part 130:

Post 4 of 5 for today…

Friday night was a terribly late night so saturday morning I was exhausted..fay and mum insisted that I get as much rest as possible as I’d definitely need to be fresh for tonight…

They cooked a lovely lunch which was served immediately after zuhr…but it was just us, and dads sister, mums sister, both my grannys and a few of my cousins….fay and her family,even ismail was around for lunch..

Me:”oh so I see someone has decided to be a part of the brides functions?(sarcastic)”

Ismail:”have to grace you with my presence today, I’ve been spending almost all my time with your future hubby who I must say can’t wait to be a married man once again tonight(smirk)”

The men all left after lunch for the ijtimaa..they wanted to spend sometime in the afternoon there because they wanted to leave immediately after the nikaah to come home..

As the time drew nearer, I was a bundle of nerves…

My dress hanged neatly in my room, screaming out my name and waiting for me to fit into it….I had a dress sewn for my nikaah to goolam….it was a pink and silver beaded dress….well actually the material was pink and fully beaded with silver work…it was a fitted, long sleeved straight cut dress and I had an abaya matching for when I leave the house…the abaya was black with heavy beaded work at the edge of the sleeve in pink and silver and the bottom of the abaya was also bordered with the same pink and silver beadwork…it was open slightly infront from waist down and the top was closed with buttons, revealing abit of the pink dress that matched perfectly…

We found a stunning silver heel at eldo to match which I could wear for the walima aswel…

Thank goodness I had all of this already sorted…as fay would say it…”Allah works in mysterious ways”..

Me:”fay I’m so scared….how will I know what to do?what if he thinks I’m abit crazy?I won’t even know how to kiss him…I’ve never kissed anyone before in my life”

Fay:”there’s no need to stress sal…it all comes me, youl just know what to do…and are you nuts?aqeel totally adores the fact that you’re so pure..and have never been touched by anyone else”

Me:”is it painful?(Biting my bottom lip nervously”

Fay:(laugh)”I won’t lie..its excruciatingly painful….but you’ll survive..I mean think of how many people went through it…you’ve never heard of anyone dying from the pain of intercourse now do you?(Laugh)”

Me:”maybe I’ll be the first…(Holding my face in my hands)….I’m dreading it…”

Fay:”don’t be silly sal…you’ll see..everything on its time…just chill…”

A lady came home to do my hair…I wasn’t going fancy, I already died it a deep plum colour last week but she came to sort of make me look ‘perfect’ as she stated…

I didn’t want to do anything majorly fancy today..I wanted simple..maybe for the walima I can do sort of an upstyle…

For now I chose for the top half of my hair to be pin straight and the bottom full of curls..

I performed my maghrib salaah and read an extra 2 rakaats of salaatul haajaat(salaah when in need)…I was in need of Allahs blessings, of His love, of His protection…I needed Allah to put understanding between us and make our marriage successful…

After I was done, I paced up and down until esha..I wanted to read my salaah first before putting on my make-up…as soon as esha time came in I performed my was so difficult to concentrate…all I kept on thinking about was that I would be married in just a few minutes..I already wanted to start tearing up….but I couldn’t..I needed to get done and start dressing..I don’t want to keep my groom waiting…

Immediately after I was done, fay applied my make-up as natural as possible…I didn’t want to be looking like a clown and foundation was so not my thing…so just abit of light pink eyeshadow,light pink lipstick and abit of blush…I then slipped on my dress, fitted on my sandal and looked in the mirror…

Me:”wow!!!is that who I had to turn into?”

Fay:”you look beautiful sal…(Wiping away a tear quickly so I wouldn’t see”

Me:(turning to face her)”jazakallah so much fay..for everything…you have really outdone yourself and have always been there for me…and who knew you would be the one to bring my actual groom this way”

Fay:”I didn’t sal…Allah did…it was meant to be this way..and you deserve to be happy…and I’m so proud of you for doing this the proper way..I swear you will see nothing but barakah(blessings) in your life from this day inshallah…unlike me who started it all wrong..I took out the barakah of my marriage and it took years for it to actually get to where it is now…you going to start it with Allahs obedience and that’s how its always going to be inshallah”

Me:”ok ok…(Dabbing a tear gently with a tissue)..don’t mess my make up now..or else aqeel will think he made the biggest mistake of his life…”

Aqeel:”NEVER!!!this was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!”

Fay and I turned towards my room door and my heart skipped a beat…..



16 thoughts on “part 130:

  1. zana says:

    Super awesome post. Salma you look absolutely stunning.
    U made me laugh with your questions lol
    May u have so much happiness in your marriage.
    Aqeel you are too sweet. Just look after our salma

  2. hasoo says:

    I’m new to this blog ,and I must say I think I read all past posts in one day !I culdn stop reading .u are a wonderful writer mashallah !! Cannot wait to see what happens in the life of Salma.

  3. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه. Aqeel & Salma r married. May ﷲ bless dis marriage. Evrytin was done da right way so der can only b goodness °̩и it.

  4. A says:

    Awwww such a lovely post, Salma such a bundle of nerves
    Aqeel look after our Salma
    بارك الله لك وبارك الله عليك وجمع بينكما في خير

  5. ummihs says:

    Oooooo laaaa laaaaaa finally they married.
    Sooo exciting feel as if its really happening.
    Jazakallah for giving us 5 posts wouldn’t have survived 5 days

  6. U says:

    That was such a cute Awww moment.I really enjoy your blog sister it feels sooo real.May Almighty ﺂللَّــہ keep you going from strength to strength.آمين

  7. rooksana says:

    Omw. Is dis rel or not
    Sooo awesome post. Js love it.
    N soo romantic n cute.
    Actually it brought tears 2 my eyes its like sal is my real sis. Lol wid da questions sal. I no da feeling. U can twk 2 us any tym. Abt any prob. Miss u. Good night. Cnnt wait 4 2mRrw. 5 post. Yeppii. Jzk author sooo much.

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