part 80:


This post is dedicated to ‘proudly muslimah’…because she asked so nicely I decided to post another one…also I don’t know if I’ll manage to post again enjoy..!



Me:”so deary?thanks for fetching the kids from school for me today!”


Salma:”oh very funny madam…..what were you trying?are you crazy or something?”


Me:(laughing like a mad person)….”I swear it wasn’t planned…we plan and Allah plans..but Allah is the best of planners(laugh)…and besides…don’t act like you weren’t happy to see him….”




Me:”oh my god woman!I can actually see you blushing right through the phone!”


Salma:”oh get over yourself!I am soooo not blushing”


Me:”yes you are!…so anyway tell me…what happened?”


Salma gave me the whole load down of what happened at the school..I was soooo happy for her…


Me:”so you’re ready for another samoosa run?”


Salma:”depends with who..”


me:”aqeel obviously….”


Salma:”no way..give the guy a break! Its not even a week that he’s divorced..he needs time to heal….”


Me:”how do you expect him to heal without someone helping him to heal?(Sarcastic)”


Salma:”no fay…please..I can’t…what will people say?that we were having something going that’s why he divorced his wife..please I don’t want complications….and besides..there may be someone else coming this weekend from rustenburg to see me(sigh)…I’m just really sick and tired of these things…”


Me:”hey whatevers meant to be will happen in due time…just have sabr”


Salma:”all I’m saying is that this is the last one..I’m not doing anymore after this…its really emotionally tiring…then however it wants to happen it will happen….(Pause)…fay?do you think I’m maybe abit too fussy?”


Me:”actually sweety…its to do with your whole should be can’t just choose anyone that comes along just because you’re desperate to get married….”


Salma:”I think my mothers getting just as fed up..but with me..we fight constantly lately….she says im refusing so many proposals and oneday Allahs going to close my doors for me… then what?I don’t want to be alone my whole life you know…”


Me:”you won’t be alone your whole life…and that nonsense of your doors closing because you refusing every proposal is all excess baggage that our forefathers brought from india…there’s no such a thing…our doors don’t close unless Allah wants it to close…your partner is written out for you so obviously you’ll only accept the proposal of the one Allah wants you to….”


Salma:”how are you so wise?(Giggle)”


Me:”because I’m me?(Smile)….anyway…let me run…..good luck with your samoosa run this weekend…let me know how it goes..and if this guys not the one..then…(Pause)….aqeel shall be waiting(giggle)…”


Salma:”goooodBYE FAY!(Laugh)..I’ll call you soon…love you…salaams”




26 thoughts on “part 80:

  1. Faatimah‎​♡ says:

    This blog is super awesome i read from part 1 till 78 in one day that’s how intresting this blog is.. Keep up the wonderful job outhor!*hugs* hope the next post is soon.. Xoxo

    • Jx soooo much…keep following and don’t feel shy to pass on any suggestions…I try to keep it realistic…I’m over the fantasy world stage of my life a long time ago

  2. Sister A. says:

    Patience Salma, evrytin takes its course °̩и da appropriate tym.
    PLEEEEEZZZZ giv Aqeel a chance he may b da 1 4u.

  3. St says:

    We cant wait till monday- how am i gonna fall asleep tonite😓😥
    Lol just joking at least sumting to look forward to

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Its true,whoeva Allah has written for her is who she’ll marry..lets c whether her mr.right is aqeel or mr.rustenburg 😉

  5. zana says:

    That’s with everything in life we can want it sp much but if will only be when allah wants it.
    Salma hang in there. Allah will give u what your heart desires😛

  6. sister/in/islam says:

    Ooh soo cute der frendship is !!!
    And its true – no matter how many guys come 2 see a gal , whoeva is destined for her will come – even if he’s number 100 !!! Hopin dats NOT salma’s case – ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…
    Hav a good weekend every1 !!!

  7. rooksana says:

    Soo sori I’m not commenting ws sooo hectic weekend. My aunty in hosp had an heart attack. I request all 2 mk dua 4 her. Insha allah. Ameen

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