part 85:


Post 4 of 5 for today…


As ismail was driving I was about to start nagging about stopping over at his mum when I suddenly felt a severe cramp in my lower abdomen…


I just held my breath in and closed my eyes..I clenched my fists until the pain subsided…


Ismail:”babes?what’s wrong?are you okay?(Panicked)”


Me:”yeah..yeah(breathing out slightly but still in abit of pain)…I should be ok..I just have a slight cramp..”


Ismail:”should I take you to the doctor?maybe you’re in labour”


In all the pain I was I couldn’t help but laugh..

“Babes! I’m only 9 weeks pregnant(still holding stiff).”


Ismail drove home as fast as possible and wanted to help me get out…he wasn’t used to this kind of thing but I reassured him that it was wasn’t anything serious


Raadiya:”mama are you okay”


Me:”yes my love..I’ll be just fine…mamas tummys just abit upset..nothing serious…”


To put my mind at ease I decided to call my doctor…..


Dr:”salaams sweety….”


Me:”doc I’m having abit of spotting since yesterday….umm…err…after…err…we had …err…intercourse….and I’m getting abit of cramps too…any idea what could be causing this?I’m so sorry to bother you on a saturday but I never had this issue in my last pregnancy”


Dr:”no problem call me at any time okay..don’t worry whether its a saturday or sunday…the spotting and cramps could be normal…the spotting is probably due to your cervix being abit sensitive…nothing to really worry about…however I’d like you to get a little bit more rest..I know with having other kids its abit tough but that’s the only way..complete rest for about 2-3 hours with your legs up okay…”




Dr:”I know how you are(light laugh)…but you need to…especially for the next 3 weeks because miscarriages occur mostly between 9 and 12 weeks of pregnancy…”


Me:”oh okay…”


Dr:”and one more thing sweety…keep on a pad or panty liner and just monitor the bleeding..if it changes from light pink to a deep red or starts flowing abit then please come to me immediately…”



10 thoughts on “part 85:

  1. zana says:

    Oh no. I do hope faaiza and baby are okay. More stress hope she takes it really easy 😟 Ismail is so attentive. May he always stay like that

    • Aren’t many of us guilty of that?we tend to be so busy with our responsibilities that we hardly ever have time for ourselves…thank goodness for blogs….cos now atleast I get time for myself abit…:D

  2. Sister A. says:

    Faaiza needs 2 rest as her Dr instructd. She must tk it easy as she has supprt dis tym. Don’t stress hav a rest Fayy!

  3. a95r says:

    Hope she’s going to be ok. Plz faaiza listen to doc, its hard to rest in bed, especially with kids but sometimes u just have to do it for your health

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Hahaha lol,labour??? Yep shows how clueless men r..n 1st trimester is most crucial,we hav to look after ourselves most..helps wen we hav an understandin hubby alhamdulillah…

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