part 115


A quite plump but tall lady stood at the door reading the note that said no naa mahrams allowed in the room where the mayyit is…

She had this angry look on her face…

Lady:”(in a rough and haughty voice)what nonsense is this?who put this rubbish here?I am goolams aunty…his fathers brothers wife and this is how I’m treated?I’m not allowed to sit near my nephews body and make dua..?”

Aunty S:”calm down rashida!please don’t make a scene here….it was always my goolams wishes to carry out his mayyit as islam wishes us to…please don’t cause such a commotion at my sons mayyit”

Lady:”your son your son! He was also my nephew..I took him like my own son….and now you telling me this nonsense?I don’t care what you say…I’m going in and nobody stop me!”

With that she rudely shoved aunty saabira one side and went into the room…

Aunty saabira just shook her head and walked away…

I felt so embarrassed for her sake..what is wrong with that woman?does she not realise the importance of following the shari’ah(laws) of islam? I felt like getting up and dragging her not only out of that room but out of this house..but considering her size, I should rather just keep my thoughts to myself..

How can a naa mahram ever sit in the same room?even though she was the aunty..she was not blood related..she was not regarding as a mahram to goolam…

A mans mahrams are his mother ofcourse and his mothers and fathers sisters, his grandmothers and great grandmothers, his own sisters, his brothers and sisters daughters and granddaughters…and that’s about it…

And for a woman….the same in the opposite direction…which is:her father, grandfathers, great grandfathers, brothers, brothers and sisters sons and grandsons…

We fail to realise that our cousins and uncles wives are not our mahrams in any possible way….nowadays there are no limits regarding mahram and naa mahram….

We find cousins hugging eachother like there’s nothing wrong with it..shaking of hands with your auntys husbands or uncles wives(for men) is totally haraam….

It just shows that once you’re deceased if the sin of sitting near naa mahrams are so grave…can we only imagine what a major sin it is while we’re alive?

We often hear the comment…”Oh please!he’s only my cousin….”

Do we not realise that in nabi(S.A.W)’s time, it was a common practice to marry in the family…and such a law hasn’t been eradicated as generations went by….

We can’t change the laws of islam saying I have no evil intentions….we are insaan(humans) after all…we are born to err….we are not angels..we are not perfect…and shaytaans greatest mission is to get us to follow him into jahannam….

By the looks of it, shaytaan has created quite a large community to enter with him…may Allah save us…

Aunty saabira returned with goolams father…his eyes were red, as if he was crying a lot…I guess not everyone can be as strong as aunty saabira…and just to think of it, the other day we were talking about the importance of good names and how its meaning have an effect on people…

Saabira means one who has patience….and most definitely her name has made her one of great patience…she seems to be the pillar of her family…

Uncle shabeer entered the room and gently closed the door behind him…I was expecting a major fight to errupt….but after about 10 minutes the plump aunty barged out of the room and out of the house…she was gone!I shouldve wished for something else lol….

Sometimes we have to say things like it is..if people feel offended, that’s their problem….we rather offend a human being, than offending Allah ta’aalah by disobeying his commands…

After the men all returned from esha they entered the house and went into the room where the body was held….

All the women had to move to one side as there were so many men coming in…salma and I chose the furthest corner of the lounge to sit so that we wouldn’t be anywhere near the men, while some women purposely wouldn’t move away…

What was it with these women?was it some kind of show that they needed first row seats?gosh…I don’t think I should attend funerals in future…I’ll just get myself all worked up and frustrated…

It just all reminded me so much of mum and dad…their mayyit was actually so much more peaceful than this..or maybe I just hadn’t noticed all the commotion because I was so deep in emotion about losing them….and a tear spontaneously dropped out of my eye…..



14 thoughts on “part 115

  1. A says:

    It’s so true that when someone is told u need to make purdah from ur cousins n aunty’s husbands bcoz they not ur mahrams the first thing u told is but u grew up in front if them
    An Aalim so beautifully said we don’t need to go forward with the times but we need to go backwards 1400 yrs to get the pure islam as practiced by Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم n his beloved companions رضي الله عليهم أجمعين

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    Absolutely pertinent points – ‎​​​جزاك الله ……. How ppl can just disrespect the immediate families requests ….. Its so terrible , n soo common .
    Defntly meanin of names hav an effect on the character of a person …
    Shaytaan is everyready – waitin for us to start a fight – even @ a funeral !!!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  3. Shabana says:

    Asalaamu’Alaikum. Jazakallah for the post, I’ve learnt a lot from it.
    I feel that that there’s so much negative emphasis on mayyits these days, that mayyits come across as a big dreaded event that always leaves people judging others and having a lot to say about how people acted, what they said etc.
    That is, in fact, totally wrong on our side. The amount of gibhat and judging that takes place after a mayyit is probably worse than the sins that take place at the mayyit house itself.
    It’s been a while since I’ve heard about the rewards of supporting the grieving family, or the blessings that Allah sends down, our duas are qubool in the presence of the angels that are around that day. Instead of focusing on ourselves and praying for the deceased, we’re too busy judging those around us.
    Quite frankly, I’ve never been to a mayyit where disrespect, gossip or commotion has taken place.

    • Wslm…where have you been?haven’t seen a comment from you in glad to see a comment from you…

      Really?you haven’t been to a mayyit like that?shukr for that….

      Jx for the comment….you just gave me some inspiration for the next post. 😉

  4. sister/in/islam says:

    Sister A !!! Where r U ????? I’ve lost u in this crowd ….. (Hope u not gone bak 2 the kitchen for seconds !! *sticking tongue out*)

    • Slmz..they weren’t in the same room…they were in the larger lounge as mentioned in the previous post…the mayyit was kept in a seperate room where the door was closed…..:)

  5. Sister A. says:

    Imptnt. Points well covered sister.
    Sister °̩и Islam I lost Ʋ °̩и da crowd. Went 2 perform 2 rakaats nafl Salaah wen da Janaaza left & den I cudnt find Ʋ. On my way 2 find Mrs. Silent Living & den goin 2 da car. Meet мε der & don’t 4get 2 bring da kheer pot wid Ʋ.
    Things r quite hectic on my side at da moment dats y I’m takin long 2 comment. Mk دُعاء ӑℓℓ goes well. Huggs & kisses.

    • sister/in/islam says:

      Awww !! May اللَّهُ make everything extremely easy for u and answer all ur good دعاء. – ‎​​​آمين

      Rmb us in دعاء also

  6. Binte Ahmed says:

    Very pertinent points mentioned author!! these things r so common in our society nowadays,esp the mahram issue..every1 thinks theyr “jst family” so wats the big deal..jzk for pointin out the actual mahrams,at least ppl can learn from it.. Keep up the good work author..ur blog n journey in a journal r very islamically inspiring,n I love them!!! Allah accept us all for the work of deen..ameenXxX

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