part 133:

Aqeel:”as much as I’d love to sit here with you the entire night…unfortunately there are important people that we need to meet and greet outside this room”

Me:(sigh)”oh ya…I forgot there’s a world out there”

Aqeel:”(smile)come my princess…we shall continue later tonight….”

Me:”my abaya…..please if you could..(Pointing to the abaya that was hanging on the door)”

Aqeel helped me slip my abaya on and I loosely draped my scarf around my head making sure that all my hair was covered but didn’t spoil either…

Aqeel smiled and held my hand tightly before opening the door…

We walked to the front where everyone was sitting around and talking..the first person I looked for was my mum…I hadn’t yet greeted her..I spotted her probably at the same moment that she spotted me..she tilted her head to one side and just stood staring at me…

Aqeel didn’t leave my hand..he walked with me towards my mum and then only did he leave my hand to put his forward to greet mummy..

Mummy:”aww my son…welcome to the family….please take good care of my child..”(She pulled him closer and gave him a hug)

Aqeel:”I promise I will….salmas my queen as from today and she’ll only see happiness inshallah…if can come after me with your rolling pin..”

We all aqeel to spoil an aww

Next was my turn…mum and I clung onto eachother like our lives depended on this hug…and we sobbed into eachothers arms..I couldn’t control myself…and neither could mum….

Me:”I’m sorry mummy..for all the hell I put you through and for all the arguing and disagreements we’ve had…I love you..and I’m sorry”

Mummy:”no my child..I’m sorry…for always disagreeing with you…you’re my child…and I’m so happy that you’ve finally found someone so perfect to share the rest of your life with…”

We continued like this for so long until fay had to practically pull us apart..

Fay:”hey!come on…enough now…”

Aqeel put his arm around my waist from the side and pulled me to him to hug me…

Mum and I looked at eachother and started laughing…

Aqeel:”(giggling)…strange are women indeed(shaking his head)…a few seconds ago you 2 were crying like you never going to sEe eachother ever again…and now you’re laughing?!”

Mum:”well get used to us my son…there’s a lot of craziness you still going to come across with this family…”

I then went on to greeting my grandmothers and introducing them to aqeel…they mumbled something to him in gujrati which I’m sure he didn’t understand but just nodded and said:”jee jee inshallah”

They could have even told him to run as fast as he can for all I care to which his response was “jee jee inshallah”

Saleem:”whoa…..who this?(Looking at me and putting his hand over his mouth)….did cruella just turn into…”

Aqeel:”(cutting him off and pointing a finger at saleem)HEY BRU!!!!watch it!”

They laughed and did their weird brotherly half hug type a thing..

Saleem:”if she ever drives you crazy…just give me a call….I’ll come quick to sort her out…”

Me:”haha bhai….very funny….you?sort me out?its rather the other way”

Aqeel:”uh oh..should I be scared?”

Saleem:”there’s time bro…you can quickly change your mind?”

Aqeel:”(looking at me affectionately and hugging me tighter)…..Never…even if I had a chance, I wouldn’t change my mind…she’s stuck with me now…”

Me:”so can I like finally get a hug from my little brother?(Opening my arms out to him)”

Saleem:”oooh yuck….but anyway..its probably the last..”

Me:”shurrup doofus(knocking him on the back if his head)”

Saleem:”(faking pain and rubbing his head)…ouch…and she hits also…”

I looked around the lounge for someone in particular…but I just couldn’t spot her…



11 thoughts on “part 133:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Wonder who !???!!!
    Hope Aunty Sabira is here to enjoy !!! But she’l b soo sad also …. But knowin the type of person she is …. She leaves everything in ‎​اللَّهُ hands –

    ‎​​​ما شاء الله
    Sooo sweet dey r !!!!! Its so heartwarming … Beautiful…
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    So sweet esp the final meeting before a bride leaves her home is bitter sweet
    Lol at Aqeel for agreeing to what the grannies said even though he didn’t understand
    Wonder who she’s looking for maybe it’s aunty Sabira or maybe Fay did a disappearing act after seeing mother m daughter together

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Actually – she’s looking for ME !!!!!! Lol

    Tell her I’m comin now – just hav2 remove this apron n wipe hands …. Don’t worry Salma – I’ll greet u b4 u leave …….
    ‎​=))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_‎​​

  4. Sister A. says:

    Wat a warm start 2 a new life. I think she’s lookin 4 her mother °̩и law. Seriously now sis °̩и Islam seriously!!! Dis is not da tym 4 Ʋ 2 seek attention. Its Salma & Aqeel’s special moments 2 mk memories. ℓ☺ℓ!

    • sister/in/islam says:

      Oh welll !!!!!! I tawt I’d just gap in and get some attention ……. But since its not MY DAY … I’ll just move to the bak n leave dem in the limelite – *sticking tongue out* !!!!

      Anyway – thanx for the wake up call Sister A – I needed it – was dreaming it was me on
      my big day …..

  5. rooksana says:

    Wat a lovely couple. Thk she lookn 4 aunty sabira.
    Dis post seem sooo real omw. I cnnt wait 2 read more. Jzk author best writer eve

  6. zaki says:

    Slm what a beautiful post. Makes me wish I had done my nikah that way! إن شاء الله it will be an inspiration for other brides-to be.

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