part 84:


Post 3 of 5 for today…



Saturday was salmas samoosa run..she wasn’t even nervous or stressed out…she was unusually chilled out…


Salma:”what do you expect after doing this stupid thing for soooo long now..almost every damn weekend…my nervousness has also gone numb”


Me:”(laugh)….that just sounds weird..but I get what you’re saying….but like I said…Allah knows what’s best..I’m making you a raffaello mousse and will drop off as soon as I’m done…”


Salma:”why don’t you just stay and give me some moral support”


Me:”oh no please!I don’t want to be any part of anyones samoosa runs thanks!besides….ismails off on weekends so….”


Salma:”ya ya…I get need to be his tail….”


Me:”(laugh)I can literally see you rolling your eyes through the phone”


Salma:”you getting good at these phone conversations…for a person that hasn’t used one in years…”


Me:”I was just deprived…not dumb you know..anyway….run along now princess of the samoosas….will pop in later…”


Salma:”see ya…..!”


I finished up the dessert and asked ismail to take me quickly to drop the dessert off…I had made an extra bowl and suggested that we all stop over at his mums as one big happy family and show them that we still care…


Ismail:”eish babes…I’m not in the mood to go there….and you don’t have to come you know…I’ll go one of the days with the kids….just not today..”


Me:”no babes….I’m coming with….I don’t want to give them any more reason to talk about me…please let’s just go today…I’ve already made the dessert..”


Ismail:”so what?we can eat it…no big deal..its not like its going to go to waste”


After arguing for a very long time ismail asked me to get ready so he could take me to drop the dessert off at salmas house..


I popped in for a few minutes but didn’t take too long as ismail was waiting in the car and I was worried that he might get annoyed and then we’ll have an unnecessary fight again..


When I got to the car, ismail and the kids were busy playing some silly game on his phone…they were enjoying themselves and didn’t even realise I was gone..I shouldve taken a little longer then…lol


We don’t usually allow our kids to play games or anything on our phones…once in a while when we are around ismail allows them for an approximate of 15 minutes each and that also under our supervision…the only games ismail downloads for them are educational ones…


I’ve seen kids glued to their parents phones and i-pads etc….there’s war when its taken away…kids as small as 3 and 4…like really?….there should be some kind of discipline..everything needs to be done in moderation…


Besides….so many of these games encourage violence and all sorts of things and then we want to question why our kids act out in certain ways…

11 thoughts on “part 84:

  1. Aarefah says:

    Its so true these games totally corrupt the kids minds. That why they are so violent and rebellious now dayS. It also makes them very inactive.

  2. zana says:

    Its so scary how the kids get glued to these electronic devices.
    Its hard to say you allow them use all these gadgets. But with there friends who have them they know all about it.
    At the end of the day you Have to control the usage on whatever they using

  3. a95r says:

    Salma the princess of samoosas!! Lol.
    So true about games, on phones or computers. Action movies, video games and whatever they are, they all have an impact on the child, it has an effect on how he/she thinks, talks and behaves. And then parents question why? But who bought those games? Who allowed them to play or watch such things?
    May Allah make it easy for us to bring up children the proper way. آمين.

    • Ameen!….that’s where my motto comes in….”I blame the parents ALWAYS!”…even with regards to dressing….a parent will complain of how their daughters are dressing…but who buys them the clothes or gives them the money and freedom to buy the clothes……?

  4. Sister A. says:

    So true ! With the advancement of technology our children r being xposed 2 so much. Parents hav 2 kp a careful watch over der kids wen dey use computers, cellfones… Children shud not b allowed 2 use dese freely witout parental supervision. °̩и my opinion children under 18 shud not b given der own cellfones.

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Yea very true..the worst is when ppl give BABIES their phones as toys!!! The radiation from phones is so harmful,n esp to babies! We’re corruptin our kids all the while thinkin we’re spoiling them so sad!

    • Yes…I truly hate it wen I get a call from sumone who doesn’t even no their fone has dialled me and then they sms afterwards saying sorry it was my baby playing with the fone…like really..y was the baby playing with ur cellphone in the first

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