part 100:

Dr:”the good news is that you were pregnant with twins again…..”


Me:”really?but that’s strange….howcome my gp didn’t pick that up on the scan?”


Dr:”because unfortunately my dear…only one of the twins were in your uterus…”


Me:”what do you mean?I don’t understand”


Dr:(sigh)”have you ever heard of an ectopic pregnancy?”


Me:”an ec what?(Confused)….err..noo…what’s that?”


Dr:”well in short an ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs outside the most cases in the fallopian tubes…”


Me:”wow..can that really happen?”


Dr:”well you are an example that it can….but the problem is that its life threatening to the mother and the baby can never survive…surgery is required immediately once it is discovered…”


Me:”that still doesn’t explain how my gp only found one..sorry but I’m not understanding you very well…”


Dr:”ok so she probably seen the one and was content that there is a heartbeat and that everything looked good…not realising that you were pregnant with 2….the fetus in the womb seems fine for now…however your bleeding excessively means that you’ve just miscarried the other one…the ectopic one…on your own…there would be no need to take you in for a laproscopy…but….”


Me:”oh no…this is so much to take in and there’s still more buts?(I felt like crying)…”


dr:”I’m so sorry my dear….but you’re going to need to be extremely careful for the rest of your pregnancy because the risk of you miscarrying the other one is very high….I don’t mean to scare you but statistics show that 90% of the time the twin doesn’t survive because of many reasons….we will have to do more tests and put you on some medication that won’t be harmful to your baby…and also take you into theatre to make sure that you haven’t hemorrhaged internally but you’re not allowed any strenuous work at all and as much bed rest as possible thereafter….atleast for the first few months of your pregnancy..until things are much stronger…..”


Ismail just walked in at that moment…..I didn’t know what to say to him…I didn’t know how to explain all this to him…..would he change the way he feels towards me?will he blame me for whatevers happened?


Dr:”hi…you must be the husband?I’m dr jade white”


Ismail:”hi…yes that’s correct…is everything okay?(Looking at the dr and then came to kiss me on my cheek) are you feeling my love?is everything okay?”


After explaining to a very confused ismail everything in detail the doctor left…she needed me to be admitted and stay over the night and tomorrow morning after they’ve taken me in to see what’s going on internally, she would decide if I could be discharged or not….


Me:”I’m sorry baby….”


Ismail:”hey!how can you say that?its not your fault…this is Allahs way of working things okay and atleast we have 1 little angel that’s going to be as strong as its mummy and fight its way into this world inshalah….and the other one will be waiting for us in jannah inshallah…”


Ismail was so right….all the little kids who passed away in infancy or before they were even born will all intercede on behalf of their parents on the day of qiyaamah(last day)….and these children will be with hazrat ibrahim(A.S) in jannah as that is what nabi(S.A.W) had seen in a dream and we know that the dreams of prophets are infact a reality…


The Prophet (S.A.W) has said: “If a child passes away, Allah says to His Angels, ‘Did you take the soul of My servant’s child?’ And the Angels would say, ‘Yes’. Thereupon Allah would say to them, ‘Did you take away the apple of his/her heart?’ ‘Yes,’ the angels would reply. Then Allah asks them, ‘And what did my servant say?’ And the Angels would say: ‘He/she has thanked You and committed all his/her affairs to You.’ Then Allah would say: ‘Then build a house in Paradise for My servant and name it the “House of Thankfulness.” (At-Tirmidhi)


so who am I to be sad for such an advantage?I should be thankful to Allah…not only has he granted us a free entry into jannah, he has also granted me ease after a difficulty as he promises..which is that my one baby was surviving still after the one had been taken away…..


Now its upto us to show our gratitude to Allah for all that he’s bestowed upon us….I have to make sure I become a better muslim and fulfill all my duties to Allah…




Because I’ve reached part 100…I will try my best to give you another post today….


My next few goals are:

*to reach 200 followers

*to reach 80 000 views

*to reach 2000 comments(I have 1743 comments at the moment)

*to get new followers from a different country other the following:

-south africa



-new zealand






-russian federation



-saudi arabia







(Btw thanx to all you readers in these awesome parts of the world)


14 thoughts on “part 100:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه
    U’ve reached 100 posts !!!!!! May اللَّهُ take u from strenght to strenght – use u for the service of the deen n make u continue 2 inspire us all wid knowledge – ‎​​​آمين
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. A says:

    Mubaarak to u for having reached 100 posts. Also جزاك الله خيرا. For all the beautiful lessons that u share in each of ur posts n all the Ahaadeeth n rewards from الله
    May الله take u n ur blog from strength to strength آمين

  3. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه a 100 posts. No doubt, wen ﷲ puts a person thru any test °̩и lyf & dat person xcercises Sabr at da tym of difficulty, ﷲ will reward da person greatly. May ﷲ grant us all da quality of Sabr ​آمِيْن.

  4. Mashallah congratulations on achieving your 100 post. May Allah Ta’aala continue to bless you abundantly with this blog. Lovely life lessons to be learnt daily through our beautiful deen.

  5. rooksana says:

    100post alhumdulillah. Yippeee well done author. Keep it up.
    After ever difficulty der is always ease. Allah test wenever we want n whoever he want. At aytym at ay place. Allah no wat is best 4 u

  6. zana says:

    100 posts ماشاء الله
    Jazakallah for 100 awesome posts enjoyed every single one of them
    At least faaiza is ok. She can have enough rest. Thank goodness she is not living with hef in laws anymore. They wouldn’t have cared what was happening to her and would have just made work.

  7. Mariam Choonara says:

    this is such a wonderful post it has given me hope tht 1day i meet my 3 angels in jannah ameen
    ive been tru 3 miscarriages n still trying after 5 yrs of marriage bt ALLAH is al knowing so inshallah my time will come as well…..and inshallah with twins:)

    Mashallah u have reached 100 post n every single one of thm become my favorite may u reach all ur goals

    jzk 4 all ur inspiring words it really helps with outlook on life

    keep it up!!!!!!!

  8. sister in islam says:

    MashaAllah. I love this blog. U realy talented . love how the story goes n u incorporate deen in every aspect that u can. Beautiful way of spreadn deen. Keep it going. Luv n duaa

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