part 127:

The following 5 posts are especially dedicated to fizmoh6811 and sister/in/islam and all those other awesome readers who keep asking for more…your support and feedback means so much to me…jx
Post 1 of 5 for today..

I couldn’t sleep after fajr….I just wanted to read and thank Allah for finally accepting my duas…

You know they say..its like you’re knocking on this HUGE door everyday and most of your time…yet this door is so huge compared to how tiny you are…you knock so many times and can’t see that your tiny knocks are some what opening up this door little by little…we sometimes get despondent..thinking that no-ones going to ever open up this door….but if we knock harder and with greater force and more often..this door will most certainly open up..

I have been knocking on Allahs door of acceptance with my duas for years on end….there were days that I’d become so dispondent..that Allah was never going to accept this dua of mine…

You all have heard me complain way too often about how I’m afraid that I’m going to end up all alone and old still sitting in my parents home…those days of despondency was the days I wasn’t knocking hard enough on Allahs door of acceptance…

And then there were days when I just felt like my duas would definitely be answered oneday…and those were the days I knocked hard and with conviction…those were the days that Allah opened up his door wider for me…..

And now?the time has come…alhamdulillah….where Allahs door has opened up completely just for me..this insignificant slave of His…

Allahs mercy is so great….Allahs love for His creation is totally inconceivable….I cannot believe that Allah has not only bestowed upon me a great proposal…but He has also put it in my heart to accept this honourable man as my husband…

Fay used to always tell me that I should never lose hope..that out of all the jewels that Allah had place in this world..there was one very valuable gem that was to be mine..and Allah will only give it to me when the time is right…

And so the time has come…for me to accept this gem into my heart….to accept aqeel to be my accept him to love me unconditionally for I have been chaste my whole life..I have never been touched by another man and I never knew what it was like to be loved truly by someone else…

After crying my heart out to Allah..not because I was sad…but because I was overjoyed..I needed to thank Allah..I needed to turn to Him in my times of happiness exactly in the same way as I’d turned to Him in my times of sadness and desperation…

I waited for my parents to wake up…I made them a lovely breakfast and set the table before they could wake up….since it was a public holiday..everyone was sleeping till abit late and that gave me slightly more time to do what I wanted to to make this day special…

I wrote a note and placed it on the table….the note read:

“To my beloved family…

This is just a little something to thank you all for standing by me through all my moods and craziness..
I know I’ve disappointed you all way too many times by letting so many proposals go by….but today I would like to make you all proud….I have decided to accept aqeels proposal and I want your blessings before embarking on this great new journey ahead…

Enjoy every morsel on this table as it has been specially prepared to please you as this is the least I could do for all that you’ve done for me my entire life…

I love you all and will love you forever…..

After writing the note and adding a few finishing touches to the table with some freshly picked flowers from mums well cared for garden, I retreated to my room where I waiting in bed for some kind of a response…..

Authors note..
A new page has been uploaded regarding hazrat ibrahim (A.S)..please do check it out whenever you have time aswel as the other pages that are updated whenever I get a chance..feel free to contribute to any of the pages on my site…



10 thoughts on “part 127:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Awwww ‎​​​​جزاك الله soooo much beloved author – u r theee best ‎​​​الحمد لله

    YAY !!!!! MUBARUK 2 u Salma !!!!! Absolutely happy for U …..

    Beautiful lessons on askin our Allah continuously n eventually wen the tym is rite our doa is answerd.. Bcos only Allah knows what’s best for us and when ….
    I’m sooo sooo excited ….. Already ironing my outfit …
    Hahahaha – hav2 b ready early cos I hav2 help set tables n prepare food ….

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله
    Lots of hugs

  2. Authorrrrrr you are just awesome 😀 first of all thank you for the dedication and also for 5 posts today 😀 😀 and now salma and aqeel are getting married wooohoooo 😀 could this day get any better :p

  3. A says:

    ما شاءالله what a way to start my day, Salma so beautifully started her day by first thanking the most important being her creator before she turned to the creation
    May الله bless her in her entire life to always turn to الله in happiness n difficulty
    It is said something to the effect that if we remember الله in times of ease then when we call out to him in difficulty the angels tell الله to help us bcoz they recognize our voice

  4. Sister A. says:

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ƒ☺я da xtra posts.
    Yaay!!! Salma & Aqeel r gona gt married at last.
    We should never bcum despondant °̩и da mercy of ﷲ. At tyms wen we go through difficulties & notin seems 2 b workin out ,we may feel dat our دُعاء s r not gtin accepted. Bt, ﷲ is fully aware of evrytin. Ӑℓℓ we need 2 do is exercise Sabr & continuosly turn 2 ﷲ °̩и دُعاء. Da power of دُعاء is very gr8. Wen da tym is right we will c da results of our دُعاء s.

  5. annon says:

    Slm I can’t seem to read the other stories/ pages you have up. I’m clicking on the icon with the small lines. Jzk.

    • No u not supposed to click on the lines..youl see there are 3 circles at the top of the dark red, one light red and the other on the first one on your right.the darker read one..that will give u menu options..youl get all the different pages in there..
      Hope this helps..let me know if you don’t come right k

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