part 79:

We concluded our conversation with masood and excused ourselves…we had to get back home soon as ismail needed to drop the kids of at madressah and get back to work….


On our way I couldn’t stop thinking about chotikhala and what she’s doing…its just so wrong…to deprive a child of their father….to deprive a father of his child…its just so unfair…


Me:”so what are we going to do babes to help masood out?”




Me:”nothing?what do you mean nothing babes?its so unfair that she’s doing this to the poor guy…”


Ismail:”its not our business love….I’ve had enough drama in my life till now…I need normality…I never realised that life can be so calm and peaceful…until we moved out and moved in with dada and dadi..I just want peace..I don’t want to get involved anywhere unnecessarily…”


Me:”you’re right..but…”


Ismail:”no buts love..please let’s not take on the responsibilities of people that don’t matter to us..”




Just then ismails phone was aqeel……after he’d put the phone down he was laughing to himself…


Me:”and now?what was that all about?”


Ismail:”so they both pitched up at the school together…(Laugh)..and they think we planned it..”


Me:”(laughing)…(Silent) is aqeel doing after all the drama?”


Ismail:”he’s really strong like that…guys are somewhat different to women…we can just pick ourselves up and move on like nothings happened…I guess Allahs made us emotionally much stronger..(Smile)…but she keeps calling him to beg him to take her back….and that she’s sorry and she’ll never do it again…”


Me:”but its over..they can’t get back together…he gave her all 3..”


Ismail:”apparently they’ve been shopping around for fatwahs(rulings) that suit them and one ‘moulana’ says if he did it all in one sitting then its still only one talaaq(divorce)…”


Me:”what a load of bull…..what moulana will ever say something like that?it just makes me sick to think how people change islam to suit them whenever they feel like…”


Ismail:”ya…that’s how life is…”


Me:”you think he’ll ever want to settle down again?or has he painted all women with the same brush?”


Ismail:”I actually did bring it up….and he said that he’s a guy..and guys have needs…..and he’s getting old…there’s no use hanging onto something that wasn’t even worth it in the first place…he needs someone to complete him..but he is abit scared to fall into the same trap and get hurt also..”


I just smiled that mischievous smile…


Ismail:”what?what are you busy planning in that pretty head of yours sweetheart?”


Me:”oh nothing….(Pout) said we shouldn’t get involved in other peoples business….”


Ismail:”I said we shouldn’t get involved with people that don’t matter to us….aqeel matters to us…”


Me:”(huge smile)….so I think we need to do something then…….like get aqeel and salma hooked….but the halaal way..(Smile)”


Ismail:”sounds interesting…..let’s see what we can do…”


Our conversation was ended because we reached home…I rushed in to sort the kids out while ismail read zuhr…thankfully dadi had already fed them so it was basically just to get them dressed into the madressah clothes…


Ismail left with the kids and I decided to give salma a call and see how her butterflies were holding up…

13 thoughts on “part 79:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    he’s enjoyin this peaceful life – how nice ‎​​الحمد لله … He deserves it afta ALL he’s been thru – doesn’t evn hav a happy memory of childhood !! Dats soo saaaad !! But @least he’s not like dat wid his kids n he dotes on dem

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚
    Hope u gettin over ur tiredness dear author !!

  2. zana says:

    Just loving this side of ismail.
    He is so right to feel the way he is feeling. We shouldn’t feel like that and be better people for the pleasure of allah but When someone hurts you and doesn’t support you after you did so much for them. Your heart gets off them for a while. But that doesn’t stop him from making dua for them.
    Faaiza and ismail are enjoying the match making

  3. Sister A. says:

    Another gr8 post !!! Ismail is right abt not getin involvd °̩и others ppl’s business. °̩и dis Đά̲ƴ & age its not worth it. Many a tym a person gets involvd wid da intention of helpin others solve der problems bt, °̩и da Εn∂ dat person bcums da bad 1.
    I smell da fragrance of Love frm Aqeel & Salma. Ismail & Fayy njoy da matchmkin!

    • Oh I’ve experienced that many times in my tell ppl things for their own good, they don’t listen and ontop of it they make u the evil witch…but in tym to come they see for themselves ALWAYS that you were actually right ….

  4. proudly muslimah says:

    hp we get nthr post 2da………lol!!! ,,dis is 1 of d most rrealistic blogs i eveeer read….keep up d great work Mrs author…oh yes! also luv how u subtly remind us of Allah in almost evry blog!!!!!!!!

  5. zay says:

    Oh yeah. Salmah reminds me of myself lol with her personality. Btw do u have an email add I can msg u if u do plse share it. Keep up the gOod awesome work 😀

  6. Binte Ahmed says:

    Great post! N a nice surprise coz I thot ul only post on monday now..glad ur over ur tiredness 🙂
    Ismails very right,its not worth gettin involved in ppls business,esp ppl like ismails family..they got brains,they can sort themselves out…
    Matchmakers in action 😛 lets see wat salma has to say..

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