part 102:



Me:”oh..shame….how will we pay him back..its a lot of money…”


Ismail:”he doesn’t want it….I told him I’ll give it back to him…I can pay him a little every month…but he doesn’t want to hear anything about it….”


During the afternoon visiting hours they only allowed 2 people at a time…dada and dadi came with the kids….it was so good to see them…they were so sad…and teared when I hugged them….I told them I’ll be okay and that I’ll be home tomorrow morning…


Dada insisted that once I get discharged, ismail needs to work on a proper medical aid for us…its very important these days…its a necessity in south africa…medical expenses cost a fortune otherwise, leaving a person broke at the end of it all….its either you have medical aid or they leave you to die unfortunately..


I always think of other countries where important things like education and hospitals are free….and yet they’re given the best education and medical attention…


Salma also came to see me….but we didn’t have much time to chat…she said that whatevers going on in her life is not that important right now…I need time to rest and stop stressing about everyone…


Its true….for once I feel like I just want to switch off…too much has been happening lately….I need to stop worrying about everyone..I need time for myself for a change..I can’t see myself losing my child….I have to do everything in my power to ensure its well looked after….inevitably its what Allah decides but its up to me to make the effort…


I obviously can’t over do things and not listen to the doctor and still expect my baby to survive and be okay..


Once I was discharged dadi wouldn’t hear anything..she made sure I stay put in bed…she cooked and seen to everything, even the kids…she even brought the food up to my room….


I was getting quite edgy though..I wasn’t used to being pampered so much and I definitely wasn’t used to just sleeping the whole day…


Shukr the medication was quite strong so there wasn’t much pain….and the person I am, not used to medication either was knocked out for most of the time..I felt rather guilty for not seeing to my own kids and hubby….


By the weekend the whole town and all of my relatives had heard what had happened and the house was crammed with visitors..salma was a great help…she was around most of the time helping dadi to make tea and dishing out bowls of dessert etc for the visitors…


I didn’t mind the visitors though…you never know who’s duas may help….everybody has things to do in their daily lives…and yet they take out the time from their busy schedule to pay me a visit….how can I be so ungrateful and get fed-up of them….its those very sincere duas and support that they bring that could possibly be a means of good health and prosperity for myself and baby…


It was so heart warming to see everyone again…its been too long since I’ve seen some of the people…we all laughed and somehow I felt so much better and didn’t have the time to actually think of what I’ve really been through…


At the end of the weekend the house was back to normal…everyone had been to visit besides my inlaws…


Me:”(talking to ismail)did you tell your family what happened?”




Me:”hmmm as in?you did?or you didn’t?”




Wonder what’s with his one word answers…


Me:”err..sooo…did you call them?or just sent a message?”




Me:”oooh kay!who did you call?”




I kept quiet……


Me:”whatsup babes?”




Me:”babes?what’s. Wrong?

9 thoughts on “part 102:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Eish man,faaizas inlaws r monster inlaws!!! I mean they dnt even care that shes sick or anythin..wonder y ismail is actin weird,mayb more pressure from his witchy mother..

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​الحمد لله
    @least its not soo bad n she’s been restin …….
    So good of Aqeel to giv the money – good friends like this are hard 2 find – اللَّهُ blesses ppl like this !!!
    Now I wonder wats up ????!!!! Hmmmmm …………. Suspense suspense !!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  3. Nafissa says:

    Theres so much gng on in Faaizas life…really hectic!
    Its totally awful 2b in bed during ur pregnancy
    gosh!”those of us who went thru knows”

  4. rooksana says:

    Hmmm ws rite ismail ask aqeel 4 da money.
    Hmmm wonder y ismail being soo weird ?????wonder wat his moda had 2 say abt dis.

  5. Sister A. says:

    Aqeel’s a gud frend. Don’t get many lyk him dese days. Faaiza is always sacrificing herself 4 others. This is ﷲ’s way of forcing her 2 rest. There’s khair °̩и evrything dat happens even though da circumstances r not always pleasant. As 4 Ismail’s mother, she always spoils his mood wen she spks 2him. Nothing new. She probably gav him flak abt Faaiza wen she heard abt wat hapen. Will wait & c.

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