part 128:

Post 2 of 5 for today..

I must have dozed off while waiting and woke up with a shock to someone knocking at my room door..

I sat up nervously..because that’s what I do best, cleared my throat and said:”come in”

My mum, dad and brother all entered the room…they all looked so happy…and I was shy….mum had a tissue in her hand and wiped her tears away…dad smiled and my brother saleem…well he just jumped onto me and hugged me….

Saleem:”so my big sisters finally getting hitched hey…”

I put a pillow over his head and pretended to suffocate him…

Daddy:”I’m really happy for you my child….you are an amazing young lady and no doubt you will definitely make a perfect wife and daughter in law inshallah…”

Dad came over to hug me…

Mum couldn’t say anything..she just cried and hugged me…and cried…and hugged me…well you get the point..that’s mum..always overly emotional…

Me:”so how does this work daddy?what’s the next step from here?”

Dad:”well mum will call aqeels mum and give her your answer and we can take it from there inshallah…let’s see what their plans are…”

Me:”umm..he did kinda say something last night about wanting to do things quick…he said I can take my time to decide but as soon as I’ve given my answer he wants the nikaah to take place..”

Everyone sat on my bed while we discussed what we wanted to do…we would need to know what they decide but also needed to know what we wanted on our side…

I was always totally against having a big fairytale wedding…I’ve done everything the halaal way till no way was I throwing all of that away…I wanted simple…as nabi(s.a.w) had mentioned to the effect that the nikaah with the most blessings is a simple one..

Dad:”you still want to go with nikaah at the ijtimaa tomorrow my child?”

Me:”err..I don’t know..I don’t that way everyone can attend and we don’t have to make such a big deal out of everything and feed and all that…cos you know I’m totally against all that…”


Dad cut her off:”no buts….this is salmas decision…and her decisions make me proud because it is all to please Allah…”

me:”mum…we can serve some tea and cakes and maybe some finger foods here at home for whoever is around if that makes you happy ok?(I placed my hand on hers…)”

She smiled…we were finally agreeing on something and she finally looked happy with me…

Dad:”its jumu’ah today and we need to still have breakfast…and I need to get let’s start by giving them the answer..mummy needs to phone while we all sitting here..”

Saleem jumped off the bed to get the cordless phone for mum…I’m going to miss this tart of a brother of mine..he can be so immature…but he’s got a heart of gold…he’ll do anything to make me happy…

Mum:”(screaming at saleem)bring my phonebook also from my dressing table draw….I wrote aunty faatis number in there last night…”

Me:”(hitting my forehead slightly)oh boy!mum….? think you’ll remember where exactly you wrote it?”

Mum had this habit of writing numbers in the oddest of places…yes in her phone book…but aunty faatis number could be written in ‘A’ for ‘Aunty faati’ or ‘F’ for faati….or ‘A’ for aqeels mum..or even ‘S’ for salmas samoosa run….lol…

After finally finding the number under ‘L’ for last proposal mum found the number….

It rang 3 times and I could feel my insides doing what it did last night…this is it I thought…..

Aunty F:”hello?”



7 thoughts on “part 128:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Allah has truely blessed Salma wid a wonderful family – they r soo understanding and supportive ….. They will really miss her wen she’s gone ….
    And Aqeel seriously deserves the best and he’s gettin it in Salma ……. Absolutely adorable – ‎​​​ما شاء الله
    May Allah grant us all plenty of muhabbat in our marriages , lots of understanding and may we b the coolness of our spouses eyes – ‎​​​​آمين
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    I cried with salma’s mummy, I’m soon happy that she has such a lovely n supportive family
    Can’t wait for aunty Faati’s response

  3. zana says:

    Such a touching post. Was also so emotional with all of them
    So happy salma and her mum agreed on something.
    Its always best to have things simple but most of all to please our allah

  4. rooksana says:

    Beautiful post. Vvvy emotional js reading dis post made me remember da tym I ws getting married dat ws 9months bk. I ws crying. Cnnt wait 2 read wat aqeel family has 2 say.

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