part 75:


Post 2 of 5 for today….



We walked out of docs rooms really felt like a whole load had been lifted from our shoulders even though todays session was more about ismail than it was about me….


I’m just glad that I now understand ismail so much more than before…I truly love this man…..and I really wish he’d mentioned all this to me would make a difference..I would be more patient towards him…I wouldve understood his moods and everything..


But I guess this was taqdeer(fate)..this was how Allah had planned it out…we obviously can’t argue with the way Allah works….He has all the wisdom and knows exactly why things happen in a certain way…


Docs left us with amazing words:”whatevers passed us by was never going to befall us and whatevers befallen us was never going to pass us by”


That’s the importance of going to a muslim psychologist..they understand our beliefs and advise us as a muslim should be advised..they understand what is fate and also understand that Allah has all the power to change every situation…


After paying a hefty R650 for the 1 hour spent with doc..we were on our way out to the car park…


Ismail noticed a 5 missed calls on his phone as it was on silent while we were busy…he didn’t recognise them number and decided to call could be anyone..even work related….


Ismail spoke for a bit and I proceeded to sit in the car as it was rather hot out in the sun…it was almost midday so the sun was scorching..luckily I had asked salma to pick the kids up for me from school today.I had a feeling we might be abit late ad I didn’t want them waiting fo us outside school…its quite dangerous and anything can happen to them…


Ismail returned to the car and jumped in..

“Guess who that was?”




Ismail:”masood!(Laugh)..the guys probably in a panic that we going to tell someone where we met him”


Me:”why?what did he say?”


Ismail:”he wants us to meet up with him for lunch at centurion mall….he said its been a while and we needed to catch up…I told him another time would be better but he insisted that he’s already there and even ordered for us..”


Me:”oh luckily I asked salma to pick the kids up then, now we’ll definitely not make it in time”


Ismail:”you did?oh….(Pause)…cos I asked aqeel to fetch them(laugh)”


Oh this was going to be fun….:) and we didn’t even intend it!!!!


8 thoughts on “part 75:

  1. Al says:

    Slm and JM! Lucky they’re twins, so Aqeel can take one and Salma the other…lol! Author, thanks for a great read 🙂

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