part 76:


Post 3 of 5 for today….



Salmas point of view:


Hey there this is me….the totally tarty salma…I really enjoy being me…although the fact that I’m still not married gets to me at times…seeing all my friends, colleges,cousins all married around me doesn’t help much..but I can choose to rather sit and brood over it or I can take life as it comes….


Ofcourse I choose to rock the world with my presence..I’ve been doing the samoosa run thing for quite some time now..I’m actually a pro at the whole thing..I know exactly how to act and that I shouldn’t expect anything grand….


As old as I am, I’m not the dating kind….infact I hate it…its totally haraam and I don’t think any guy is worth me ending up being punished by Allah…


So I’ve never dated or had any personal or close relationships with any guys…yes I greet and the basic howsit and whatsup type of the presence of others..but that’s as far as I go…


I don’t even have any guys on facebook or bbm….its a total no-no for me..


As for these samoosas runs..I think I’ve had enough..each guy is worse than the other…either they have terribly smelling breath or their hair is so full of gel, I sometimes think his entire months salary goes in the purchasing of gel for his hair and that would leave us starving without basic necessities like milk and bread…


Then you get those spiderman type of guys…who practically crawl against the wall and all the way to the open planned lounge where we supposed to have our ‘meeting’…


The worst was the guy who actually pitched up with cue cards….on each card was probably a breakdown of what needed to be asked….(Sigh)


But I know there’s probably someone out there for me…we were taught that Allah has our fate written out for us already before he even created the heavens and the earth and all that stuff… as you know, fay is my bestest of best friends…I love that girl to bits..I really worried about her throughout her marriage..this guy change her into a totally different person…she’s one of the reasons I was glad I wasn’t married yet..watching how she suffered just made me afraid of settling down myself…


Anyway, fay asked me to fetch the kids for her today..I decided to go abit early to avoid traffic and get a good spot to wait until they were out…


Just as I’d parked I heard someone tapping on my window..I jumped!


Aqeel?what in the world was he doing here?he didn’t have any kids as far as I knew and neither did he have any nieces or nephews….


I rolled my window down…


Aqeel:”hey there sweetness!what you doing here?I thought you said you’re not married yet?where’d the kids come from suddenly?(Sarcastic)”


Salma:”haha.very funny mr…I could ask you the same question…(Raising my eyebrow)”


Aqeel:”(laugh)nah…no kids…and thank god! No wife anymore”


Salma:”(serious face)..yeah..sorry to hear about that…fay told me”


Aqeel:”nah…no need to be sorry….I’m glad its done and goes on..there’s probably something better waiting for me(wink)”


Oh my god oh my god!did he just wink at me?this is getting bad…


Salma:”umm…so why ARE you here then?”


Aqeel:”ismail asked me to pick up the kids as he wouldn’t be able to make it today..”


Salma:”(shocked).he did?(Laugh)…and fay asked me to pick them up….gosh..those 2 are just something else…(Laugh)


Aqeel:(laugh)…”so we both are here for the same kids?(Laugh)…ok now since I am here, you can carry on..I’ll take them home..”


After insisting and insisting that it was cool and I’d take them..I had to just give in and leave….I guess there’s no winning with aqeel….he had to get what he wanted..


Aqeel:”was nice chatting to you again…..will see you around…soon!(Warm smile)”

14 thoughts on “part 76:

  1. Shabana says:

    I’d love to read a point of view from Riyaad and Radiya. To see how they felt when their mum and dad fought, how they feel about all the new changes in their lives. It’s not a simple task to put a child’s mind in a post.
    just a suggestion though, Insha’Allah for future ideas 🙂

    Totally loving every post.. as soon as I feel it can’t get better, it actually does.. 🙂 kudos, author. You’re doing an awesome job..

    • Now that’s another challenge I can’t decline..will deffinitely do so…as soon as I can think of how a child would relate such a thing..generally 6 year old kids don’t talk much about their feelings..but thanks for the great suggestions

  2. zana says:

    Lovely post.
    Only allah knows who is meant for us and when that time will be.
    Aqeel is definitely interested in salma😉

  3. Binte Ahmed says:

    Yea thats a great idea,Raadiya n Riyaads POV..wud b quite interesting..
    Liked salmas POV as well!!! *thumbs up!!!*

  4. muslima.m says:

    Slmz , i have been following the blog from the begining finally commenting , faiza is a real inspiration .i am totally addicted to your blog may Allah reward you for putting our religon in the correct light.

    • Jx so much for reading and commenting..

      It really brings a smile to my face when I read all the comments…

      Islaam is misunderstood Because of the way we portray it..may Allah give us the ability to propagate it in the correct manner showing its true beauty

  5. Sister A. says:

    ℓ☺ℓ ! Salma’s description of her samoosa run is hilarious.
    Aqeel & Salma meeting @ da skool , can feel da vibes. Getin hot!

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