part 132:

Post 1 of 5 for today…

Aqeel put on the bracelet for me and I put on the watch for him….I was shaking all the while…he lifted up his hand while I was still struggling and kissed my fingers…

Aqeel:”no need to be so nervous sweetheart…we are one now…there’s no-one in the world you’re supposed to be more comfortable around then me..”

I smiled and put my head on his shoulder.he kissed me on my head…

I Lifted my head and finally got the courage to speak…
“By the way..(I cleared my throat)..forgot to tell you that you looking really handsome today…”

aqeel was wearing a navy blue kurta with a chinese collar…the collar was pinstripe baby blue and white and so were his cuffs of his sleeves. His kurta looked like it was especially tailored for him…it made him look so gorgeous…he matched it well with a navy blue suede shoe..

It just goes to show..that a man can look stunning and still dress In the sunnah manner..I totally admire a man in a kurta…I always dreamt of my future husband wearing a kurta and not a suit on the day of our nikaah….I’m not a major fan of a suit..

Okay some men do look nice in suits..but to me….its perfection to neAtly wear a kurta..

Aqeel:”glad you like it darling…and get used to it..its my new look for my new life..”

I looked at him confused…

Aqeel:”I have a beautifully modest wife who shows her body only to me and dresses modestly when she leaves her inshallah I’m also going to try and wear kurta most of the time…..”

Me:”uh… don’t have to do that for me….”

Aqeel:”its not just for you my love.if I do it for you, then there’s fear that I’ll go back on my word..but if I do it for Allah, then I’ll never change inshallah”

I did something very compulsive…I leaned forward and gave him a peck on his cheek which made him blush…

Aah I can’t believe I did that…but if felt so normal…whoa… this is what fay was talking

Aqeel:”by the way..I love the chain(wink)”

I touched my neck and held the pendant…and smiled
“Oh…thanks..its beautiful…you didn’t have to bribe me you know…if we were meant to be, I wouldve still said yes..(Giggle)”

Aqeel:” bribe sweety….they said sharing of gifts increases the love…..sooo…..expect much more…”

I didn’t tell him this but I thought to myself..even without gifts,I’m beginning to fall deeply in love with my husband in just these few minutes in seclusion with him…

I know it sounds weird…especially in the times we’re living in…people don’t fall in love on their wedding day…they fall in love weeks, months or years before the actual wedding..

I can’t help but wonder how boring it must be for 2 people who were already dating for years before getting married…do they also feel this bond?do they also get this electric shock run all over their body when their husband touches them?or because its all already been done, is it just one of those things.?..

I can’t thank Allah enough for favouring me with this great gift of imaan where we are taught to keep ourselves chaste for this very day…

I can only but imagine what our meeting with Allah and His nabi will be like on the day of qiyaamah..

Imagine, we live our entire lives loving Allah and preparing for the day we’re going to meet him….we prepare for years and years just like how a bride prepares her whole life for the day she gets married…I have this excitement in me now….what an extraordinary day that will be when the veils are lifted and we stand right infront of our creator…

If we find eachother to be so beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, ‘hoor like’….can we only imagine the creator of such beauty…Allahu akbar..I cannot wait for that day…

However…back to reality….lol..I’m here infront of MY jannah….my husband…sounds so strange to say that..



6 thoughts on “part 132:

  1. rooksana says:

    Jzk 4 da 5 post author. Really sweet of u.
    Hey salma u finally got ur knight in shining armour. Masha allah.
    Sooo romantic. I’m sooo excited 4 salma. May allah increase our love 4 our handsome husband. Ameen.
    Author u da best. Kp it up.

  2. A says:

    ما شاءالله what a cute couple, falling in love after nikaah the halaal way
    As mufti AK from CII says only lace love comes before marriage is in the dictionary bcoz L is b4 M
    Loving ur posts, may الله take this blog from strength to strength in showing us how to do things in a way to please our creator

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