part 104:

So finally here’s the very long awaited part 104…

Salmas point of view:

So I decided to pay fay a visit and fill her in about all the happenings in my life….she’s really going through a lot this year….and I just wanted to be there for her and give her a good rest….that’s why I’ve pushed my petty issues aside for more than a week now…

But I’m bursting and I need her opinion on this before I go ahead and do my own thing….fay has always been so supportive of me, and of everyone infact….she’s the type of person that has a good thought about everyone and always gives the best advice…..

When everyone looks down upon me for being so old and not yet married, fay has never made me feel stupid or like something was wrong with me….she’s always given me courage….

Its really tough living in a predominantly indian community and I totally understand where my mothers coming from at times…because even though I don’t give a damn about what people say….my mother ends up getting the 3rd degree about why her daughters still not married….

Then people started making rumours that I probably had some kind of sickness and that’s why no-one wants to marry me….then some people said I was bi-polar…..then some said that I had someone in mind and that’s why I was turning so many good proposals down…

I mean the frustration every single time I would go to a function just because people couldn’t just have a descent conversation with me without asking me when was ‘the big day’….

Like how the hell am I supposed to know?I could ask some of them the same question….whens the big day for them?when are they going to ‘kick the bucket’?but I’m just not nasty like that so I just choose to now skip most functions unless they’re really really unskippable…..if you know what I mean….lol

Anyway so fay has been quite supportive…she’s an optimist…and I love her outlook on life…I mean if you look at the things this poor woman has gone through in her life…and she still comes out smiling every single time……I really cannot understand that..I even asked her a few times if she was human?lol….because a human being cannot possibly withstand so much in one lifetime….but I truly can learn a lot from her….she’s my strength and that’s why I need her right now….

To help me decide if the choice I’m about to make is the right one or not….

I explained my entire situation to her….

After I’d left faaiza the other day, I decided to sit my parents down and explain to them what I’d found out about goolam…..

To say that they were shocked was an understatement……they were first very angry…..and then once mum cooled down, she changed her mind and said that its all a scam from my side..that it was another excuse to say no….that I’ve tried all the excuses in the book and now this was the only thng left….(Rolling eyes)…typical mum for you… father convinced my mother to give goolams mother a call and confront her about it….and so she did….

I must give it to mummy for handling the situation so well…she wasn’t rude or anything….she didn’t even give my answer as no…she just politely asked if what we had heard was the truth…and the fact that they didn’t deny it….was enough for us to respect them….

Other people would lie and hide the whole thing after they’d been caught out..but here they were admitting that their son was homosexual….however…there were a few parts that they classified as just rumours and asked us to give them a fair chance to explain it all….

They sent a reputable aalim from their locality, who contacted an aalim from our community who was very good friends with my daddy….the 2 aalims asked to come home and have a meeting where I should be present aswel…

“Why did I have to get myself involved in all of this…..?.oh great!” I thought…

Well the 2 ulamah, myself, my dad and brother all sat in the lounge where we discussed the entire matter…what they mentioned to me on that night really changed everything for me……


18 thoughts on “part 104:

  1. a95r says:

    This post is blank.
    Author, did you perhaps change the browser that you using? Because if you did, that might be the problem. Because on my phone, I have 2 browsers and wordpress account doesn’t work properly on one. Just thought of that.

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    Ooooh beloved author – u r silent – but I hope u r living !!!! And I also hope that forever a mess-up is not messed up forever ……. ‎ إنشاءالله
    ‎ آمين

    Stil makin lotsa دعاء for u !!!

  3. I’m quite annoyed and I’ve tried everything…unfortunately I’ll just have to wait until it sorts itself out..I’m so soryy people…

    I’ll continue writing posts though so that whenever it does get sorted I’ll post a whole lot one time…

    If it doesn’t get sorted I’ll try to start a new blog and continue from where I left off…

    Pls make maaf and make dua it gets sorted…Allah has a reason and wisdom behind everything :)))

    • sister/in/islam says:

      Yesss !!! Des Khair in everything … And اللَّهُ thru’ His divine wisdom only knows why things happen …. We’l all just make دعاء it come right – quickly – ‎​إنشاءالله
      آمين يا رب العالمين

      Take care – n don’t stress too much !!!! Anyway – Faiza needs her rest too , we don’t wanna trble her too much …….. ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…

      And جزاك اللهُ خيراً for trying so much …..

  4. A says:

    Hope everything works out for u sister bcoz I’m missing ur posts
    There is khair n good in everything
    Btw maybe someone hacked ur wordpress account( just a thought)
    Maybe u should try contacting WordPress n ask them to assist u
    May الله allow everything to be sorted out quickly ان شاء الله

  5. Sister A. says:

    Definately ders khair °̩и evrything. °̩и the meantym peeps jus press da Sabr button & mk دُعاء that dis blog gets sorted out soon.

  6. WOW says:

    U not the onlt one having. A problem with. WordPress I came along another blog today that also stated she was having problems with wordpress, so I’m sure its a problem on there. Inshallah it will be fixed soon. We all learning some sabr in the mean time. Looking forward to the lotsa posts at once.

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