part 86:


And finally…….post 5 for today….enjoy everyone!



Sundays are supposed to be a chilled out day….well that’s what everyone says…I never really knew the meaning of that as I’ve always lived with my inlaws…and always had to be up to prepare for breakfast and lunch…


Now that we were out of the hell hole….it felt incredible to be able to sleep till late on a sunday…I was dead after fajr…I didn’t know and didn’t even care about what the time was…and my block out lining that I had on my room windows just helped this even further…and not forgetting this baby that was turning me into sleeping beauty…or ugly …or whatever…


When my eyes finally opened…I stretched and enjoyed myself just laying on the bed staring at the ceiling….to my surprise ismail was also still sleeping…


Unfortunately I couldn’t lay like that for too long because the nausea started and I was forced to jump out of bed and straight to the bathroom…..


That yellowish crap that comes out just make me more nauseous…..


I left ismail sleeping..he needed it..he’s worked hard this week…


I went downstairs and had a cup of tea in the meantime…I’ll make us some yummy egg bread when ismail gets up…


Thank goodness dadi and them are staying with us so I don’t have to worry about the kids…if they’re up before us, dadi will definitely make sure they’ve eaten…no doubt…


Twins:(running down the stairs to hug me)”assalaamu alaykum mama”


Me:”wa’alaykum salaam sweethearts…you guys already all dressed?(Raising my eyebrow)”


Riyaad:’jee mama..dadi was worried about you because we told her how sick you were yesterday so she bathed us and dressed us finish..”


Raadiya:”and dada wants to take us with them for shopping…please can we go…”


Me:(smile)”jee my love…you can go…but no being naughty okay….and don’t nag for anything…please!”


Once I greeted them all, it was almost 11 and ismail was still asleep..I decided to call the samoosa princess and find out how it went yesterday…


Me:”soooo?is this the last one because you’re fed-up?or because he’s ‘the one’?”


Salma:”wellll…..(Giggle)…he was a really nice guy…he’s doing civil engineering..he’s actually finishing up ths year..they’re well off…shukr, he’s already busy building his own house for when he does find the right one..he’s also been on tons of samoosa runs…but every girl is always too fancy or just not his type….”


Me:”you sound like you’re interested?”


Salma:”I don’t know..we got along really well….we were supposed to only speak for 10 minutes but ended talking for half an hour until my annoying brat of a brother had to come and tell us to stop(giggling)”


Me:”and you were so disappointed!”


Salma:”shut up!his not a green or blue eyed hunk…but his good looking enough to wake up next to in the morning….and…..(Pause)”




Salma:”they already called back last night….as soon as they got home…they were probably discussing me in the car…aaargh!”


Me:”and that’s a bad thing?”Lol




Me:”but?what answer did you give?are you finally getting hitched sal?(Fake tear)”


Salma:”no doofus..I can’t show them how desperate I am….(Laugh)….my mother told them that she’ll call them back as soon as she’s discussed with us….”


Me:”what does your family say about him?”


Salma:”well my mother seems quite pleased to be having a civil engineer as a son inlaw…like she even knows what that is..but I suppose its sounds fancy enough to boast to all her friends about..”




Salma:”what?its true…and my father got along great with his father…the common factor there was that they were both fishing fanatics…grrrr”


Me:”(giggle)…and what about you monkey?”


Salma:”well the plus factor is that his mother was really soft and sweet….and yessss!!!!he has no sisters!he has one brother though who’s younger than him….”


Me:”can you get to the point of how you feel and what’s your answer going to be please……….”


Salma:”well considering all of that………”


And the phone cut



34 thoughts on “part 86:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Quite a coincidence hey dear author !! The fone HAD2 get cut on post 5 of 5 !!!!…………………… Ooooooh NOOooooooOoooooooooo
    As usual something juicy 2 look forward 2 !!
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚
    Enjoy ur nite – waitin patiently for 2moro

  2. zana says:

    What happened to the phone line.
    All the best salma in making your decision. Dont forget to read the short istighara dua all the time
    Jazakallah author forvthe 5 lovely posts today.

  3. Faati says:

    Hope fay gets wel soon,
    Salma sounds really interested in this guy, i wonder who he is?
    Jazakallah author for all the lovely posts.. .
    Awww Soooo sad that today was the last of 5post a day.. ..will definitely miss them.. .
    Thank you-Jazakallah-Shukran, for all the times u gave us 5 posts ….*hugs*
    we defenitly still enjoy and appreciate each and every post, and patiently await the surprise posts..

  4. a95r says:

    Just wondering, how are her mil and sil managing without her? Buying rotis and savouries or doing without them? Or *shocked face* making themselves???

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Aaarghh,nooooo!!! I feel the frustration fay is prob feeling!! Lol..wat a time for the phone to get cut!!!
    Jzk khair author for the 5 posts,really enjoyed them!!! *hugs*

  6. yumz says:

    how could you leave us hanging like that. im really thoroughly enjoying this blog hey and i cant wait for the next post. btw Fays doctor sounds sooo sweet if only all muslim femaledoctors can be that way. i just have to say that you doing a really great job with this blog even though i relly liked your other one. i have so many comments like all the time but i just dont have the time to comment after reading lol. i think your blog is amazing because it may be fictional but it deals with real issues for real people and i love that.i have to say that i learn something with every single post whether islamic or not. i am so glad that you are not afraid to just say it like it is because thats your opinion and whether the reader likes it or not thats just how you feel.For example when you said you dont believe in any social media coz havin a pic of someone elses husband as their pro pic on your phone is just not on. i like your honesty. I o hope that i can someday be as strong as you are coz this may be a fictional story but Sumaya and Fay have alota similarities. i dont even know if this comment made any sense lol but i do hope that you understand lol *closed eyes* I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog.

    • I really love love love love ur comment…:))) jx soooo much…u were always a great reader…even with my previous blog….jx soooo much for all ur support…and we love u lots even if u don’t get tym to comment..I totally understand how hectic life gets….*beeeeeeg hugs*

  7. muslima.m says:

    Slmz ,
    I really learn a lot from this blog , i ask myself how does faiza manage to go through all the things she has and still manage to be so thankful and hopeful. May Allah grant us all the wisdom and understanding she has.
    Miss authoress keep up the great work , look forward to your blog daily!
    Big hugs

    • Jx so much and big hugs straight back at u….

      Fay is fictional…its really hard for any of us to actually be like her..but not Impossible..if we try hard enough inshalah it can work

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