part 97:


This post is dedicated to a very special reader of this blog RUKAIYAH….may Allah grant you all the happiness in both worlds, success in everything that you do, peace and contentment in all matters and a life full of never ending barakah…may you have a wonderful day today and everyday…

This special dedication was requested by your friend Zainab…eNJOy!


No wonder ismail gets so annoyed and wants to fire that silly secretary…..why does she have to draaaaaaag on every word that she says….ugh!annoying…


Ismail never returned my call and since there was just half an hour before he and the kids returned I decided to just wait for him to come home to thank him…


Dadi cooked some lemon garlic butter fish…so I decided to pay ismail back for his kindness…I quickly took out a box of tiger prawns from the freezer and soaked it while I performed my asr…


After completing my asr I busied myself in the kitchen…I sat a pretty table with red and grey serviettes and a red and black table runner….


I cleaned.marinated and fried the prawns peri-peri style…set a lovely salad and made my own concoction of a garlic bread using whatever few slices of bread there was left over..


Dadi:”special occasion today beti?first the flowers and now a pretty table and all this food…?”(Warm smile)


Before I could even reply to dadi, ismail and the kids walked in…..


Ismail:”hmmmm….somethings smelling really divine…I’m starting to get very hungry..”


I was blushing like a new bride…I hugged and kissed the kids who ran upstairs to put away their madressah bags and get out of their madressah clothes…


Once I was sure that I was alone with ismail in the kitchen, I hugged him so tight……


Me:”jazakallah sooooo much my love…”


Ismail:”(shy smile)..for?”


Me:”for the most gorgeous arrangement and for the most deepest words that really touched the most soft spot of my heart…”


Ismail:”you welcome my love….its nothing really compared to the amout of hurt I caused you till now…you are everything to me and I’m going to make it upto you no matter what it takes….”


Me:”no need to my love….its all in the past….I love you…and that’s all that matters….I tried calling you but your phone was off and when I called on the office phone your wonderful(sarcastic) secretary said you busyyyyyy..(Rolling my eyes)”


Ismail:”(laughing)..oh so now you understand my pain?of how I have to deal with her…”(Laugh)


Me:(laugh)”aha…I think she has the hots for you…”


Ismail:”yuck……you should see her to understand….you’re crazy….I have MUcH better taste than that(wink)…..”


Me:”so were you in a meeting or something when I called sweety?”


Ismail:”no! I was busy on a call…that’s why you couldn’t get through on my wasn’t off…(Sigh) was your annoying sister in law…rukaya”


Me:”why?what does she want this time?”


Ismail:”same old rubbish about how long I’m going to live off my inlaws and that family is family and I shouldn’t have so much of pride and blah blah blah….”


Me:”don’t worry about anyone baby….and you’re not living off anyone…you’re working hard to actually get somewhere….all these years we’ve been living off your parents….”


Ismail:”she doesn’t understand what its like to sacrifice and not have hard it was for us to live…..she has everything of the best….while her husband is running around with other women behind her back she doesn’t even give a damn…as long as he’s giving her all the bucks and cars and whatever she demands..she couldn’t care less….”


Ismail thoroughly enjoyed the prawns and licked his fingers clean…for some strange reason I just wasn’t feeling okay…I was feeling like I was going to faint….I could hardly put anything down my throat….


Dadi:”beti?are you okay?you’re not looking well…..”


Me:”I don’t know dadi…I’m sure I’ll be fine….aaaaaah!”

9 thoughts on “part 97:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​ما شاء الله
    Hmmm sooo loving !! @least Melissa is no threat #shew#
    Trble maker rukaya !! Mind ur own business gal !!

    Now wats up ?!! Hope she n baby r ok !!!!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. Sister A. says:

    Awww ! HaPpInEsS.
    Hmmmmm! ! ! I’m also feeling 4 prawns & lemon garlic butter fish now. Hp dat Fayy & baby r gona b fyn.

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