part 135:

Daddy:”chaal salma..its time to drop you off my child…you’re ready to go?”

Me:”daddy?you’re so eager to get rid of me already?(Pouting)”

Saleem:”ofcourse we are..the sooner you go..the sooner we can have some peace around here…”

I pushed him away and rolled my eyes…

Me:”I know..I know…I have to go…my bags…”

Saleem:”already sorted..everythings in the car”

Me:(raising my eyebrows)”that eager?”

Everyone laughed…

Aqeel:”your my gain bro….”

Saleem:”good luck to you dealing with this one. but remember what I told you earlier hey..”

Aqeel:”don’t worry, I think I can Handle this one very well(winking at me)”

It was finally time to leave my comfort zone and enter a brand new life….with brand new people in a brand new house that I’ve never even been to as yet….

Daddy took my right hand and made dua that Allah keeps me secure…we walked out to the car…aqeel and I sat at the back and mummy and daddy drove us..weird I know…but that’s just how we did it…

Fay,ismail, the kids and saleem all came in a seperate car and some of my cousins who couldn’t miss out also joined…

A few of the elderly people stayed at the house and cleared up for mummy in the meantime..

We finally reached aqeels house and there were tons of cars in their huge yard…I was nervous as hell…aqeel sensed this because I think I was squeezing his hand a little too hard…

Aqeel gave off a small giggle and then whispered in my ear…”Relax sweetheart, I won’t leave your side for even a second(pause)….and everyones going to just love you….”He then kissed my cheek..

I felt so conscious suddenly…but he did it in such a way that mum and dad HOPEFULLY didn’t notice…its not wrong..I know..but just feels strange..

Aqeel got off first and held the door open for me…

We came in rather quietly so I don’t think anyone knew that we were here as yet..until ismail decided to cause a commotion…he started hooting like a crazy thing and my cousins I the car behind followed ismails annoying trend which just added to my anxiety

A group of people rushed out of the house to welcome us..all excited and happy…

Aunty Faati:”assalaamu alaykum….welcome to your new home bachu….(Hugging me so tight I almost couldn’t breathe)…you’re looking so mashallah…come inside..please..(Gesturing with her hand towards the front door)”

She then greeted my mummy and allowed us to enter…this house was huge compared to what I come from..we live in a very err humble abode compared to this….okay it wasn’t one of those ‘top billing’ type of homes..but still…it was a lovely double story house with a Huge yard infront…

As we entered there was a table set with all kinds of sweet meats and chevro and some drinks aswel…

Aqeel dragged me to the table,picked up a piece of burfee and put it in my mouth…

Aqeel:”my turn to drag you to have something”

The burfee was so just melted in my mouth..I’m not sure if it tasted so good because it was burfee or because aqeel fed it to me…lol

Couple of aqeels cousins came to greet me, they were all quite friendly and aqeel didn’t leave my hand for even a second as he promised…thank god…I was stunning to feel abit claustrophobic around all these people…

There was just one particular girl that wasn’t all that friendly and gave me the top to bottom look…I felt abit uncomfortable around her but just ignored the filthy looks she was giving me..I made a mental note to oneday ask aqeel about her…for now, this was my day and no-ones going to spoil it for me….



8 thoughts on “part 135:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​​ما شاء الله !!!!!!!
    May ‎​اللَّهُ grant barkat in this new home – and lots of happiness – ‎​​​​آمين
    Aunty Faati is also very nice ‎​​​الحمد لله

    Defntly their loss is Aqeels gain – cos Salma is such a good wonderful person ‎​​​ما شاء الله

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. U says:

    hmm..i wonder who this girl is…May Almighty Allah grant all our unmarried sisters wonderful,loving,caring and pious spouses and may He grant all the married sisters eternal happiness and bliss.Aameen.

    • zana says:

      Who is the mean person giving our salma the evil look.

      Aqeel and salma may allah give you so much happiness in your home and lives and save you from Shaitaans whispers and all those who are never happy that you got married to the guy that they wanted. 😠

    • Yip….scratching my head really hard…I’m suffering today…nothing seems to be coming to my brain.but will try as hard as I can to post one more from now till before midnight inshallah

  3. Sister A. says:

    Awwwww ! ! ! ! ! ! Aqeel & his family deserve ӑℓℓ dis happiness & joy °̩и der lives after his past marriage xperience. Salma deserves ӑℓℓ da happiness °̩и da world 4 ӑℓℓ da Sabr she made. Top stuff sister!!!

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