part 117:


A young girl began reciting surah yaaseen aloud….and everyone was quiet again…its not very often that you hear women reciting in a melodious manner….but this young girls voice was so mashallah….I made my heart yearn to make my kids haafithul quraan(ones who memorise the quraan)….I would love for raadiya aswel to read so beautifully..

Nabi(s.a.w) is reported to have said to hazrat abu musa al ash’ari (R.A) once whilst he was reciting the quraan that you have been given a mizmar(sweet melodious voice) out of the mizmars of prophet dawood (A.S)….(Bukhari and muslim)

This young girl read with clarity and every letter could be heard…she pronounced every word with proper tajweed(rules of reciting) beautiful the quraan sounds when it is recited in the correct manner…

Its like I had this urge to rush home and get my children started, unfortunately I wasn’t blessed enough…shukr I had been to madressah and learnt to read fluently and my ustaadhs taught me all the tajweed rules…but I wasn’t fortunate enough to memorise the quraan, apart from the few surahs that we read in our salaah and surah yaaseen and kahaf etc….

Once she was done reciting yaaseen, she immediately began making dua for the deceased…she began reciting some masnoon(sunnah) duas in arabic and then went on to making a special dua in english…

Young girl:”oh Allah, grant the marhoom fogiveness, grant that his qabr(grave) be filled with noor…grant that his grave is amongst the gardens from the gardens of paradise, and not a pit from amongst the pits of jahannam….oh Allah, he has been martyred, grant him the stage of martyrdom…..let him be from amongst those who became shaheed in your path….yaa Allah, grant the family strength to accept this loss…grant everyone hidayah by means of his demise…….”

She continued for some time….you could actually hear the sincerity in her voice….she cried throughout her dua and left every person crying thereafter….I didn’t want her to stop…

Once she had completed the dua, strangely there was no fish market…everyone seemed so calm…..

Until someone came to call everyone to the garage to go and eat….everyone started to move toward the garage..salma and I continued sitting in the lounge…

We didn’t come to eat, we came to offer condolences and pray for the marhoom….

The food at a mayyit is permissable for those who come from far to attend……but it becomes such a major party when even people of the locality begin eating at a mayyit house….and then the remarks about how the food was cooked…how the mutton was still so raw and there was no salt in the food…

Really?you’re getting free food where you’re not even supposed to be eating, yet you find it necessary to complain about it?

when the news of the martyrdom of Hazrath Ja’far (R.A.) was received, Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) instructed the Sahaaba (R.A.) to serve food for his family, since due to their grief they would not be able to pay attention to the preparation of food, etc. (Tirmizi).
To send food for the family of the deceased eases their difficulty but To gather at their home and place the burden of serving food to everybody adds to their grief.

After the janazah salaah, ismail messaged…
“Slmz babes… ready!on my way to fetch you…”

Me:”ismails on his way, you’re coming with me?or your mum and them?”

Salma:”I’m exhausted…and there’s no need to stay any longer…before it gets hectic for me…I’ll come with you….let me just find my mother and tell her we’re leaving…”

Me:”alright….we should greet aunty saabira also…”

Salma found her family and told them we were leaving and then we greeted aunty saabira…

Salma:”(to aunty S)…let us know if you need anything at all”

Aunty S:”jazakallah my poppy….I’m so sorry that this has’re such a wonderful young lady…and you wouldve made such a wonderful daughter in law…but Allah knows wasn’t meant to be…”

Salma:”jee ofcourse….but that doesn’t mean we’ll forget were almost family and we’re still there for you whenever you need us..”

Aunty S:”can I ask you for one favour bachu(my child)?”

Salma:”jee sure…anything!”

Aunty S:”if you get any good proposals, don’t hold’re a lovely girl..and don’t waste anytime at all….don’t feel down about goolam, and I know you’ll feel like its too soon, but alhamdulillah you people were not married as yet….and nabi(s.A.W) said to the effect that we shouldn’t delay with nikaah…there’s no reason to my bachu….get married and fulfill the other half of your imaan…we won’t feel bad..infact we’ll be happy for you…you deserve the best for accepting my goolam after all he’s been through…”

Salma:(hugging aunty S)”jazakallah so much…you have no idea what those words mean to me”

My phoned beeped with an sms:
Ismail:”babes come out quickly before the rest of the men all come and start crowding this place..”

Salma and I greeted aunty S and walked outside…we jumped in the car and were on our way home…

Salma:”I can’t stop thinking about how sweet this woman is fay…..she just lost her son but she’s worried about me and my future….”

Me:”yeah…she is sweet….and she’s so strong…”

Salma:”I wish my mother was as encouraging as her…gosh! My mother really drives me bananas and after this she’s just going to start again with all her crap….”

Ismail:”not for long though….”

Huh?what did ismail mean?he was quiet till now and then out of the blue passes a comment like that?lol…weird!



27 thoughts on “part 117:

  1. sista says:

    Awww – wat a wonderful woman Aunty Sabira is – and also such a pillar of strenght !!!!
    And so true – dey were not yet married so she can get married Soooooon sooon !!!! And des some1 waiting patiently for her *wink*

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww – wat a wonderful woman Aunty Sabira is – and also such a pillar of strenght !!!!
    And so true – dey were not yet married so she can get married Soooooon sooon !!!! And des some1 waiting patiently for her *wink*

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  3. zana says:

    Ameen to the beautiful dua
    There is always so many stories when people go to mayets. When its time to eat you hear the dunyas stories.
    Ismail over protective of faaiza. But its so good other men don’t worry who there wives speak to or pass
    Aqeel coming to propose for salma

    For every dream in your heart Allah gives you inspiration. For every hope you seek Allah gives you unexpected miracles. May you feel Allah’s blessings everyday. May Allah accept our Duas and bless us all with good health, peace & Happiness ameen

  4. a95r says:

    Aqeel!!! What’s going to happen….
    Aunty saabira is such a wonderful person. Her son just passed away and yet she’s worried about her ex-daughter-in-law-to-be. سبحان الله. Deen is wishing well for others. May Allah give us this quality آمين.

  5. yumz says:

    Wow this unty S is just something else hey shs amazingly sweet now I feel bad dt Salma didn’t get 2 be her daughter in law. Mmmmm bt I do like d sound of what Ismail said. And about starting a new page I think its a lovely idea I for 1 dnt know Tђε meanin of certain words n stf n 2 мέ ths page will help 2 broaden not jus mine but inshaAllah everyones islamic knowledge.

    • Hmmmm….she wouldve been a really nice mum in law….

      Shukr…hope it will benefit us all inshallah….so do check out the new pages as I’ll update as often as possible inshallah…

  6. anon says:

    So sad!
    Yes !i also lossed a brother,but in an unfortunate car accident,we also had to inform his future wife to move on…ALHAMDULILLA,Allah swt granted us all lots of sabr….I’m not saying it’s easy,but if Allah wills for something to happen it certainly will….
    It can happen to anyone at anytime,death comes without a warning…

    • Aww shame..that is so sad…but that was so good of you guys….so you see people like aunty saabira do exist ;)….

      Ofcourse its hard to lose someone near to you…I can’t say I know what it feels like…may Allah make it easy for you all..and grant your brother the highest stages of jannatul firdous inshallah..

  7. @-}-- says:

    Aww wat a sweet mum inlaw she would of made….
    But isnt the dua of hazrat umme salma ra will get salma better inshAllah…
    Mayb Aqeel Mayb not…wink


      Do the same for any part you looking for…

      Or use the arrows on the side of the page to navigate through posts..

      Let me know if you don’t come right

  8. A says:

    SubhanALLAH! What beautiful words of encouragement to get our children to do Hifdh n recite in a melodious tone
    Aunty Sabira is a very big hearted person n she really is sweet for telling Salma to carry on with her life bcoz they were not married
    Don’t worry Sal, Aqeel is waiting for u *wink*

  9. sister/in/islam says:

    Errrm Mrs Author !!!! I need some help *hide* …….
    I can’t seem to find the inspirations page – the only 1 I can get is the previous post that tells abt it !!!! So sorry for trblin n being so dumb *beaten up face *
    I’m chekin from my phone ……… جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚
    Make me معاف

    • Lol….right at the top of the page there are 3 circles…one red, then light red then blue…click on the first one…that will give u a list of the pages I have..youl find inspirations in there..let me know if u don’t cum ryt…

      You’re not dumb…lol…I wouldn’t hav known either if it wasn’t my blog

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