part 92:

Me:”and now babes?what you smiling like that for?”


Ismail:”how?can a man not be happy to have a gorgeous wife like you”


Me:”(blush)…haha..very funny…but I know you well enough to know that there’s something else….so spill…”


Ismail:”(light laugh)…..I bumped into aqeel on the way back from esha and he stopped outside here to chat abit…..”


Me:”soooo?that doesn’t explain why you smiling like that…don’t change the subject now”


Ismail:”eish you women have no sabr….”


Ismail chucked himself on the bed and put his hands at the back of his head to rest on….

“I was still telling you…so we were just talking generally and aqeel was sort of hinting that he’s a guy and he’s been married and has stuff…..(Pause) know what I mean…..and so now he can’t wait too long before he finds another wife…not because he’s in any state of recovering from rejection or something…but he’s been dreaming a lot about someone for some odd reason”


Ismail started laughing….

“And we plan…and Allah plans…..eish!”(Laughing like a tart)


Me:”oh my goodness….and this specific person happens to be……”



And we both burst out laughing….and then I just suddenly halted…..and my expression changed just thinking about brother ‘goolam’…..


Me:”(hitting my head lightly) sh**!!”




Me:”someone already came to see salma yesterday….from rustenburg….she’s busy reading istikhaarah about it…she says everything seems quite positive about him..besides his name I think(raising my eyebrow)”


Ismail:”what you mean?what’s his name…”(Confused)


Me:”….goolam!(Weird smile)”


Ismail was rolling…….he was in stitches…..


Ismail:”what?is he like 60 or something…who names their baby goolaam when they’re born? I thought goolaam was like a nickname people give to someone…doesn’t goolaam mean like…..boy or something…”


Me:”(laughing)…don’t be mean babes…there are so many people by the name goolam…don’t diss the poor guy because of his name…I’m sure he didn’t choose his name…”


Ismail:”but what was wrong with his parents?from what I know its the right of a child that his parents give him a respectable name…one with a good meaning….I remember hearing once during a talk in the masjid one jumu’ah….that a man came to complain to nabi(S.A.W) about his son or something like that…and when nabi(s.a.w) called the son he said..but do I not have rights over my parents aswel?wasn’t it my right to be given a proper name…?”


Me:”yaa…true…but hey..people nowadays are coming up with all kinds of weird names…..its like how they say the chinese name their kids…they take a stone and throw it on the roof and whatever sound it makes, that’s the name they choose for their kids…”


And once again we were chuckling away together….


Ismail:”babes……did they tell you that also when you were little…eish…where did they come up with all these weird things…like you must never mess salt or sugar…otherwise on the day of qiyaamah Allah will make you pick it up with your eyelashes……”


We couldn’t stop was so hilarious….eyy….atleast we won’t be teaching our kids all these stupid things…


I can’t make enough shukr to Allah for giving us so many ulamah in south africa…we are overly blessed and thanks to them, all our previous misbeliefs were slowly rectified…otherwise we’d still be living in a delusional world….may Allah continue blessing them all with so much of knowledge and wisdom….ulama the likes of moulana sulaiman moolla, moulana khatani and the greatest aalim of our time….late moulana yunus patel saheb(may Allah illuminate his grave)….they are bringing people…with the help of Allah….into islaam in great numbers due to their great love and connection with Allah…


Makes me actually think of how far we really are from Allah…gosh we are like a tiny spec of dust on the shoe of these great people…but we can just hope and pray that Allah continues to bless us with all that He has…


And how exactly did I get onto thinking this far from the mere mention of goolam?(Lol)…


Ismail:”agh babes…whatevers meant for them will happen…..if aqeel and salma are not meant for eachother then someone else is meant for them…..”


Me:”so what does aqeel actually think about sal?”


Ismail:”he says that she’s a really good chick…she’s homely and the type of woman that will look after him well…..not be running around in the street….I feel bad actually for thinking so wrongly about her before…..its just my mother used to always tell me to keep her away from you…..because she’s a big panchaat(story teller)…”


Me:”well you guys were wrong…no offence!salmas a really amazing person….yes she talks about people..but don’t we all..?”


Duh…I was referring to his mother…SHE was telling him about salma being a panchaat?that reminds me of the saying:’before you point fingers, make sure your own hands are clean’


18 thoughts on “part 92:

  1. WOW says:

    Dear sisters, any other blogs u read that good. U got me hooked to desert roses journey. Its just as wow as your blog. Alhumdullilah u guys have talent.

    • a95r says:

      Four awesome blogs that I follow. This one, desertrose’s 2: and and journeyadmin’s
      Hope you enjoy them like I do! 🙂

  2. zana says:

    Having a good laugh with faaiza and ismail.
    Its so true that someone will only be in your life if allah wants them there.
    But still hoping goolam is not meant for salma. Cheering for aqeel😊
    Alhamdulillah we do have so many learned aalims and aalimas amongst us to give us guidance when we need it

  3. a95r says:

    SubhanAllah! How beautiful is our deen. It has left nothing out, every step of our life, islaam is there to guide us. From birth, naming the child, our whole life, death and even rituals after death its all there for us to follow, the question is: How much of it do we follow?
    Ismail and faaiza, laughing together, may Allah keep all couples happy آمين. Base-less talk is discouraged in islaam, if you want to talk, talk good. Yet when its between husband and wife it becomes an act of ibadah. When a couple talks and laughs together, they are rewarded!
    Smile, its sunnah! 🙂

    • You were rewarded for making me smile like a million times…jx for all your great words of wisdom and for supporting me right though…

      Yes we should bring out islam more…we need to try and follow every aspect of this beautiful deen inshalah

  4. zay says:

    Lmao. What a. Post. Hope aqeel n salma end up togeTher :). Keep up ur awesome work. Must I remind u on the 18 or 19 th ?

  5. rediscovery57 says:

    So true…we always say that people talk about others yet we all do! Awesome post as usual 😉

  6. Sister A. says:

    AWESOME POST ! ! ! # Ripped #
    =))=D=))Њα̲̅α̲̅ Њα̲̅α̲̅ =))=))=))˘°˘=))˘•˘=D=D˘•˘=))˘°˘=))=D˘•˘=))˘
    =D˘•˘=)) нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘ =))˘•˘=DẀτ=))=D=))Њα̲̅α̲̅ Њα̲̅α̲̅ =))=))=))˘°˘=))˘•˘=D=D˘•˘=))˘°˘=))=D˘•˘=))˘
    =D˘•˘=)) нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘ =))˘•˘=D Goolam!
    Aqeel & Salma must Εn∂ up 2gether. Ʋ mentiond my fav Aalims names °̩и dis post. So gud wen Ismail & Fayy share moments lyk dese. Can’t wait 4 mor!

    • I suppose these ulamah r many ppls favourites…like how ppl brag and go on about actors and actoresses..I can’t!!!I rather praise and go all gaga over these great saints of our times…we shall be with those whom we follow and love on the day of qiyaamah…

  7. Binte Ahmed says:

    Yay!!! Post on sunday!!! 😀 Jzk khair for the sunday post,i kept checkin my mail but none of the blogs I follow post on sundays,so I was so happy to get ur post..dnt stop ur sunday posts plz…

    • No inshalah I won’t….I get much more time to post on weeknds..unless there’s a function or something which is like hardly ever…..inshallah I’ll always try to post on a sunday….:)

  8. sister/in/islam says:

    Some of the stories u hear r sooo wierd … Islam is such a simple and beautiful religion which did away wid all the stupid superstitions …….
    That’s wat I call ‘STOOPIDSTITION ‘

    Anyway – Taqdeer is pre written !! It can change wid دعاء tho’ !! So we’l make lotsa دعاء for Salma n Aqeel ( not GHULAARM !!!! Lol – said wid tajweed )
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚
    For all the lovely entertainment n mostly all the lessons !!!
    Waitin for mor – as usual !!

    Enjoy the last bit of ur weekend

  9. FATZ says:

    Its really tru. We shud neve judge a perosn. Fay n ismail r haveing cute moments will little giggles. A memory worth millions.

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