part 120:

Salmas point of view:

I was exhausted…physically,emotionally and mentally….I got into the house and after performing my esha salaah I went straight to sleep….I don’t even know what time my parents returned from rustenburg…I was in a deep sleep

I woke up just in time for fajr…I rushed with my wudhu and prayed my fajr half asleep…and then jumped straight back into bed….when I finally felt well rested, I checked the time on my phone which lay next to me…

It was already 10:30am…….gosh!but I was honestly in no mood for today….I wasn’t in the mood to see anyone or speak to anyone..I just wanted to be alone…I wanted to let out all that I was feeling inside…

I was tired of being the crazy bubbly person I always was….I just wanted to lay in bed and cry…why was my life this way?was I going to live in my parents home till I’m old and grey?was I going to hear what a loser I was for turning down so many proposals for the rest of my life?

Maybe I was too fussy!maybe I shouldve just accepted any of those hideous proposals…atleast today I wouldn’t be sitting where I am…I wouldn’t be alone while every family member, friend and even colleagues are all settled with kids….

I still had my phone in my hand and I realised that I was so lethargic last night that I forgot to reply to aqeels message…

Anyway…too bad…I won’t!no point getting too close to the guy and going back on the same road of being dumped on the side again…

I sighed heavily and decided that I had to get out of bed at some point..besides, I was starving…oh my word..I didn’t even have supper last night….that’s bad….for me, who can’t live without food…my last meal was lunch yesterday..

I got out of bed and slipped a sameera kaftan over my pj’s….I don’t like to walk around in my pj’s infront of my brother and father and I wasn’t blessed with an my brother and I shared a bathroom which was opposite my room…

As I opened my room door, I heard some chatting coming from the lounge/kitchen area….I rushed to the bathroom and did the usual routine of toilet, brushing teeth, freshening up etc and then I headed towards the kitchen to make myself some breakfast…

Daddy:”oh so the bride to be is finally up from her beauty sleep?(Huge grin)”

Me:”daddy…that’s so not funny…(Rolling eyes)…that’s like a ‘dead’ joke”

Mummy and daddy just looked at eachother strangely…

Me:”did everyone have breakfast already?I’m starving, I’m making me a sunnyside up…can I make one for any of you…mummy,daddy?”(Holding up the frying pan)

Mummy:”no no my dear(getting up from her chair)….let me do that for you..why don’t you just relax today…”

I looked at mum really strangely and totally confused….

Mummy:”don’t look at me like that sweety..its your last few hours with us…I want to pamper you…”

Were my parents losing it?goolam just passed away and they’re acting like it all just happened in my dream…I am not psycho…..

I snapped….
Me:”mummy please..its hard enough for me…I know you guys just trying to brighten the situation but please…your craziness is not helping in the least….could you just quit it…for goodness sake..everywhere I damn look there’s wedding things…parcels in the lounge…freaking mithaai in the fridge…….I just open my eyes and my ready packed bags are neatly stacked in the corner of my room…..just stop whatever the hell you guys trying to do to cheer me up….”

Mum and dad gave eachother another one of those strange looks..

Daddy:”so she doesn’t know anything….”

Mummy:”hmm…seems like it”

Before I could scream my lungs out at these ultra weird 2 sitting infront of me , the house phone rang…

Me:”I’ll get it!”

Anything to get away from them right now….



Me:”someones awfully cheerful today….what did you have for breakfast this morning?or did ismail surprise you with something else again”

Fay:”ey sal… can sound abit less grumpy than that……”

Me:”really fay……you the one person I’d expect to atleast understand how I feel.”

Fay:”ofcourse I understand how you feel…..why in the world do you think I’m soooooo over the moon… best friend is finally getting married!!!!!”

Me:”oh nooooooo!!!!!!not you also…..(Putting my face in my hands and closing my eyes out of frustration)….did you all plan this craziness……I am definitely not dreaming….”

I looked at aunty elizabeth that was walking past me with her feather duster…

Me:”aunty elizabeth, please pinch me….am I awake or having a terrible nightmare?”

She just looked at me weirdly…

Fay:”sal….come on….sound a little excited why don’t you…”

Me:”what for faaiza?I was going to get married this weekend and I just returned from my freaking fiances funeral last night…WHAT exactly do you want me to be excited about?”

Faaiza voice turned abit more serious:
“Oh crap…..your parents didn’t yet discuss anything with you…”
She said that more as a statement rather than a question…..

Me:”discuss what with me?”

Fay:”maybe you need to talk them first..I’ll call you later k…see ya”and she cut the call…



45 thoughts on “part 120:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Oooohoooohoooo !!!! They all planning n no1 is telling Salma wats goin on !!!!
    Understandable y we got a late post – all returned late last nite from mayyit ….
    *yawn * – need more sleep !!!!!! ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…

    Hmmm …. So Salma …….. Don’t worry , the weddings stil on …. BUT – to some1 else .

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. zana says:

    Really is there Seriously going to be a wedding. Yippppee. Please let it be aqeel😆
    But how come salma doesn’t know anything.
    Suspense is killing me

  3. a95r says:

    Mistaken identity? It wasn’t Goolam who died????
    Dear Author, pretty plz with a chocolate chip on top, post another one today, plz, plz, plz. Or we’ll all die of suspense and you’ll have so many janazah’s to attend :p

  4. zana says:

    Mrs author what does ismail have to do with all of this coz on the way back from mayet he told salma “not for long though”

  5. A says:

    جزاك الله خيرا for the post, at least Fay was bz organizing Salma’s future, wonder who the groom is going to be, can’t wait for the next post

  6. Binte Ahmed says:

    Nooooooooo,the post was toooo toooo short!!! Plz post another 1 today,plzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    Btw,author,im curious..i was readin other blogs n the commenters were askin where miss silent living was,y her site was deleted,etc..they said the story was really good..wat was it about n how come u stopped half way n deleted the whole site?

    • Silent living was a true story of my life….with all the lessons I myself and others could have learnt from the many mistakes and trials I’d been through…

      When I began the blog, not a single soul knew who I was…I wanted it that way..I never intended for anyone to find out who I was as there were things I’d mentioned about my life that I’d never opened up to anyone about before..and I didn’t want anyone judging..

      However some family member of mine got to find out who I was…and for fear that everyone might find out about my haunted past, I deleted the site…

      The wonderful family member who found out took it as an opportunity and turned things totally out of proportion, adding in where she found necessary and causing uncalled for havoc in my life….it was a very painful time for me….as accusations were thrown at me…

      But there’s truly wisdom in everything that Allah does…I became a different person through that and realised who’s sincere and who’s not…

      So yeah..that’s a post on its

  7. Sister A. says:

    Now hw can Salma b getin married & not know abt it? Can’t wait 2 hear dis story. Mkin looooootsa دُعاء dat she marries Aqeel. Sister °̩и Islam pls mk dat دُعاء too.

    • sister/in/islam says:

      Defntly Sister A we hav2 make our Haajaat Salaah n wake up for Tahajjud also n make lotsa دعاء for her …. Den we must quickly get our outfits ready cos des no wasting tym !! Dis tym , I’ll fetch U Sister A n we’l go 2gether ……

      • Hey…..the truck….we all going in the truck…and ur outfits supposed to be ready…what kind of a delayed indian are you vecoming sister?eish!now stop panchaating and go sit on the dressmakers brains

  8. umme says:

    Well …… We will just have to wait until tomorrow to see who’s gonna be the groom. I’m hoping its Aqeel thou.

  9. Faati... says:

    Patiently awaiting the nxt post
    suspence !!!
    We Got to make sabr for now, until tomorrow, since we make so much Shukar for a post everyday Alhamdulilah

    Yay weding!!
    #hope its Aqeel Inshallah

  10. rooksana says:

    Yeyeyeye. Its morning. Cnnt wait 4 da post.
    I wonder who salma is gtn married 2 is it aqeel or sum1 else hmmmm
    I hope I’m invited 4 da wedding salma.

  11. Sister A. says:

    Da sun has risen. Read my Haajat, Tahajjud & md loootsa دُعاء. Hopin Salma’s not gona let Aqeel dwn now. ɪ̇Ƒ she does he’s gona b heartbroken & sis iIslam, Ʋ & I ωɪℓℓ ђåvέ 2 go & console him. I spk 2 him & he’s anxiously awaitin a positiv reply frm Salma. I’m waitin wid fingers crossed.

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