part 98:


This post is an extra post just because I’ve reached 70 000 views….jx soooo much to all who support this blog….to all who comment and to all who pass on the news of this blog to others….



I just had the most excruciating abdominal pain…..I couldn’t take it…I was usually a very strong person…I could bare the worst type of pain…what in the world was going on….


Ismail dropped the last prawn he was about to put in his mouth and threw his chair back….


Ismail:”babes!!!!what’s happening?babes?are you okay?”


Riyaad:”mama?mama?what’s wrong?mama?”

And he burst out crying….


The problem was that I was in too much pain to answer anyone…


Ismail instinctively picked me up and carried me upstairs while dadi called the dr…..


Dadi returned to check if I was okay…the pain had somewhat subsided but I desperately needed the loo…I felt so bad that I hadn’t helped dadi to clear up the supper table…


Dadi:”beti dr said you need proper rest and if you feel things are not settling…you should go straight to the hospital..but call her first so that she can also come and see what’s going on…”


Dadi left the room and ismail helped me to the bathroom…..he didn’t want to leave my side incase I got another attack….


The minute I removed my pants I spotted a large amount of blood…and the worst of it was that it was still flowing out….


Me:”nooo!noo!it can’t be…..(And I started sobbing)”


Ismail:”babes?what happ…”


And he stopped mid sentence when he seen noticed the blood…ismail wasn’t one that could handle these situations…..he started panicking more than me…


Ismail:”babes…err..err….come! Let’s just go! I’m taking you to the hospital…oh sh**!!!err…what must I do…?”


Me:”firstly babes…please!calm down….by you panicking you’re not helping the situation….”


Ismail:”err…err..okay… let me call dadi…”


Me:”no just wait…let me clean up…you just need to do as I say and help me abit..”


After ismail agreed..I tried to get myself cleaned up to the best of my ability…


I reassured the kids that I would be fine and gave dadi the run down quickly of what just happened…she seemed genuinely concerned but tried to hide it so that I could be more at ease leaving the kids in her care….


Ismail rushed me to the Emergency room at our local private clinic….unfortunately we were so out of touch about these things and were given so much of trouble because we needed to put down a rather large sum of money…which ofcourse was impossible….because we honestly didn’t have that extra cash…we hadn’t budgeted for this to happen….


Ismail:”maybe we should just go to the government hospital…..where are we going to get so much of money from?”


Ismail was very stressed out..I could tell…plus it was worse because he hadn’t had a chance to smoke since I had the attack…


Me:”no ways babes! Please! You can’t put me through that again…..theyl just leave me to die there…please phone dada..I know he’ll help us out…please babes…”


Ismail contemplated for a while…I really wasn’t ready to be sent to a public hospital again…these hospitals were so pathetic….people were left dying and crying in pain but the nurses continue as if there’s no rush in the world…..


They are dirty and its just my biggest nightmare…I prayed to Allah that ismail would come to his senses and realise how bad the government hospitals really were and that mine and my babies safety was of utmost importance right now…


I was feeling weaker as the time was going by and I just had a really terrible feeling that something had gone wrong……




Please take note that posting from today till tuesday may be abit irregular…I will try my best to post atleast once a day if I can but please understand if I don’t as I am away on holiday….

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Jx and enjoy the long weekend!


23 thoughts on “part 98:

  1. Faati... says:

    Congrats on ur 70 000 views
    Jazakallah for the extra post*made my day*
    Ouch, this is so sad
    Hope Faeeza will b okay, Not such gud news*sad*
    Shame she’s been threw so much, Hope everything goes wel.. .

  2. FATZ says:

    Doubble post jzkl u rock. Shame I hope she dnt miscary.n ooooh speaking about public hospitals is horrible I have really bad experiance. Wudnt der 2 go dat way. Hope u enjoy ur holiday . Jzkl for the Ω̶ωƹڪ♥мƹ post once again

  3. zana says:

    Oh no. Hope faaiza will be okay. Inshaa-Allah whatever is best her. It must be dp scary going thru something like that.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday. You definitely deserve it for all the awesome writing you have been writing for all of us. Enjoy mwah

    • I really am having a lovely holiday alhamdulillah..I really really needed it….besides posts….life just gets so hectic and sometimes everyone needs a good break from all the hecticness…

  4. a95r says:

    YAllah! Hope she’s OK, plz don’t miscarry. Ismail, wake up! You need to phone Dada and get the money, government hospitals are terrible

  5. Sister A. says:

    Oh Noooo! ! ! Sounds lyk she miscarried. Hp Ismail stops wasting tym & accepts financial help frm Dada. Poor Faaiza’s health is @ risk. جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ƒ☺я another gr8 post. Hav a luvly holiday! Tk care. Njoy da break! XoXo.

  6. Binte Ahmed says:

    Oh no,shame,hope she doesnt miscarry! Wud b a terrible blow for her n ismail..
    Happy holidays author,relax n dont stress bwt posts! Will b waitin but will understand if ur not regular..duasxxx

  7. sister/in/islam says:

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

    Whatever is best for her will happen – اللَّهُ knows best !!

    Dearest Author – may u hav a relaxing holiday – u deserve it !! But I doubt it’l b very peaceful cos u’l miss us tooo much *sticking tongue out*

    Anyway we’l miss u MOR !!!
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚
    Rmb us in ur دعاء ……..
    *beeeg hugs*

  8. zay says:

    Jazakallah for everything ms Author. ({}) 🙂 keep up the good work. I can’t express my gratitude and the happiness wheN she saw it :D. Jazakallah once again 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh no!! Brings back such horrible memories, I had to stay 2 weeks in a govt hospital with my new born, it was terrible!! My husband still told me it was good for me, so I wasn’t pampered and recovered quickly. I hope ismail phones dada for help

    • I no exactly what you mean….its my biggest nightmare…I was in labour with my first child for 5 days in a government hospital but they refused to do anything until I completely dialate…and I wasn’t going to because I needed a caesar….

  10. rooksana says:

    Oooh no????(cnnt watch). Hope fay n baby ok. Plzzz dnt let it me a miscarg.
    Enjoy urslf autor. U desvere it. We will b waiting 4 nxt post.

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