part 90:

Ismails point of view…


Faaiza, the sweetheart that she is keeps insisting that we visit my mother….how do I break it to her that my mother asked me never to bring her there…..I have no idea why when faaiza has always made their lives so easy…she slogged like a dog for them for 6 years and now they don’t want her there…?.


Honestly I sometimes think my family was put on this earth to make everyones lives a living misery…they’re so full of themselves…they treat everyone else like they’re nothing, worthless and rubbish…they’re the type who if you don’t agree with their ways then you are stupid…its either their way..or no way….



To stop my love from nagging I finally gave in and said ok…I thought we’d just pop in quickly and make salaams..we don’t have to stay for that long…just to show that we do care…at some point I’m sure they’ll realise just how good faaiza is, just like I did after all these years….obviously no-one will say anything to faaizas face…they’ll just have to be nice…and maybe it will just ease the situation and break the ice that’s been created….or so I thought……and how wrong was I..


When we reached the house there were tons of cars…I recognised mamajees car and chotikhalas car, my dads car…but the other cars I didn’t recognise….


I was panicked…I wondered what had that split second I was so concerned that something had happened to one of my parents…at the same time I was angry that no-one called me to tell me there was something serious happening at home…but I was also very worried and hoped deep down that nothing had happened to anyone in my family….


I rushed out of the car leaving faaiza and the kids to get out themselves….I didn’t even bother locking the car and ran for my life…


However, when I neared the open front door I heard roars of laughter….everyone sounded so happy….so why was I panicking?I slowed down my pace and found my entire family on their way out of the front door….ready with handbags and all….dressed quite formal…


Everyone looked surprised at first to see me…like I just gate crashed a major event or something…


My sister kulsum was even here..all the way from P.E but I, who lived down the road, wasn’t called…I felt like a fool…..I was angry at faaiza at this moment for nagging me to come here…because now I looked the biggest idiot around….


I guess everyone had to greet and act normal and put up a good front….no-one even bothered to greet faaiza and the kids….until my mother showed me her true pride and arrogance….she looked at faaiza with so much of hatred in her eyes,,,,like she was looking at her greates enemy and then insulted her right there infront of everyone….


What surprised me more was that this gem of a wife of mine stood up for me and made herself look weak and stupid….she told them not to blame me…and took all the blame….I couldn’t firstly believe that for the first time in years fay had spoken out and stood up for herself…I was honestly proud of her for that…


Once she and the kids were gone I was angry…..they had the nerve to still invite me to go with them….apparently they were all going to eat out..they’d made reservations at adega for an early supper to celebrate the arrival of chotikhalas baby….


Me:”thanks!but I’m not in need of your last minute invitation…I’m not a beggar and haven’t come here to ask for anything……faaiza and I came to see our family….but I’ve come to realise that I have no family….my family threw me out of their house and out of their lives…its sad to see that my inlaws treat me better than my own rubbish family”


Mamajee:”watch your mouth there boy!don’t come here with your very high and mighty attitude and tell us about who treats you better…we are your family first you hear me!”


Me:”some great family you are….you know what your peoples problem is?you all have too much of damn pride and each one of you think you’re better than the next….but you all have your own deep dark secrets hidden but you choose to put up a fake front not realising that in a split second Allah can let out all your secrets and disgrace you in no time”(I glared at chotikhala when saying that)


My father:”oh now suddenly its Allah Allah….you think you read one jumu’ah and now suddenly you became some big buzrooq(saint) to tell us what Allah is going to do to us?you think we’re scared of you?”


My mother:”its that wife of his….she must have done some kind of jadoo(witchcraft) to him….look at him…she turned him into her..this is not my son talking….”


Me:”everyone that you don’t like doesn’t make jadoo mummy..get over it….first it was mamajees wife now faaiza?(I laughed Sarcastically and shook my head)….”


My mother looked at mamajee embarrassed

“Just shut up you disrespectful thing…you just here to cause trouble…you don’t know what you’re saying”


Chotikhala:”you know what, we don’t have time for all this nonsense…..we have somewhere else to be right now….let’s just carry on”


Ismail:”ya let me not stop you all from celebrating the birth of a haraami child who you’re depriving of its father….”


And I left them with that and walked away….suffice to say I was quite proud of my last statement…..but I was still extremely angry at my family….I couldve said much more but I chose to rather leave…I’d already been quarreling for 20 minutes while my wife and kids sat alone in the car…..


14 thoughts on “part 90:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    WAY 2 GO ISMAIL !!!! Finally realisin the true colours of ur family !!
    Truth always prevails !!
    Hope this just makes him mor firm on his faith in اللَّهُ

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  2. zay says:

    OH my. Hopefully Fay will realise that Ismail was not chatting to his family but arguing with them. WoW he really is changing n seeing who his family really are. KeeP up the awesome work Silentliving 😀

    • Jx soooo much sweety…

      Its sad but sumtyms men don’t tell their wives certain things for whatever reasons they have..if only they knew what a difference it could make to a womans sanity…

      Like if ismail just told would settle her thinking about how he can’t stand up for her…

  3. rooksana says:

    Wow ??? Ismail finally spoke out. Atleast he no wat his family is up to n wt kind of ppl dey r.
    Jzk 4 ismail pov. *hugs*

  4. Hmmmmm lol finally revealed what Ismail said to them for 20 mins. You never cease to amaze us. So happy Ismail stood up for Faaiza. Must have been so hard to see all his close family and be treated like a nothing. Why is it so easy to always blame the daughter-in-law……she was never good for them no matter how much she had slogged for them before…..Allah soften the hearts of many families who have hatred for one another.

  5. Sister A. says:

    Yaaay!!! WAY 2 GO ISMAIL ! Now tel Fayy wat hapend so she knows hw Ʋ feel abt ur family’s bhaviour 2wards her. Faaiza will b beter off not goin 2 her °̩и laws house anymor nw dat she knows hw dey feel abt her. Thnx dear author 4 givin us Ismail’s P.O.V.
    Pleeeezzzz tel us wats latest °̩и Salma’s lyf. Hugs.

  6. zana says:

    Yay way to go to ismail. U really are becoming a better person. Alhamdullilah
    Please do tell faaiza.
    Sometimes that is all we ladies need to hear that our beloved stood up for us.
    Im sure they were shocked to hear his relevation

  7. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wow wat a family,phew!!!
    Ismail should clarify to fay wat he was doin for 20mins,it wud make her feel a lot better..some1 is finally on her side 🙂

  8. FATZ says:

    Waow dat was a lng deserved mouth full. Dey needed dat a lng lng tym ago . So proud of Isi. Way to go show dem who’s da man.!!!!! Loving every bit .

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