just a note for all:

After feeling the pain that my dear sister in islam(author of ‘journey into the unknown’) had been experiencing lately I decided to write a few words of encouragement for the authors and a few words of advice for the readers at the same time….


Firstly writing a fictional blog is no easy task what so ever….we as authors have lives to lead…some of us have kids,husbands, homes,jobs and many other responsibilities to see to on a daily basis….


Most of us have taken to writing as a hobby….to those of you who understand what a hobby is, you will surely understand that all your time is not given towards your hobby..rather abit of your free time is given to it…and when responsibilities are to be fulfilled…then responsibilities are obviously given priority over a hobby….


We write because we enjoy to….these sites are free, we’re not paying to use them and readers are not paying to visit them….(Unless you have data plans)….


So I just cannot understand the fact of people constantly complaining of either someones writing style, grammar, punctuality of posts or even wanting to take it a step further and publish a book….


My sentiments are that if you don’t like a certain blog for whatever reason it is, kindly unfollow and don’t ever visit the site again…don’t put people down for what they work so hard towards….


For example ‘surviving life’ was also one of the best…and she clearly mentioned in the very beginning of her blog that it has been her dream to publish this book but was not given the opportunity…so when Allah finally gave her the opportunity people had a heart attack about it…


Guji girl was the first, relatable was another amazing one…..but due to their own personal responsibilities, they cannot post as often as they used to…and now its become such a problem…..


I think all authors deserve a major pat on the back for taking the initiative and giving us so much to read, enjoy and learn from….


If it wasn’t for all the amazing blogs out there, I would never have the courage to start my own blog…and after I’ve been put down and totally been treated unfairly about my ntentions of my previous blog, I would never have the courage to pick myself up once again and start something new…


As writers we need to remind ourselves everyday, that we don’t live for anyone….we don’t do anything to please insaan…we do it to please our creator..everything we write, even if its fictional or entertaining…should please Allah and have some kind of meaning or lesson to it…


If anyone feels like they don’t want to read a blog due to some reason known only to them…its entirely their business…and for every one person that unfollows….there’s a hundred more that will follow…..


The same goes for rich girlz closet….they tried so hard to bring out the realities of life…..the things they mention in their blog really happens, but people are too blind to realise it…..we live with our eyes closed and only see what we wish to….


So to the authors once again……don’t give up..and write whatever your heart wishes to…


To the readers…enjoy what you’re getting and let the authors know how much you really appreciate their time….


Without authors there will be no blogs…and without readers too there will also be no blogs….


So we all can work hand in hand and enjoy every moment of it all…..


53 thoughts on “just a note for all:

  1. Aarefah says:

    So true JazakAllah for bringing this up a lot of readers are being ungrateful and some are acting like they doing the authours a favour by reading wherein the reality is the authours are keeping us entertained and educating us. May Allah accept the efforts of all the writers and reward them abundantly Aameen

  2. zana says:

    Well said author.
    Jazakallah for all the time and effort you and all the other writer’s put into every post. We really do learn something or at times remember things that we’re supposed to be doing
    We really appreciate it (big hugs) mwah.

    • *beeg hugs back*

      Jx….we really do learn a lot from blogs…I was just thinkin yesterday about how much its improved me as a person….we can use these mediums for good too

  3. razia says:

    Well said:) Jazakallah for your time and effort. Its really appreciated. Its so true many of us can relate to some of the issues brought up in some way or the other. Shukran once again 🙂 keep it up

  4. sister/in/islam says:

    Absolutely true !! I commend U dearest Author and all other authors of blogs !! It takes guts and hard work – its not easy being a writer – and every1 has good days and bad days , some days u mite write sooo beautifully and some days u may just hav soo much difficulty – but one thing – ur intention must ALWAYS b for اللَّهُ pleasure !! and always write wat comes from ur heart !! Don’t let readers sway ur decisions !!
    ‎​​ما شاء الله
    Keep up the superb job that u all r doin !!

    أحبّكِ في اللّه
    <3ℓσvҽ u 4d şη̵kҽ σƒ Αℓℓη̵ђ<3
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Well said author..penning a blog is no easy job n we readers dont realise that..jzk khair to all the bloggers out there for providing us with so much reading material,comedy,entertainment,suspense n bits of all genres,basically..
    1 argument from the readers point of view would be that theres a comment bar at the bottom of each post where each reader is free to put in their opinions..not every1 will like every post therefore you’ll get the negative n positive comments..in a way the authors can learn from the negative comments,n change the relevant issues to suit the readers..they say u learn from ur mistakes 🙂
    However end of the day there’s no pleasing the readers..i read journey into the unknown,n iv seen how readers r puttin the poor author down..mayb its not 1 reader..if theres like 50ppl reading,1 will want drama,1 wont,1 will want somethin entirely different..so wateva the author writes,there wil b at least 1 person disagreeing..it might not b the same ppl disagreeing every time..
    End of the day whatever the authors write should be for the sole aim of pleasing Allah Ta’ala..so long as u havnt done wrong in the eyes of Allah,doesnt matter what ppl say..its a hard bitter way of learning ikhlaas,n if I was an author,i might hav given up by now..
    Thumbs up to all u authors out there for carrying on n not giving up under all the negativity..ur absolutely right for every 1hater,there wil b 100 likers..so stick in there,Allah will reward u all for ur efforts inshaAllah..
    Ok,iv gone on n yawn..better stop my ramblings lol..duas n hugs!!!xxx

  6. Sister A. says:

    Very well said. Heads up 2 all the wonderfull Authors out there. جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا for all the effort & time put °̩и to the blogs. People should appreciate the fact that although writing is your hobby,url are sharing ur stories with whoever wishes to read dem. Providing us with free reading, entertainment … ɪ̇Ƒ anybody does not like any blog they must stop reading it. Constructive critisism is 1 thing & running pepl down is sumtin else. To the authors, unfortunately, we have a sick society . Wenever someone does sumthin wel ,there are always others who are out to bring that person down. Those pepl lack self esteem & the ability to do anything worth while °̩и life themselves. I say to you, IGNORE the flak & negativity & carry on. YOU Ӑℓℓ are doin a Gr8 job !!!!!! XOXO!

    • Thanx so much for understanding and motivating us…..its people that think like you that make us strong and want to continue….authors get a lot of crap from certain ppl..but that’s because others are just either jealous or have something against the author..or just pure spitefulness…

  7. rooksana says:

    Well sed !!! Masha allah. Jzk 4 tkn out time 4 da blog. Dnt wri everythg will fall into place insha allah. *HUGS* kep up da good work

  8. aaliyah says:

    I have not commented before on this blog but I will jst like to say that wh at ever u hav just said is 100% correct ,also that ur blog is totally aswum keep up the great work

  9. muslima.m says:

    Miss authoress ,
    Well put , we as readers have a right to voice our comments but we should bear in mind how we say and what we say . I believe u cannot please everyone but you definatly please us , journey into the unknown is also doing a fqntastic job.

    There are always those who hate on others for having the courage to do what they are afraid of doing.
    Jzk for inspiring us

  10. namz says:

    salam sister i m comenting first time on this bolg realy very nice keep it up we r always with u we learnig so much and realy its inspiring jazkillah and duas

  11. Unknown says:

    So true👍we need to appreciate the efforts of our sisters because like us they also have lives- but sadly u can never pls ppl – please dear authors write because you want to and what u want to, u r in no way answerable to the readers- Jazakallah

  12. missyzi says:

    It is said, whoever isnt grateful to the creation will never be grateful to ALLAH SWT.
    And so, thanx to all the amazing authors. You all doing a great job. Keep it up. X

  13. Faati says:

    Slmz….Jazakallah dear author for raising the concern, its really annoying and frustrating to read comments on certain blogs, people are never satisfied, and always criticising the Authors*sad*
    To all dose critics, and those that have nasty comments firsly they should try writing a blog.
    And it’s defenitly not easy…
    A big thank you to all authors and to u our beloved author. ..
    U guys are doing a great job..
    I was never a person to read a book, and now I’m totally hooked onto Uls super awesome blogs..
    Jazakallah so much, may Allah reward you in this world and the Aakirah, n may Allah fullfill all your dreams and desires. ..

  14. taz says:

    Alhamdulillah! As I’ve always commented on Surviving- Well done to our Local bloggers! Ur goal is to continue your passion no matter how many mosquitoes are buZzzzzing! Our job is to SUPPORT u all! Remember u will always be viewed negatively only by negative people so learn to Observe n not Absorb, ul go crazy if you sponge off all the craep from ignorant minds. Leave them, its their stuff, don’t make ur luggage heavy by carrying their stuff in ur head or ur shoulders. You r not here to be liked or measured by ur grammar. U r here to honour Yourself either fulfilling a dream or hobby. If you r happy n ur Allah is happy then that’s all that matters. Ignore their negative comments n theyl find someone else to trouble. Donot allow urself to create an opening for their negativity to consume you. Darkness cannot penetrate Light so if u remain strong n positive ur in Light n totally Protected. Feeling down creates an opening for negative entities n they’ve achieved what they set out to: Break U. Don’t let them win… U Bigger than that. Remember: Silence is the Best Reply to a Fool. However, send them Light n with Allahs mercy may they be drawn to His Light. Much Love xx

  15. Aww sister, Jazakallah for the message. It means so much to me. I really really appreciate your support over these past few days. Thank you for this message because it gives insight into the lives of the authors and when people comment they need to think of the effect it has on the author. May Allah take you from strength to strength and continue with this awesome blog 🙂 once again thank you for all your support and all your words of encouragement, it means so much to me 🙂

    • You most welcome and we are sisters in the end of the day..nabi(s.a.w) taught us that the pain of our muslim sister should be our pain aswel…
      Maaf I did read your comment as soon as it came through but I just didn’t get a chance to approve it on the blog

  16. ........ says:

    Jazakallah to the two amazing authoress for the two wonderful blogs. Forever a mess up and dessert rose. Although I do read the other blogs these two are the most inspiring blogs, a lot of lessons to be learnt from it. Well done. Jazakallah.

  17. amy says:

    slms. i am sooo happy to read this post. and wish that all authors post it on their sites.. It gets me so angry wen ppl post negative comments. there will be some ppl who are never pleased with anything.. but jus ignore them. and as u said everyone has a life.. blogging isnt the only thing u do. jus wish that ppl would be more understanding. jazaakAllah.. and would also like to say that i love ur blog and keep up the good work..

  18. May Allah reward you, Sister, for always being so supportive and sticking up for fellow bloggers. May you be rewarded for always reading and appreciating the blogs that have taken a lot of effort and energy to write. You also know the challenges facing us and the readers. Stay as sweet and inspiring as you are.

  19. FATZ says:

    I second dat . U so right . A absoluty admire all those who writes dese blogs. I really don’t knw how u guys do it. But always keeping us @ our wits with suspence.

  20. anonymous says:

    Started reading this blog a few days ago and still busy reading..
    It’s Awesome!!
    Keep up the great work
    May اللَّه accept and grant all the authors istiqamat

  21. As salamu alai Kum! I can so relate to each word. *pat on their backs* to every author out there. Indeed, it is not easy to pen down words and indeed we are here to please only our Makers 🙂

    You have a beautiful blog! ❤ looking forward to read more

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