part 83:


Post 2 of 5 for today…sad to let you all know that this will be the last set of 5 posts in one day….as from today there will only be 1 post a day and an extra post for any extra goals I achieve…:))



After jumuah lunch I was feeling terribly tired..the kids don’t have madressah on a friday so I asked them to play a little in the playroom while I take a short nap…


I couldn’t actually fall asleep as I wasn’t used to napping in the afternoon…so I picked up my phone and googled the 9th week of pregnancy…I was last pregnant 6 years ago so I couldn’t remember much and I needed to find out if how I was feeling was normal or not..all I wanted to do was sleep..I had absolutely no energy compared to my normal self..


It was so amazing to learn how Allah ta’aalah created us from absolutely nothing…


I learnt that at this moment in my 9th week was when my little baby was developing eyes…but they were still closed shut by its eyelids…and the outer ears are still busy being formed…


I also learnt that the cramps I’ve been getting in my lower abdomen were quite normal as my uterus is now expanding..our uterus is usually the size of a fist when we’re not pregnant…and by now it should be around the size of a grapefruit…


but one thing that’s bothering me is that I’ve experienced abit of spotting again today but I’m sure its just probably because of the previous infection I had..I’m going to give it another few days..I’m sure it should clear soon…


But for some strange reason I’ve seen spotting every time ismail and I become abit intimate..after intercourse…that’s why I decided to google and check if everythings in order…


Its such an embarrassing thing to be discussing with anyone..I’m not used to discussing my ‘behind the scenes’ with anyone….


I’m just panicking for nothing…get over yourself fay…!there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having intercourse during pregnancy…I’ve done it in my last pregnancy…and every woman can’t make her husband possibly starve for 9 months..that’s ridiculous….when a man wants, its now!otherwise we doomed…


Even islam teaches us that we can’t refuse our husbands when they need to fulfil their needs…if they come to us and we decline for whatever reasons, the angels curse us until the morning…may Allah save us…!


8 thoughts on “part 83:

  1. zana says:

    Faiza you better go to the dr and have it checked.
    May allah give us all ths strength to be there for our husbands when they need us

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