part 124:

The doorbell rang and salma started hyperventilating…she looked like she was getting an anxiety attack…

Me:”sal?does this happen to you everytime someone comes to see you?”

Salma couldn’t answer..she just shook her head and breathed in and out deeply…I actually found her performance quite hysterical…

The men sat in the lounge while the women sat in the dining room…well the only women that there was,was myself, salma, her mum and aunty faati(aqeels mum)..

Salma greeted and sat very unusually quiet..luckily I knew aunty faati so it wasn’t awkward at all…there was so much to chat about..aunty faati tried her best to make the nervous salma abit more comfortable..I think what made her this stressful wasn’t meeting aunty faati….salmas streSs was meeting aqeel…

Aunty faati:”salma, your mummy will really miss you once you’re married and gone”

All salma could manage to do was force a smile,look back down and continue peeling her skin off her fingers..

Me:”salma and her mum are very close..but I guess every girl has to leave her home at some point…salma has enough experience to look after a family…I guess it comes with age and a good upbringing…and that salma definitely did get”

Aunty faati:”I was actually quite surprised when aqeel decided to settle down so quick after you know…what happened to him and things..but when he mentioned salma and this family…I knew this time my son had chosen the right path…”

Me:”definitely aunty faati…I’m not telling you this cos salmas my friend…but if things work out for the better inshallah…you’ll really have one great daughter in law..”

Salma gave me big eyes..but I just ignored her and continued adding my 2 cents inbetween salmas mum and aunty faatis was fun watching salma turn all different shades of

We all chatted in the lounge for a while and I helped salma bring the savouries,treats and tea to the dining room while ismail helped salmas brother to take the mens platters to the lounge..shame it was good of him…ismail is usually quite lazy when it comes to helping around with these kind of things..

Aunty faati:(looking at her watch)…”shouldn’t salma and aqeel get some time now to speak to eachother?its getting abit late and we don’t want to trouble you people so late..”

Salma:”(returning with a shock from her day dream)..huh?..err…jee..err…okay”

Salmas mum got up to call salmas father to tell him that aqeel and salma can get talking for abit…

It was arranged that they’ll have their little ‘sort of private’ chat in the open planned kitchen where it wasn’t completed secluded as it would be totally impermissable for them to be alone in a completely closed off room…

Nabi(S.A.w) always discouraged a man and woman to be alone…..even if it was with the intention of nikaah…the 3rd person is always shaytaan and anything can take place…

So here they were sitting in view of the ladies but still private enough to discuss what was necessary…

I remember once hearing that the saint junaid baghdadi(R.A) mentioned to the effect that even if he was alone in the same room as rabia basriah(R.A) who was one of the most pious women of her time…then too he wouldn’t want to be left alone as even in that case shaytaan was the 3rd…and shaytaans main idea in life is to deviate us and turn us against Allah..this is what shaytaan promises…and he kept to his promise from the day he deviated adam(A.S) and hawa and was kicked out of jannah…

Its quite sad to see how shaytaan has been so successful in his promise..we find that people have strayed completely from the path of Allah…we find men and women alone in so many instances and their famous words are:”our hearts are clean, we have no evil intentions”…

Its only shaytaan that makes us believe that our hearts are clean…if nabi(S.A.W)..who had the purest of hearts, never dared to be left alone with a woman…who are we to say that its fine for us…?

The last time we went for counselling, ismail was busy with payment and told me to go down to the car in the meantime..I was the only lady in the lift with another guy…It felt so inappropriate and pathetic…imagine if we had to get stuck in this lift all alone….my insides were turning just at the thought of it and I made a mental note never to go into an elevator alone ever again…

Anyway…so…back to what I’m supposed to be telling you all about in the first place…what you all have been so eager to hear about…salma and aqeels wonderfully eventful conversation…

Authors note:
Maaf for not posting yesterday..terribly busy weekend but will try to post an extra one later today if I can inshallah to cover up for yesterday…

Quick shout out:
Please do check out the following link aswel…its a short story of many more..


12 thoughts on “part 124:

  1. Sister A. says:

    OoOoh! At last da party startd. Poor Salma is a bag of nerves. Aqeel’s mom sounds lyk a nyc person. Can’t wait 4 da convo bet Aqeel & Salma. Importnt point made abt da impermissability of ghair mahrams being alone & da 3rd 1 present being shaytaan.

  2. A says:

    جزاك الله خيرا for taking tym out of ur bz schedule to post for us
    Salma a bag of nerves…. Good sign n seems aunty Fati also likes her, can’t wait for the convo btwn Salma n Aqeel
    Also جزاك الله خيرا for highlighting the fact that no matter how pious but if a male n female non mahrams are together, the third is Shaytaan
    Get ur things ready sister in Islam n sister A. Fay needs us to go help

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Salma n her butterflies !!!!!! All for Aqeel …….
    Hmmm savouries … Yummeeeee !!!! ‎​=))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_‎​​

    Aww Salma da blushing bride 2 b ‎​​إنشاءالله
    And way2 go Faaiza !!! Puttin in a good word wid Aunty Faati …. She seems like a lovely lady tooo ….

    All the best Salma !!!! Waiting for the convo ..
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  4. sister/in/islam says:

    @ A … I’m ready … But gettin abit nervous also – need bakup !!!!! Plz let’s go quickly b4 dey leve …. We need to b part of the action….. Come come Sister A – u 2

  5. zana says:

    Oooh salma got butterflies and so nervous. She has been thru so many and this is the 1st time she is feeling nervous.
    Sister in islam im ready when u are lol

    Aqeels mum is quite excited. Aunty faati we also so excited

  6. sister/in/islam says:

    Zana , A n Sister A … Ur’l better taste dese samoosa’s quickly ( b4 Mrs S comes ) – dey devine …… Waiting for the pies to cool abit b4 I take a bite *wink*

  7. Ummiraqs786 says:

    Jazakallah u are too good I am enjoying the Blog sometimes we havta be reminded abt certain things and I have learnt a lot wen my phn beeps there’s a smile on my face more2 read yay

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