part 73:


And finally I can go sleep now….(Yaaaawn)….its post 5 of 5 for today



It was bari khallas husbands son from his first marriage….ismail grew up with him so he knew him quite well..but since they’ve been staying in durban we haven’t seen much of him….


When had he even come down to jo’burg?and what on earth would he possibly bbe doing at a psychologist all the way this side..


Ismail:”hey bru…what’s happening(handshake)…nice to see you after ages man..”


Masood:”(looking rather uncomfortable and nervous)…hey yeah man!udawise?(Pause)…”


Ismail:”(looking at the dr ahmed)…check you around bru…we better get going..come home while you around!”


Masood:”ya ya….sure thing”


That was awkwardly strange…he looked as if we just found out his deepest darkest secret..I just giggled inwardly…but then I thought…I hope he doesn’t blurt out to bari khalla and all about seeing us at the psychologist…not that there’s anything wrong with it…but you know how inlaws can be? Turn everything upside down..they’ll probably start telling the whole dunya(world) that I was mad and ismail had to force me and drag me to get myself checked out my a ‘psychiatrist’


Mind you…those are 2 different occupations…a psychiatrist sees to people that are gone abit tipsy…but a psychologist helps people deal with daily living and emotional stability…


There’s honestly nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist…its a help and a road to a more successful future…and that’s exactly what ismail and I were here for….on the way to a more successful future…or atleast I hope so…


Dr ahmed was a very warm and friendly character…I guess its his job to make people feel comfortable around him…his rooms were quite welcoming…


I assumed he seen to kids aswel as he had a little kiddies corner on the far right hand corner of his room…with a little colourful table..colouring books, toys and all kinds of puzzles….


As you enter you’ll find a sort of a lounge idea…with a single seater, double And a lazy boy sofa…in the middle was a little coffee table with a couple of magazines..


On the left hand side was his desk and 2 chairs…more of a formal idea…this is where he motioned for us to have a seat….


Ismail was holding my hand all the way through…


Dr A:”so tell me….where shall we start?it can’t possibly be a marriage problem because the 2 of you look quite much in love with eachother(smile)”


That already broke the ice abit as we all giggled and ismail left my hand…


Dr A:”no need to leave her hand now…this is your environment…I want you guys to be as comfortable as you’d like….”


Dr A went on to explaining to us how things are going to work…we would need to come in atleast once a week for the next 6 weeks or until we feel we are able to control our emotions on our own..if we feel at any time that things are not steady…we’re more than welcome to make an extra appointment that week..


It was quite a casual chat today…he said he needed to get to know us a little more before we just jumped into ‘the situation’…


He asked us quite a few questions about ourselves all the while jotting down as we spoke….he was a rather calm man…well I guess they’re trained for that too…


Dr A:”so how far down the line are we beginning at?(Pause)….I want you to take your time…(Talking very slowly)…close your eyes and think as far back as possible… far back can you remember of your lives?”


13 thoughts on “part 73:

  1. Sister A. says:

    May Allah Ta’aala accept all Ý♡ũr permissible duas, forgive Ý♡ũr sins, remove all Ý♡ũr difficulties, shower ♈̷̴σƱ with His special mercies αи∂ blessings, grant ♈̷̴σƱ death with imaan αи∂ make ♈̷̴σƱ amongst τђε neighbours of Nabi SALLALLAAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM in Jannatul firdous without reckoning
    آمِيْن ثُمَّ آمين يا رب العالمين
    جُمُعَةُ مُبَارَك ❤ sisters!

  2. Binte Ahmed says:

    Alhamdulillah,good that theyv started councelling,will help them out hopefully.. Sweet dreams,author,sleep well n gear up for extra posts again tomorrow 😛 lol!!!!

    • Try scrolling almost to the bottom of the page…to the last post available on the page..youl see a older post button…click on it and do the same on each page…until you come to the part you looking for

  3. zana says:

    This is a beginning of something new for the 2 of them. Especially for ismail coz he going to remember everything he went thru. May allah make it easy for them both

    • Its always best to rather remember everything you’ve been it out…and then you know its in the past because when things are kept within you, it always comes back to haunt you..everyone needs closure from everything in their life

  4. zana says:

    From dreams of your heart to the prayers on your lips…
    To every expectation & aspiration yᵒᵤ have, may اللَّه سُبْحَا نَهُ وَتَعَالَى answer them by HIS mercy, إنشاءالله
    May اَللَّه grant yᵒᵤ
    ~• A heart free from sadness,
    ~• A mind free from worries,
    ~• A life free from diffìculties.
    ~A body free from illness
    May yᵒᵤ be blessed by اَللَّه’s choicest Blessings always… جمعــــــــــــــــــــة مبار

    • sister/in/islam says:

      Same 2 U zana n ‎​​​آمين to all the beautiful دعاء

      جمعــــــــــــــــــــــــة مباركـــــ

  5. Haj says:

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُُ

    “a psychiatrist sees to people that are gone abit tipsy…”
    Ouch. Is this what people think of me, tipsy ? I am treated by a psychiatrist for depression. Depression is an illness which affects more than a 120 million people worldwide who basically suffer from symptoms which include sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy and poor concentration – often the result of prolonged stress & trauma amongst other things.

    This is a difficult stigma to tackle as you would often need to get to know & understand such a person as well as their experiences before you learn that we’re far from Tipsy or crazy:) ..lifes just a bit more challenging for us depresso’s.. But it would make it slightly more bearable if people didn’t go around describing us as inappropriately as many people do, it hurts

    • Ya allah! Please make maaf if you’ve taken offence…I didn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with seeing a psychiatrist either…

      Some people are crazy by nature…and cause havoc in other peoples lives.but this is not caused by any traumatic experience…

      As you’ve mentioned, you’ve been through hell and that’s what has caused you to become depressed..and trust me, I totally understand that…may Allah make it easy for u and anyone that has been pushed that far…

      You haven’t chosen this way and you are receiving help for what was done to you and this is something extremely great…I honestly don’t look down upon you, infact I look up to you for that and for responding in this way..

      Please do make me maaf if I have offended you or anyone else for that matter as my intention in the post wasn’t in any way directed at you or people that are suffering from anything like that….may Allah make it easy for everyone..

  6. Haj says:

    Jazakallah for your beautiful reply, but maaf from myside aswell as I was also being over sensitive on that particular day. I know that your intentions are always good 🙂 & that ur goodNess which comes out in your writing, is 1 of a kind, MashaAllah.

    You have done an excellent job with your writing by helping us be better muslims & become more Allah conscious. Jazakallah

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