part 72:


Here’s post 4 of 5 for today…1 more to go…



I couldn’t go to the school to address the teacher tomorrow because ismail and I had our first appointment at the psychologist…


I decided to go back to check on riyaad and speak to him about it but he was already fast asleep…its a really long day for little kiddos like themselves…I have no idea why nowadays kids are obliged to do grade R before finally starting grade 1


Preschool for us when we were little was just a play thing…now its so strenuous…kids must go to play school, then preschool, then grade 0, then grade R and then grade 1….that’s why kids of today are fed-up of school by the time they reach high school..


Nowadays kids are so pressurized into doing so much…before they even start school they’re expected to already know how to read…its totally crazy if you ask me..


That’s what’s so amazing about home-schooling…no pressure at all…you can work at your own pace and according to your childs capabilities..


Many people bring up the idea of lack of social skills in a child that is home-schooled…but my argument is that do we send our children to school to socialise?or do we send them to school to learn and get a better education?that’s where everyones going wrong…we think our children are going to socialise and that why people are getting from dumb to dumber..


Social skills should be taught at home..if parents are friendly and know how to deal with other people then ofcourse their kids too will end up the same way…its a parents duty to teach their child good conduct..I 


I read a hadith somewhere once that stated to the effect that: “The most perfect of the believers in faith is he who is the best of them in conduct”…


The next morning I gave riyaad a little more affection and made him understand that its important to tell us whatever happens in school and if he feels anyone is troubling him too much, he must immediately speak to his teacher about it…I reassured him that everything will get better as the year goes by…


After dropping the kids at school ismail came back to fetch me as our appointment was at 10 and we didn’t want to be late so we left early…


Once we reached the offices…we were asked to fill in some forms….after which we had to wait an extra half an hour before dr ahmed seen to us as he was still busy with another client…


While waiting I was pondering about how it would be?I expected our first meeting to be quite awkward…how were we just going o dive into the situation?how was I supposed to open up about how I’ve felt in the past about ismail?


Finally it was our turn….we heard dr ahmed opening up the door of his consulting rooms and ismail and I were in utter shock at who dr ahmeds last client was….


10 thoughts on “part 72:

  1. amina says:

    Wow I’m seriously loving this blog. Its very different and refreshing and the characters are so realistic. There are some scenes that could have come from my own life. I totally agree with this whole home schooling concept and I am seriously looking into it further for my 2kids إن شاء الله. If we worry about what people think we will never be successful, but if we concentrate on what our اللَّه thinks of us then we will see how easy it is to shy away from the so called “norm” I think its very foolish for us to pay for our kids to get corrupted, because the fitnah that surrounds our world today is closer than we think. May اللَّه guide us all and give us all hidayat to tread along the right path

    • I totally agree with you…I home-school 2 of my kids and the feeling you get after seeing them progress is amazing…may Allah make my children even better than they are..but really you see the difference between them and other kids…there’s way too much of bad influence out there…alhamdulillah my hubby and I agreed on my children being home-schooled from before I even gave birth..and I have no regrets alhamdulillah

  2. a95r says:

    Who was it? I don’t even have any guesses…. I’ll just have to wait…*waiting a little not so patiently* plz author, don’t keep us in suspense too long… And جزاك اللهُ خيراً for the many extra posts. I get so excited when its a 5 posts day… And now there’s only a few left.

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Suspense !! Suspense… Luckily des still 1 mor post for 2day !!! And 5 AGEN 2moro !!!!!! YAY
    Really hav NO idea who dat client is *scratching head*
    Hmmm , wil just hav2 wait n see .
    Btw – 2 all u lovely ladies – ‎​​جُمُعَة مُبَارَك – May u all hav a spiritually uplifting day – ‎​​​آمين
    Don’t forget 2 recite plenty of duroods
    صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Ameen! Hmmm wonder who it is..mayb the witchy mil lol!!! Or aqeel? Or chotikhala..or… jst wait for the author to unravel the mystery lol…
    Juma mubarak to all out there..dnt forget to recite lots of durud sharif,surah kahf,surah dukhan n remember me n the ummah in urls duas..

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