very important!!!

There was a comment that came from my previous post that I’d like to share on my blog..I feel its only fair to give everyone a chance…


The comment from ‘mUSLIM’ reads…..


I am gay and i am MUSLIM, yes it is forbidden in the QURAN……but did i just wake up one day and make a choice, NO, I DONT THINK SO, its people like you with small town mentality that shun other Muslims away from Deen just because they are gay, No im not proud of the way everything has turned and if i had a choice would i have chosen my hair colour, the colour of my eyes, my height, my complexion, NO we dont have a choice, I can honestly say I love my EDUCATED Muslim family and friends who have been such a tremendous support and have guided me thru all the hurt and have helped me deal with people like you, ALLAH IS OUR CREATOR AND JUDGE, not you???? Maulana has given me such rich and wise advice abt people like you….When i read my Quran and read my NAMAAZ i am merely doing it with a clean heart and all i can do everday is but ask for MAAF, its so sad what we have to live with in this dhuniya??? with false and pretentious people.


Take the time out to hear a gay persons feelings and just for one minute try and understand just what we go thru everyday?????


My reply is as follows:

I didn’t reply via comments as I had too much to mention and my reply is not only to this particular commenter but rather to everyone reading this blog…





I’m really glad that you’ve had the courage to comment…I’ve approved ur comment so that others have the opportunity to reply to you aswel..


My idea or position is not to shun u say, I’m not Allah to judge idea is writing a blog and bringing out different aspects of deen…to highlight it so that we all can no what is write and wrong…


I don’t know what your reasons are for choosing that path just as I have no idea why anyone including myself turns to any kind of forbidden acts…


I don’t have anything against GAY people…we were taught to hate the action….not the person….and so…just like how I hate zina, I hate fornication, I hate television, music, dancing(as you wouldve probably read in previous posts)…I hate the act of sodomy aswel…


My nabi would have hated it aswel and that’s why I hate it…its not to say that we are narrow minded, but what’s wrong is wrong and can NEVER be accepted in the eyes of Allah…no matter which aalim or person can console us by telling us that its ok…its not….


The performing of salaah and reciting of quraan etc are all our duties to Allah..we aren’t doing Allah any kind of favour by doing these actions…so we shouldn’t console ourselves saying that I perform my salaah and make dua and read quraan so its ok to do ANY kind of haraam….


Nabi(S.A.W) has taught us never to regard any sin as insignificant…


Yes make shukr that you have supportive family that hasn’t disowned you….as we all commit sin and still need our families and friends support and guidance and most of all Allahs gudance to come on to the straiht path…


We all are UNEDUCATED as you’ve can say they have enough islam is so vast and we all are learning more and more on a daily basis…no-one is Ever educated enough..


Also I don’t think hating a sinful act and loving the beautiful deen of Allah makes a person one of small mentality…actually I feel committing a grave sin and feeling sorry for ourselves is small mentality…and when I say all of this I’m talking to myself…


I too have made many HUGE mistakes in my life which I am not proud of at all…and that’s why I’ve started my help myself aswel as everybody else in the process gain the closeness of Allah…


Yes things like our hair colour, shape and size of our body, eye colour and features are not our choice..but our actions are deffinately our choice….Allah doesn’t choose for us to go astray….we have the capability of choosing between right and wrong…so to say that committing sin is not our choice..would be rather foolish…


How sure can any of us be that our hearts are clean enough?we haven’t been given the privilege like nabi(S.A.W) to say that our hearts are clean…that in itself is pride and pride in itself makes our hearts dirty…only Allah knows who’s hearts are clean and who’s are not….


I pray from the bottom of my heart that Allah accepts your repentance, aswel as mine and every other muslim out there in the world….but what we need to realise is that repentance means never returning to the sin ever again…may Allah make that easy for us…


And if you have truly repented from your mistakes…then you are better than many of us in this world…your tawbah could be more acceptable in the eyes of Allah than many of our weak actions…


So if you think I haven’t taken out time to hear what you have to say…know that not only have I heard what you have to say but I have taken time out to analyse what you’ve said and respond aswel…..


Just like I don’t know you….it seems like you also don’t know me….pretentious…..if you wish to call me…I accept as your misunderstanding towards me…and I whole heartedly forgive you for that…


May Allah guide myself first and every other human being out there..may we lead our lives only to please Allah and may we sincerely repent from every vice that we have unfairly brought into our lives

38 thoughts on “very important!!!

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​ما شاء الله
    ‎​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه

    Absolutely beautiful reply sister !! May اللَّهُ forgive us all for any shortcomings , guide us to the straight path – and make us see RIGHT from WRONG . May all our hearts b filled with the noor of hidayat – آمين يا رب العالمين

    Our beloved اللَّهُ is soo great , soo forgiving , n HE loves wen we turn towards HIM in repentance n also ask from HIM .. May we all b able to understand our beautiful religion and differentiate between truth n falsehood !!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. Binte Ahmed says:

    Beautiful reply author! Basically u covered all the points,n very valid points..yes we hav no choice over our features but we definitely hav a choice over our actions.. N cumon no1 is born gay..thats entirely our choice so we cant ease our conscience by sayin thats just how I am.. May Allah giv this brother tawfiq to turn away from his lifestyle,n realise the right from wrong..n also giv us the tawfiq to abstain from all gunahs n anythin that displeases our Almighty Allah.. Shaytaan will make us think we arent doin anythin wrong,so as to snatch away the ability of makin tawbah from us.. Allah save us all from the traps of shaytaan..ameenXxX

  3. R says:

    All well and good to say that you read your salaah and quraan, but with what level of belief?ask yourself that one question. Coz it is that very same quraan that says sodomy and gay acts are completely and totally forbidden!

    • It has been mentioned also that we recite the quraan yet at the same time the quraan is cursing us…

      For backbiting, zina, hurting others feelings, intoxicants etc….

      We all need to ask our self this very question you have mentioned….

      With what level of belief are we really reading the quraan…

      Very interesting point that I have deffinitely learnt from for myself…

  4. Sister A. says:

    A very good response dear sister. This is a reality which cannot b ignored. We live °̩и a tym wher da most shockin & disgusting things r hapenin whether we lyk it or not. We need 2 talk abt these things °̩и order 2 create an awareness dat dese type of things r also prevalent °̩и da Muslim community. We hav 2 educate our community. Ignoring dese issues WILL NOT mk dem go away. It does not mean dat we r looking down upon dose involvd °̩и dose actions.Islam teaches us 2 hate da action & not da perpetrator. May ﷲ Ta’aala grant us all Hidaayah & da taufeeq of mkin sincere Tawbah 4 watever sins we r invloved in & may HE grant us da taufeeq of mkin our Islaah & becoming HIS beloved servants. May ﷲ Ta’aala instil HIS love & da love of Rasoolullah (S.A.W.) in2 our hearts & remove da love of dis dunya & all dat is Haraam out of our hearts. May HE protect us from all forms of fitnah & guide us all on da path of Siraatul Mustaqeem ​آمِيْن

  5. zana says:

    Well said author. We can’t judge only our allah is there to judge. But we have to do the best to please our maker and creator in every way possible.
    We all commit so many sins some which we don’t even think are wrong. May our allah be pleased with us all and guide ua to live in way which will please him

  6. saf says:

    I believe these are all valid points but I’m not sure I agree with the comment made by Binte Ahmed saying that no one is born gay. I believe some people and that is their biggest test in life. Just as you are born straight, they are born gay and that is something they must learn to deal with in accordance with Islaam and it’s teachings.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not appproving of sodomy, I just feel it is unfair to say gay people can easily change their behaviours the way we can stop listening to music or dancing, etc. This is an act based on emotions and attraction. It is not as easy to detract from as other sins are.

    • Deffinitely agree with you…Allah tests each individual according to what He knows to be their weaknesses….

      I have been tested many tyms with what was my weakness and every other person as well….

      No sin is greater than the other..each sin in the eyes of Allah is equally bad and punishable by almighty…

      May we All be protected and may none of us fall to the evils of shaytaan…ameen!

    • Muslim says:

      Slmz, Jazakallah..I appreciate your wise words, and no this is not a battle from my side but just merely me wanting to ask for some sort of compassion toward gay people…I try everyday to not be a part of that world, and I ask for strength every minute of the day to get me through, im not perfect but I try to live a simple muslim life fearing the wrath of my maker and knowing that everyone is equal and all we can do is show compassion, (I do apologise for my curt response earlier, totally not on) wslm

  7. Muslim says:

    WSLM, Jazakallah for your diplomatic response, and for me to boldly regard everyone uneducated is not fair and my part and I humbly ask for Maaf and yes we both do not knw each other @ all, I guess my approach was wrong and the message I tried to get across was out of anger and blasphemy, Everything happens for a reason and Ive learnt a deep lesson today….once again Jazakallah for this response and I reciprocate only with humility and respect.

    • Jx sooo much for this comment aswel as the previous one…

      You are more than welcome to comment and share in your views and ideas at any given moment…

      Know that Allah is by your side as long as you believe that He only can help you….and if you have changed this habit of yours….you can no longer regard yourself as part of it….

      In the eyes of Allah once a person has asked for forgiveness for a certain act, not only are they forgiven completely but also their evil actions are replaced with good deeds which will outweigh everything on the day of qiyaamah…

      Jx for granting us all the opportunity of understanding things from your perspective….

      Rem us in your humble duas

      • Muslim says:

        Inshallah Ameen, and keep me in ur duas as well…. we can only grow and learn from lessons such as this…i will definitely be a part of this blog and read everyday….

      • Jx…yes most deff every incident Allah places in our lives should serve as a lesson for us…just like how this incident has inspired me to take my blog to a slightly different twist…;)….soon to be revealed :))

  8. SM says:

    It is our Aqidah and belief that Allah Taalah has full knowledge of everything; past, present and future and it is also our belief that Allah Taalah is Al Hakim ( the most wise). No act of Allah Taalah is devoid of wisdom. It is also our belief as Muslims that the laws of Allah Taalah shall stand the test of time until the day of Qiyaamah irrespective of the evolution of human lifestyle. Allah Taalah has declared in the Holy Quraan:
    ‘Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capabilities’
    It follows that it is within the capacity of every sane, able bodied, able minded Muslim to fully obey the commands of Allah Taalah and to fully restrain from the prohibitions of Allah Taalah.
    Whereas we do understand from the Ahaadeeth of Rasulullah SAW that we are all sinners. We also know that the best of sinners are those who turn to Allah in repentance. For as long as we remain focused on identifying and correcting our short comings, the doors of salvation remain open but Allah forbid if we take up an attitude of justifying what Allah has declared to be wrong, then we have reason to fear.
    May Allah save and guide us all. Aameen.

    • Ameen…..alhamdulillah…..and answer full of the correct islamic aqeedah….which we all have learnt yet have forgotten……
      Jx sooo much and pls continue sharing ur vast knowledge with us….

    • Sometimes we can’t understand where it comes from but that’s because we forget that its all placed in our hearts by Allah…so unfortunately I can’t take the credit for it…

  9. goodie says:

    Ur reply was truly amazing may allah allow us all to be kind in our dealings with other people in sha allah as allah has created us all and allah loves his creation and allah is most forgiving and most merciful

  10. MashaAllah sister! u really gave a very complete answer.. I totally agree that all of us are tested in different ways and we have no right to jugde other people because we don’t know what the condition of their heart is.. However, it is the responsibility of a Muslim to make an effort to save his or her fellow muslims from sin..
    Allah has chosen you for the work of Deen and mashaAllah you are definitely making a difference in the lives of many Muslims..
    It is stated in a hadeeth that all humans are sinners and the best sinners are those who repent..
    May Allah give us all the strength to overcome all the challenges of life and may he forgive us for all our shortcomings.. Aameen..
    Jazakillah khair sister, I don’t comment but I certainly look forward my daily posts..

    • I’m really happy that you’ve commented and I truly appreciate you reading aswel as commenting…I truly hope that Allah accepts my weak efforts of trying to do his work…one thing is to be ‘used’ and the other is to be ‘accepted’ allah can also use a non-muslim for the work of deen but he is not accepted…

  11. Excellent reply sister (Silent Living). Allah Ta’aala is indeed Most Merciful and Most Forgiving. Who are we to judge which sin is more despicable than the other. We must always make shukar that Allah Ta’aala choose us from billions of dis-believers to be born muslim or either be given hidayat to accept Islaam. We are the Ummah of Nabi (S.A.W) and are so fortunate to say the first Kalima be it even once in our lifetime. Our fervent duaa should be that when we die, we die with Imaan and the very Kalima on our lips. Subhanallah.

  12. saf says:

    It’s nice to see that we were able to experience perspectives from both sides. As Muslims, we must remember that we are still brothers and sisters, not against each other and Islaam teaches us compassion for others. Nicely handled

    • Its so true…Allah has created every person differently and every person opinions and thoughts are different and we need to respect that as muslims…we can’t hate eachother for what the next person feels…we need to always remain united….inshalah

  13. Binte Ahmed says:

    @ saf,maaf but I think u got me wrong…
    It comes in a hadith that all human beings were born on fitrah,that is even children of jews,christians,etc were born on fitrah,then their parents made them jew or definitely no1 was born gay..

    • saf says:

      Jeeee I understand that but being gay is not the same as being Jewish. I know we’re all born Muslim. But I think some people are born with that inner tendency and learning to control it is their test. Not changing it. You can’t choose to be gay and then choose not to be. You have to just learn to control it. There has been numerous, unsuccessful attempts in the past by psychologists and behaviourists who have tried to change homosexuals to heterosexuals. It is their test in life that Allah has faced them with.

      May Allah make it easy for us to all to stay on the straight path InshaAllah

  14. Some Call Me Kido says:


    i have just come across your blog and it is fantastic, Mashallah! I am hooked. Usually i prefer to be a silent reader (guilty as charged) ,but this specific post caught my eye. Sister your reply was on point. Though sometimes due to chromosomes (the X and Y [no I’m not making this like algebra]) that we receive during the growth in our mothers wombs sometimes which happens seldom (to my knowledge) is that a complication occurs sometimes known as a ‘mutation’ (as some biologist or doctors say) that causes some to be gay, therefore not always do people choose to be gay.

    Some may have mentioned this in previous comments but im to lazy to read X_X … and by now you probably must be bored of reading but i hope i have shed some helpful information which i gained in the short span while paying some attention in bio (not to brag at being a rebel or anything 😛 )

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