to His expectation of ME’ this blogs name should no longer be Forever a mess up or when will i ever succeed, Allah wants us to think that we Will succeed and never be down forevr ameen. Love this non messed up blog

    • Assalamu alaykum my dearest sister… have totally left me in tears…

      Honestly, when I’m writing a post, I try my best to write in the best way possible from deep withing my heart..sometimes I doubt my own writing and am not very pleases with the way a post is written..but when I read comments like yours….alhamdulillah it makes me feel so happy….I can’t take the cresit though…it is most definitely Allah who has chosen you..

      If it wasn’t my blog, Allah would have given you this realisation anyway through a different is only because Allah loves you that He has put it into your heart…

      So take this as an opportunity and thank Him by staying this way inshallah…

      There was a lady in the time of nabi(S.A.W) who had committed zina and came with her baby to nabi(S.A.W) to asked to be stoned…nabi(S.A.W) sent her away with the baby and asked her to come back another time…her punishment was given and it was mentioned to the effect that the taubah of this woman was so great that it could suffice for her entire community..

      So ur tawbah is great in the eyes of Allah..please sister, one request I have, is the day that Allah grants you your greatest desire and a wonderful husband, please do let me I am guaranteed that ou will most definitely get nothing but the best for this great sacrifice of urs

      Keep strong and rem that Allah is with you at every step that you take

  23. Slmz sister, jazakallah for the 5 posts, you’re spoiling us 😉 I know I don’t comment often and I usually catch up with posts after a few days but I just want to let you know that you are doing an excellent job. I was so touched to have read a comment above about a girl who has made tauba and regrets her previous actions. How lovely for Allah to have made you that medium for her change. I know a while back on social media sights if you were to advise a person to do good and stay away from evil you’d be attacked, hence people would refrain from commenting, however when I see blogs like yours and a journey in a journal I see how much hope there still is. That people respond positively to good islamic values and advice on a platform that is so far reaching. May Allah reward you for your efforts and take your blog from strength to strength. Ameen.

  24. ummihs says:

    Jazakallah to sis SL for the 5 posts. Totally enjoyed it.
    May Allah bless all marriages and bless all the unmarried with the best of spouses
    keep up the exciting posts had us feeling as if we were there.

    I’m giving the couple a gift a holiday to an exotic destination in 3 months time so they can also enjoy the place and not focus on each other only 😉

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