part 96:

Just after I’d sent salma out….I was going upstairs to read asr when someone rang the intercom again…..




Person:”hi we’re here for a delivery for………….”


Me:”sorry?from where?”


Person:”its from the rose petal florists in town…..”


Huh?from the florist?for me?I was abit weary but opened up the gate anyway….


The guy came to the front door with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I’d ever received in my life….


Its so strange how women just go crazy for flowers….well I definitely do…they’re so beautiful to look at and the smell just relaxes every part of you…


A simple bouquet of flowers can make a womans entire day….


Me:”hi…..who’s this from?”


Person:”the cards on the arrangement ma’am….could you please sign here..(Handing me a pen and paper and indicating to the bottom of the page)…”


Me:”thank you….!”


Once the man was out and I’d closed the gate, I removed a stunning hand-made card…..


Aww…how adorable….it was from ismail…


The front of the card read:”for all those times”


When opening it the most beautiful words were written that really touched me deeply….it read:


“For all those times

You were gentle

And I was rough

For all those times

You were patient

And I’d had enough

For all those times

You were silent

And I was screaming

For all those times

You were realistic

And I was dreaming

For all those times

That you laughed

And I wasn’t even funny

For all those times

I called you names

And you called me honey

For all those times

I was weak

And you were

Always strong

For all those times

You said I was right

And we both knew

I was wrong

For all those times

You came back

After I’d thrown you out the door

For all those times

You said you love me

And I didn’t know anymore.

For all those times

“I’m sorry”

And I sincerely love you,

For all those times

Have shown me,

I could put no-one else above you…..


It was as if though every word was picked and chosen by ismail just for me and our situation…okay I’m sure he just conveniently found the poem on the internet and asked them to write it for him….but still..


Just the thought behind someones actions can make all the hurt and anger you once felt towards them all fall away…I could forgive him for everything he’s done to me….


What was the point of holding onto the past if someone else is so willing to build a better future?


Ismail was going out of his way to make me happy and make this marriage work…


I was so thrilled…ever since we got married I’d wished for him to bring me, forget flowers, but even a rose from the garden….lol…but it never happened..birthdays and anniversaries would go by, not that I ever celebrated or believed in them….but even aashurah(10th of muharram), eid-ul-fitr and eid ul adhaa would go by…but nothing….we’d even drive pass those guys at the robots selling roses and I’d stare at them yearning for just a single rose…but I guess he never thought it was ever necessary…infact he thought flowers was rather a waste of money..if only men knew 😉


I rushed to the phone and dialled his cell which was off so I decided to try the office number for the first time since ismails been working there….


Oh great!it was the squeaky secretary he always talks about….


Melissa:”hiiiii….I’m sorryyy….boss is busyyyyy…could I take a message pleeeeeease?”


Me:” its fine..just tell him that his wife called…that’s all”


Melissa:”his wiiiiiife?oh myyyyyy! I didn’t even know he was marriiiiiied…..he looks soooooooo young and gorgeous…”



21 thoughts on “part 96:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww !!!! Flowers !!!
    How sweet n loving … N the poem was so apt – ‎​​ما شاء الله
    Flowers really do lift a persons spirit – makes u feel loved n appreciated , n dey r soo pretty also .

    Hmmm …… Looks so young n gorgeous !!!!! I’m not really liking this Melissa character …. ‎​ℓ☺ℓ

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. Al says:

    Someone!!! Anyone!!! Please, pretty pretty please with a cherry on the top – PLEASE get my hubby to read this blog, especially this post 😉 Keep it up author, loving it!

    • Lol…lol….lol…..with pleasure..e-mail him the….with the subject being ‘flowers!’
      I know your pain… hubby refuses to read the blog…as much as I nag and beg him to….even though I update him with everything I write and he gives me lots of the ideas…he still WON’T READ IT!!!!!men!lol

  3. zana says:

    That was sooooo sweet. I hope that is one of many surprise gifts for faaiza from ismail.
    Lol At least the secretary knows ismail is off limits now
    Have a fabulous day ladies🌹

  4. rooksana says:

    How sweet and touching. Which at tym I can get flowers. Love dis post. May allah mk all our mariages fill wid noor n happiness. At tym we women ned dat love,attention,comfort.
    Secetary hands of ismail his booked.

    • Its true..but maybe we need to start that spark in our marriage..we’re never too old to leave little notes and letters for our hubbies..let’s all do it…starting today..let’s all write our hubbys a little message..not bbm or…a real pen and paper message or e-mail…

  5. Binte Cassim says:

    Such a lovely post to lift our spirits. ما شاء الله. So sweet poem & Faaeeza deserves flowers. im so glad Ismail is making effort to make things right. That the thing with us ladies. The hubbys can be a real jerk @ times but if they just make effort to show how much they appreciate having us in their lives we can forget every thing that has beed done.
    This post made me realise how much I take my hubby for granted olso because he is the type who does those little thing that Faaeeza talks about. I seem to have taken it for granted expecting it like every other thing i expect from him. I realise that not all men are like this & should appreciate the gem that I have & show some appreciation. You have made me realise how ungrateful I’m being to my hubby. جزاك الله خير for the post.

    • Awww..that is so nice…yes please do appreciate ur hubby…from today..honestly not all men have it in them..not that they don’t care but everyone has a different way of showing that they care…

      Today you can do something special for him;)

  6. FATZ says:

    Ismail is really a sweet hubby . So happy he finally came around realizing wat a gem fazia is . Ooooh hate malissa please back off women .

  7. FATZ says:

    Ismail is really a sweet hubby . So happy he finally came around realizing wat a gem fazia is . Ooooh hate malissa please back off women .Ω̶ωƹڪ♥мƹ post as always luking forward 2 nxt post. Jzkl

  8. Binte Ahmed says:

    Awwww,i know,flowers just make our day!!! 🙂 soo sweet of ismail,such a touchin poem..
    Hmmm melissa,back off! Faaizas talons r gonna come out lol!

  9. Sister A. says:

    Awww ! Soo sweet of Ismail 2 send Fayy flowers. I L<3√ع da poem. It's so apt. Gud way of mkin a fresh start. Glad Ismail made dis move. Faaiza's always been da 1 mkin da effort 2 mk da marriage work °̩и da past. Kp up da gr8 wrk !!! 🙂

  10. a95r says:

    Aww, soo sweet. He sent her flowers And a poem!
    Plz Faaiza, don’t over-react, she said he’s young and gorgeous not that there’s anything between them…. Hmm this could get really messy if faaiza gets jealous or suspicious…

  11. Sumayya Jamal says:

    Slms all! I just started this blog yesterday, and I’m sooooooo addicted!!! My word! I love it! I couldn’t wait to get home to read it! Beef ups to the author! Please carry on and don’t stop, it gets better every post!! Ismail really changedAlhumdulilah and Faaiza is an absolutely amazing person! Wish I could meet someone like her any day! Your blog is totally amazing cos m a teenager and I’m so interested and I’m sure girls in their twenties are loving it too! The Islamic hadith and advice of the Prophets and their stories make it even better! It’s the best blog I’ve ever read!
    Please post soon 😉
    Shukraaaaaaan 🙂 for an amaaaaazing blog!

    • Jx soooooo much…your comment really made my day when I read it….I hope I can keep up and I hope u always enjoy it….pls keep reading, commenting and sharing with others….

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