part 95:

Salma:”well I’ve come to a conclusion about me and this chap….fay……I think goolaam bhai is gay!!!”


Me:(laughing hysterically)….sal is this one of your great assumptions again?you can’t just classify a guy as gay just because of what he looks like…he could possibly be a real gentleman…”


Salma:”I’m not assuming..he is!”


Me:”and how exactly would you know this…?”






Salma:”my cousin ferozas friend is married in rustenburg… I told her to find out how’s this chap…and if I could get some good references…I didn’t expect this….but she came back to me saying that everyone in rustenburg knows that he’s gay…”


Me:”no way sal….maybe its just rumours…you know how people are….maybe because of the way he dresses and stuff people think he’s gay…”


Salma:”ha uh…(Shaking her head)…apparently he has a ‘boyfriend’ from cape town….and she said that there were rumours that his parents were very mad and started him on samoosa runs…(Sigh)…it makes sense fay…..why else would his mother phone back so quickly to propose…?I mean who phones back with a proposal a few hours after you’ve just seen the girl…?”


Me:”sh**!!!this is some serious stuff…yuck….I know you hear of gays and stuff..but a muslim?is that even possible?”


Salma:”babe where in the world are you living?get yourself a facebook account….you’ll see everything you don’t know about….”


This is so disgusting…these are all signs of qiyaamah….can 2 men actually feel something for eachother?or 2 women for that matter?


Our deen is so perfect…something like this has been warned to us by Allah and his beloved nabi..this very same disgusting act had occurred in the time of the great prophet loot (A.S)…the people of his time were destroyed so severely….that till today there are signs of their punishment for us to see and fear and learn a lesson….and yet people are turning to this type of life?


Its almost as if everything our beloved prophet(s.a.w) had warned us against…we are daring enough to test it out and do it…do we not have any fear of Allah anymore?do we not fear the punishment of Allah? Do we not fear that we have to face Allah oneday and give account for all these actions?


The city of the people of loot(A.S) was turned upside down…and then we want to know why we’re going through tsunamis and earthquakes like never before?


Loot (A.S) warned his people about the punishment, yet they mocked at him and ignored his warnings….are the ulamah(learned scholars) not warning us day after day about so many vices? And we too mock at their advices and ignore their warnings….


How many times have I heard of people laughing about certain things that were talked about in the masjid..about halaal(permissable) and haraam(forbidden)….about zina(adultery)…fornication….drinking..intoxicants…and now men falling in love with men?sick!!


Infact as the quraan tells us…we are worst than animals…animals have no brain like a human being..yet they know better than we do to only succumb to the opposite sex….


But we…who are supposed to be the best of creation…as Allah describes us in the quraan….who have brains to think rationally…..are still stupid enough to go and do something like that….?


Me:”now sal?what you gona do?did you etll your parents?”


Salma:”I only found out this morning..I don’t know how to tell them…my mother will probably tell me some crap about how I’m looking for excuses and how can I even think like that…”


Me:”but you have to tell them sal….just tell your mum to find out for herself if she doesn’t believe you…”


Salma:”I’m just sick and tired fay….why can’t I ever find anyone…?all the other guys that came were dweebs and now the only guy that I liked is…..GAY!!!”


Me:”Allah has his plan….patience my dear…you will never understand how Allah works…you just will never understand until it happens(cynical smile)”


Salma:”what are youon about again?(Rolling eyes)”


Me:”oooooh you shall see when the time is right!”


Salma:”weirdo!anyway….I should get going…before my mother has another heart attack again….”


Me:”(hugging her)….don’t stress sal….there’s one last and final samoosa run to do…just let me know as soon as you’re ready(HUGE smile)….”


Salma:”what?are you mad?I told you this geek was the last…no more…..!”


Me:”aaah now…you can’t do that to the one guy that’s head over heels for you….(Wink)”


Salma:”what the hell fay?”(Confused)


Me:”go! Go!…(pushing her to the front door)..before your mother gets a heart attack….but call me as soon as we can come k….love ya!……”


19 thoughts on “part 95:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​ما شاء الله
    So much 2 learn !!
    Its soo true abt muslims mocking our own religion… Sometyms dey say “its just a joke” , but we cannot joke abt such serious things . How r we gonna win over the hearts of the disbelievers if we ourselves mock our religion, n we r not true role models for dem ,,!!!!!???!!!
    May اللَّهُ make us shining stars of Islam so that we can guide others towards our beautiful religion – ‎​​​آمين
    Keep up the excellent work – very up2date n relevant topics …
    May اللَّهُ always inspire U to inspire n teach others – ‎​​​آمين

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

    • Ameen to all ur beautiful duas…..

      Yes its so true….we as muslims aren’t even united or strong enough…we don’t respect our own religion…how do we expect others to respect our religion…?

  2. a95r says:

    Gay??!!! Lol. The signs were all there, the mostly guy pics, the ‘clean’ clean shaven, weird, but still Gay???
    Forget about him, what is wrong with his parents? Why is it that when ppl have ‘problem kids’ they just want to send them off? A daughter with a non-muslim boyfriend, marry her off. A gay son, get him married. And not only things like that, younger kids that get into trouble, or don’t do well in school, send them off to madrassa. Why is it that they try to ‘get rid’ of the problem rather than sorting it out?
    Children really are a test in addition to being a blessing from Allah, may Allah assist us to give our children the proper upbringing. آمين.

    • Unfortunately this seems to be the condition of the sick society we live in today…

      I also can’t stand it when people throw their problems away instead of solving it…marriage or madressahs are not rehabs…

  3. Binte Cassim says:

    Good post. Very good points you bring up in this one. May اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى cave us all.

  4. Sister A. says:

    Oooooh! ! ! I knew sumtin wasn’t right abt him. Fortunately Salma did her hmwrk & found out abt dis on tym. Unfortunately, dis has bcum common in our Muslim community. Sadly thou, many parents after finding out dat der sons r gay, hide it & forcefuly get dem married. Innocent young girls lives r den messed up. Those marriages don’t last. I’ve personally heard of such cases. I tk my hat off 2 dose ladies who had such xperiences & came out °̩и da open abt wat hapen. Dose ppl who do dis 2 innocent women MUST b xposed.
    SALMA & AQEEL 4 eva ! (•͡.̮ ~͡)

    • Yes you are very right….its so unfair to the innocent girls who are unaware of such a thing…I’ve actually heard of 2 such incidents that had occured and that’s why I’ve mentioned it..sadly they both weren’t as fortunate as salma to find out before time..they only found out after they were already married..the one particular girl is so finished that she’s too afraid to get married again..her husband wouldn’t even touch her no matter what she wore or how she tried to seduce him..

  5. FATZ says:

    Wat a sad n sick sociaty we live in. N hpow unfortunate dat dese things r happening under our very noses. Wit muslims . Solid points brought up. If we just take lifes of sahaba n live accordingly we’ll won’t have dese kinda things happeing. Happy sal n Aqeel. Deyl b happy 2geather

  6. Muslim says:

    I am gay and i am MUSLIM, yes it is forbidden in the QURAN……but did i just wake up one day and make a choice, NO, I DONT THINK SO, its people like you with small town mentality that shun other Muslims away from Deen just because they are gay, No im not proud of the way everything has turned and if i had a choice would i have chosen my hair colour, the colour of my eyes, my height, my complexion, NO we dont have a choice, I can honestly say I love my EDUCATED Muslim family and friends who have been such a tremendous support and have guided me thru all the hurt and have helped me deal with people like you, ALLAH IS OUR CREATOR AND JUDGE, not you???? Maulana has given me such rich and wise advice abt people like you….When i read my Quran and read my NAMAAZ i am merely doing it with a clean heart and all i can do everday is but ask for MAAF, its so sad what we have to live with in this dhuniya??? with false and pretentious people.

    Take the time out to hear a gay persons feelings and just for one minute try and understand just what we go thru everyday?????

    • Jx soooo much for your comment..I have responded by dedicating an entire post to you..

      May Allah accept you for His deen and shower you with His greatest blessings…ameen!

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