part 77:


Post 4 of 5 for today….dedicated to sister A



We drove to the mall to meet up with masood….he was rather very relaxed this time around..not as nervous as before…


After the usual greeting and what what we got talking…


Masood:”so how long have yourl been sEeing doc?he’s really good huh?”


Ismail:”today was actually our first session..yeah I suppose he is quite experienced…(Pause)when did you get here?where you staying?”


Masood:”nah I’ve been here since last week..I’m staying over at one of my cuzzies here in mothers sisters son..”


Ismail:”oh ok..and how long you going to be around?you should come around to visit some time..”


Masood:”eish I don’t know bru…as long as it takes…I don’t know if I have the strength to come around to visit you guys..I hear that your aunty is living with you guys now…”


Ismail:”chotikhala?yeah she’s staying with my mother and them…we don’t live with my parents anymore..we’re on our own now..”


Masood:”eish that’s tops bra..nice to then I’ll definitely come visit you..”


Did he also have issues with my inlaws and chotikhala and company?I wonder..but I just sat quietly nibbling on my chicken strips and chips..listening to ismail and masood having their conversation..there wasn’t much I could speak to the guy about you know..I don’t really know him that well…


Masood:”anyway..I just wanted to choon you(tell you).please don’t ever mention to anyone that you checked me at docs rooms please..its just that I’m going through a lot at the know I had to deal with the loss of my mother, then your aunty being my step offence bru..she tried to be good to me but you know, your mother is your mother..and now all this stress of your aunty…hasina..I don’t know how to deal with this s*** and someone suggested I come down to talk to doc..he can help me cope abit you know what I’m saying?”


Ismail:”whoa bru….what you mean stress of chotikhala?what does she have to do with you?”


Masood sighed and sat back running his hands through his very long hair…he wasn’t particularly very handsome..he was slightly chubby, with sort of a flat nose, and abit short..he’s long hair made him look even worse was really untidy..


Masood:”so I suppose she’s not telling anyone the truth?”


Ismail:”what truth?truth about what exactly?”


Masood:”about that baby that she’s got…”


Ismail:”so what are you trying to say?you know the truth?about who’s baby it is?hell!(Hitting the table slightly and then sitting back with his arms folded) Ofcourse you should stupid of me(hitting his head)..she’s been living with you guys for over a year now so I’ve heard..”


Masood:”please bru..whatever I’m telling you has to stay between us…I’ll be dead if anyone finds out…”


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