part 91:


This is your surprise post as promised….all because I’ve reached 60 000 views in total….jx to all of you for the great amount of support and commenting…next post will inshalah be tomorrow….



Ismail ran into the house and returned after 5 mins with the kids all excited…..


Riyaad:”mama…daddys taking us for milkshake……yipppeee!”


Ismail smiled at me and I gave him a hug back…


We drove to milky lane and ordered our yummy favourites….a regular milo milkshake for me, a coffee shake for ismail, a lime milkshake for raadiya and bubblegum for riyaad….


Me:”hmmm…just what we needed to cool our moods off hey babes…(Giving him a light kiss on the cheek)”


Ismail:”I don’t understand why everyones all gaga over wakaberry, haagen dazs and smooch….when the tradition oldies are just tooo yumm….(Slirping on his last bit of milkshake)”


That night I sat with riyaad and radiya and went over abit of their madressah work with them…they had no school work as grade R’s weren’t given any over the weekends….


Me:”so yaad…everything been okay at school?those mean little boys still troubling you?”


Riyaad:”not so much mama…I just play far from them during break….but they’re really naughty boys…especially the fat one…his name is mohsin….but his very rude, even to our mu’allima(teacher)”


Me:”as long as they’re not troubling you guys….if they do…you should go immediately to your mu’allimah okay?”


Twins:”jee mama”


Riyaad:”but mama mu’allimah shouted at them the other day for troubling another girl in our class…she told them she was going to give them a demerit….”




Riyaad:”no!but mohsin even shouted back at muallimah….you know what he told her mama?”


Me:”no baby..what did he tell her?”


Riyaad:”he told her ‘so what?’ I don’t care about your demerits….I already get whatever I want…so it doesn’t matter”


Me:”oh no!that’s so rude….we shouldn’t be disrespecting our elders ever okay kiddos?….its really important to be respectful and not ever back chat anyone…”


Its sad, really… parents we don’t discipline our kids enough….we don’t teach them the difference between adult and child..we think its okay for our kids to talk to us however they feel like..its sad to see that most of our indian kids are the ones with the least amount of discipline and manners….


We often believe that by giving them what they want and allowing them all the freedom, it is showing them how much we love them..little do we realise that we are actually damaging these young kids…


I’ve seen it so many times with rukayas kids aswel, that when her kids make certain rude or vulgar statements, everyone laughs as if they’d said something so hilarious…..and the comment usually passed is ‘oh they sound so cute…and innocent!’


By laughing at this type of behaviour we are only making them think that what they’ve done is impressive and they’ll only want to keep on doing it…however if a stern look is given at that moment and sometimes a good Spanking, the child will know that what they’ve said or done is unacceptable….


A child cannot always think for themselves…they don’t always know what is right and wrong…we have to teach them by being strict when something wrong is done and praise them when something good is done..


People often feel that we’re too harsh on our kids when we scold them for being naughty and unmannered….the statement often made is ‘leave them!they’re only kids’…


Oh how it boils my blood when people say what?are we supposed to always leave them to do as they please because they’re kids? And discipline them only when they’re grown up?well to me its easier to discipline a kid than trying to change the habits of a fully grown adult….


I always think of riyaad and radiya, even though its a couple of years from now, but as someones elses wife or husband….if I’m not going to teach them good behaviour, they’re not going to know how to treat their spouses oneday and then their children are going to look at them and learn incorrectly and it all boils down to me not teaching them correct etiquette of anything…..


Once we were done and I was satisfied that my kids knew their work well enough, I got them ready for bed and read my esha…..


Ismail was busy talking to someone outside…wasn’t sure who it was though….I really feel my hubby sorry…he’s been through so much throughout his sad life…..I make dua that Allah changes his familys hearts and softens them no matter what it takes….it shouldn’t be that they’re returned to Allah with a heart as hard as a rock…with no pity or regrets for anything they’ve done….


Maybe they are the way they are because they hardly ever talk about Allah..they hardly ever perform salaah…quraan is read only on a jumu’ah and a little extra in ramadaan…throughout the year there’s hardly any talking to or about Allah…everything to them is about money and materialistic things…and what they can do next to get popularity…


Our nabi(s.a.w) was so perfect..he taught us that “Don’t hold too much talk without remembrance of Allah,

for certainly excessive talk without remembrance of Allah 

produces hardness of heart.”


I forgive them from the bottom of my heart…as Allah has said that we should forgive others as much as we’d love for Him to forgive us….and as sinful as I am…I’d be doomed if Allah didn’t forgive me…


Ofcourse I will be keeping my distance though….I don’t need any more outbursts like today…


I was just about to get into bed when ismail walked into the room smiling…he looked very anxious to let out something…..

27 thoughts on “part 91:

  1. I love your blog. It’s so realistic!
    Please keep up the posts.
    I get so excited to see a new read from you every time I open my email.

    Where do you find the time to pen so many in between your real life?

    • Lol…jx…

      Was wondering where you lost…thought you gave up on me..glad u still around…

      I don’t know…writing a post doesn’t really take that long…as soon as I get an idea I start typing..and if you know me, I have a really big mouth and when I start talking..I can’t shut goes for typing posts….lol

      • So I recently started writing my novel that I’ve been threatening for years.

        I always lamented that I didn’t have the time, and I am fast realising that’s it’s more probable that I don’t have the gift of the flow either.

        It’s so great that it comes to to you so easily mashallah!

      • Its only from Allah.nothing from my side….

        U better start that novel….and I’m giving you till end of this year and I want it done….or else I’ll come looking for you…

        But I’m serious…if ever you need help with it or if you need someone to check and tell you what I think…I’ll be more than glad to assist…let me know and I’ll e-mail you my details inshalah…

  2. S says:

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا
    For all the lovely lessons teaching us to be better Muslims!
    I am forever greatful!
    May للَّهُ reward you and bless you**
    Keeeeep up the good writing okay 🙂 x

  3. zana says:

    Jazakallah for the extra post🎉
    I agree with you 100%
    there is time and place for everything. We as parents have to instil the correct aqlaaq in our children
    Oooh wonder whats the big news

  4. sister/in/islam says:

    Hmmm …. Wonder wat good news he has !!!!????!!!

    Defntly good behaviour has2 b instilled in children from wen dey r very small , like evn wen dey just start talkin . Simple things like respecting others by callin by proper names , titles – becomes habit if taught early.. It really saddens me wen kids call adults by der first names – shows soo much of disrespect !! I evn teach my kids 2 call our domestic Aunty !!
    It sounds so ‎​​ما شاء الله wen kids talk with respect n say ‎​​​جزاك الله and please and wen dey say جي instead of YA !!
    We must also watch the tone of our kids voices wen dey speak 2 others , we must teach dem 2 speak humbly and clearly n not abruptly…
    Enuf babbling from me *cant watch* ………
    Enjoy ur nite !
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

    • Oh I also hate it…like when kids call their parents by their names…and they do nothing to stop it…grrrr..makes me so mad!
      I also teach my kids to call the domestics aunty and uncle…they must know respect no matter what colour race or creed…

  5. I love your blog!

    The islamic lessons incorporated into the story are inspiring, it’s not preachy and in your face, but it makes me want to exercise more sabr I my own life and to be a better Muslim inshallah.

    I get excited to see the posts in my email.

    Where do you get the time to pen so many in between your real life?

    • Haha so I am using my cellphone and tried to comment. I thought the first one didn’t post. Guess now you have 2.. lol.

      No I follow your blog religiously, I am just so busy that I don’t get the time to comment. Being in holiday this week has given me a breather.

      • Hope u had a good break….I’m also going to be on holiday this week inshalah…can’t wait..really need the break….don’t know if its going to affect my blogging time..but I doubt it…I’m sure I’ll still get time to post 1 a day inshalah

  6. zay says:

    Awesome post I agree totally despite the fact that the children feel its unfair. Cliffhanger. 😦 now I’m gna ponder on what he wants to say. Lol. I’m gna wait for tomrws post 😀

  7. Binte Ahmed says:

    So true,tarbiyat is very important..tomorrow these kids will b dads,husbands,etc n will pass on the same behaviour learned..n also true n very sad that our indian muslim kids hav the worst akhlaaq..Allah give us all tawfiq to change n change our future generation ameenxxx

  8. Anonymous says:

    So true, Allah says we must forgive, but sometimes its soooooo hard, and doesn’t he also say and eye for an eye? And me in Fays place would have also taken a nice desert for them, but with laxatives inside….

  9. Sister A. says:

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ƒ☺я another gr8 post! Imprtnt points made on the upbringing of children. I fully agree wid Ʋ. Now I wunder wat Ismail wants 2 tel Fayy.

  10. k says:

    Ur blog is amazing. Keep up the great writing 🙂 something u mentioned in this post really struck me. I’m a teacher by profession n the scenario u mentioned here about the child backchatting the teacher is so real. In my little teaching experience I’ve had that same scenario many, many times. I don’t understand why parents can’t discipline their children. Teaching them that there are different ways of talking to adults n to kids. I’m a mother now n ان شاء اللّه I will teach my child to respect 1 n all. آمــــــــــين. Love ur blog. May اللَّهُ take u frm strength to strength. آمــــــــــين

    • Inshalah youl be the best parent to ur kids…yes its sad that kids aren’t discplined..I feel why have children if you don’t have the time to teach them good manners..youl also probably side with me when I say that parents expect the teachers to do the disciplining..which is quite unfair…

  11. FATZ says:

    Great post. As parents we play an very important roll in kids life. How we bring dem up dats da way dey will bring up der kids.

  12. FATZ says:

    Ples if possible can u give us a slight peak into da inlaws house. How dey keeping up with out fay as she has been doing everything frm cooking to cleaning. N now with chotikala n da bussiness dat ismail was running . Pleeeeese if its not asking 4 2much . Jzk for all da Ω̶ωƹڪ♥мƹ post. I absolutly L♥√ع ur blog.

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