part 88:

Before we could even reach the front door which was already open we could hear quite abit of laughter…we slowed down our pace because if everyone was laughing there couldn’t really be anything major to be so concerned about…


When we reached the door, everyone was standing in the entrance ready to leave the house….


When I say everyone, I mean literally everyone of the family…chotikhala and her baby, both my sister in laws rukaya and kulsum with their husbands and rukayas kids, mamajee..ofcourse without his wife and daughter…damn even bari khala was there with her husband….


Everyone looked stunned to see us and my mother in laws smile immediately vanished from her plastered face….


Kulsum:”ismail bhai…I haven’t seen you in ages…where are you hiding?look at how you look..poor thing….you’re getting sooo thin”


Like really?I was cooking for my husband in my mother in laws house, so what’s any different now?I’m still cooking for the man….


Funny enough, nobody bothered to greet me or my was as if though we were totally invisible to them…I was actually starting to think I was really invisible until my mother in law sneered at ismail…

“What is she doing here?(Pointing at me with her pinnochio nose)…I thought I made it very clear that she’s not welcome in my house..”


What?that’s why ismail kept on refusing me….that’s why he insisted on coming on his own…


For the first time in my life I felt so small and useless…but something gave me courage..maybe it was all the anger burning up inside of me…


Me:”maaf!!!please don’t take it out on poor ismail…its not his fault….its mine….I insisted that he brings me with to visit….now I truly regret it..I’m very sorry…..but don’t worry….you won’t be seeing any of me here ever again….”


I dumped the dessert in ismails hands who was still shocked that I had opened my mouth…and I dragged my kids along with me to the car….by the time I reached the car I was trembling…


Was that really me..?did I just stand up for myself?for the first time faaiza had the guts to say something…?I felt like patting myself on my back..but I was really annoyed at the same time…


Ismail didn’t follow us to the car….we waited for around 20 minutes before he came to the car….I was breathing heavily and my chest was starting to tighten….


I hate these people..I honestly do…I’ve been nothing but good to them but all they’ve ever done was hurt me….I mean I didn’t have to come here…I was peaceful where I was….but I thought it to be my duty..and here I was getting belittled infront of everyone…


They are all having a jolly good family get together without their only son..the whole family seemed to be together besides ismail…


At first my heart was sore for him…but now I was angry at him…because here we’re sitting in the car while he’s having fun laughing and talking to his stupid family that just totally ignored his wife and kids…


What kind of a man is he?to just stand there listening to me standing up for myself infront of all those people?


I was burning inside..I felt like jumping off the car and rather walking home….but just as that thought came to mind I saw ismail nearing the car looking rather furious…


He mustnt even think of starting with me….because today I’ve had enough! Today I’m on a roll and I’m not going to keep quiet with him..I don’t care what the outcome is…..


Ismail jumped in the car angrily and banged the door closed……


34 thoughts on “part 88:

  1. zana says:

    Good for you faaiza. Sometimes u need to speak out
    I just hope ismail doesn’t hurt you or the kids.
    His family really doesn’t care.
    Would love to hear if he defended faaiza to his so called family

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    What heartless ppl !! Really , may اللَّهُ grant us all hidayat … But ppl r goin thru’ dis everyday – may اللَّهُ open their eyes n take away the pride they have ( cos that’s wats causin all this hatred ) – ‎​​​آمين
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  3. nafissa says:

    I also guess,Ismail was defending Faaiza,n it was a perfect chance to clear Faaiza’s name.
    Can u imagine all d rumours about Faaiza ?????

  4. yumz says:

    Finally Fay it may be like 10 years toooo late bt atleast u finally standing up for yourself. i hope Ismail is angry coz he finally stood up to his mother and stood by his wife. soooo glad for you Fay high fives. like they say in the alcoholic world “GIVE THAT GIRL A BELL’S”. JazakALLAH Miss Author for dedicating half the post to me lol much appreciated.

  5. Al says:

    Aai eh eh! Ms Author, its not fair how u end each post with so much suspense! ): …more gripping than Oscar’s trial! 😉

  6. Sister A. says:

    Way 2 go girl!!! Its abt tym Faaiza stood up 2 dem. Dey took advantage of her 4 way too long. Ismail probably defended her wen he stayd bhind. Waitin 2 hear wat he’s gona say.

    • You can’t always sit still and allow people to treat you like rubbish….once in a while open your mouth…and then also, in moderation and don’t say anything you may regret oneday

  7. a95r says:

    Wow, way to go, faaiza!!
    Don’t know yet with who ismails angry or about what.
    Must be terribly hard for him.. his mother being how she is, but at the end of the day she is his mother…. His wife wanting to do the right thing and visit, but he loves her and wants to protect her from his mothers tongue… And he has kids who have to witness all of this… And to top it all the WHOLE family gathers and no one tells him, they go to visit and What happened in the house?????? Just can’t wait for next post.

  8. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wow finally! About time fay gave her inlaws a piece of her mind!!!
    I foresee fireworks!!! *hide* I think ismail was defendin her to his fam,hope she doesnt assume things n blow up at him..dnt wana see the old ismail surface again..

  9. zana says:

    Ismail us surprising us all the time. He might just surprise us and show us just how much hr loves fay. (I know wishful thinking)

  10. Aarefah says:

    Arghh! These people are mad no words to describe them ! I hope Ismail defended her. Thrilling post as always 🙂 AL is right its more gripping than oscar haha =))

  11. Anonymous says:

    This kind of thing, does happen in real life, I’m speaking from experience. Insha Allah one day I’ll have the courage to stand up for myself and children. Its only possible though if you have your husband to back you up. I hope that’s the case with Fay.

    • Honestly you should…don’t just keep quiet..but do it in a respectable manner and without screaming…you don’t have to be mean but just straight forward..however you’re very right….it makes a difference when your husband stands by you..may Allah make it such that your hubby stands by you always and sees the truth on his own just like ismail did….be as strong as you are 🙂

    • The days I don’t have much work maybe I could try for 2..but my worry is that I’ll run out of things to write about..I don’t want my story to end up being monotonous….deff the days I reach certain targets youl get an extra post inshalah

  12. Al says:

    “I put it to you” (as Oscar’s lawyer would say 😉 ) that I have a feeling that Fay gonna get all worked up and then she’s gonna get some kind of an attack or severe pain and then she must go doc and then doc say she must go hospital and then…and then…and then…shew!

  13. FATZ says:

    That rude cow. The dessert shud have been smashed in he face. N dhose fake sisters . Wat goes around cums around. Lyk da saying goes “every dog has its day “.

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