part 71:


Post 3 of 5 for today…hope you all had a lovely day



Riyaad ran to me and burst out crying…

“I don’t like school mama…I don’t want to go anymore….I want to stay at home..”


Me:”hey kiddo…why what happened?you were so happy in the morning to be there?and there’s so many fun things to do…atleast you’re not bored like you are at home everydayl”


I wiped his tears away and picked him up…gosh they were getting heavy, but they’re still my kids…and they needed more pampering from me now since they were going to school and also since the baby will be coming soon…


I gave the kids lunch and got them ready for madressah..I wasn’t going with them to madressah as they already knew their apa and they were quite comfortable with her and her was a private madressah so there weren’t too many kids to get used to….


In the evening after I’d bathed the kids and was getting them ready for bed, riyaad put up a performance that he wasn’t going to school the next day…


Me:”well there’s no 2 ways about it have to go to bed okay….”


Riyaad:”but mama you don’t..”


Me:(cutting him off)”no buts my boy no go to sleep”


I then went to raadiyas room to tuck her in…


Raadiya:”Mama?is yaad coming to school tomorrow with me?because if he’s not going then I’m not going too..I’ll be scared to be alone”


Me:”ofcourse he is my love..he has to go to school..we all had to go to school when we were younger and I know its tough to leave your mum and dad and be around all these new faces..but you’ll get so used to it you won’t want to leave..(Smile)..”


Raadiya:”but mama that’s not why yaad doesn’t want to come to school tomorrow..its not because he doesn’t want to leave you or daddy”


Me:”then why baby?is the day too long?is he getting tired?”


Raadiya:”no!…(Pause)..umm….some of the boys in my class were telling him some mean things and said some ugly words..and he didn’t like it…and then they started picking on him and taking his things away from him and throwing it around in the class…and laughing at us”


I felt terrible..I didn’t even ask my child why he didn’t want to go to school..I didn’t even enquire if there was a problem..instead I was so harsh and just demanded that he had to and had no choice..


Thank Allah Riyaad has a twin..otherwise how would I know that my child was being bullied in class…I felt like a terrible mother…how could I not care about my childs feelings?how could I not have sat down with them and asked them what had happened in their day?


I was so caught up in my own work and my own responsibilities that I’d just by passed the fact that I had children my childrens feelings to care for selfish of myself…!


8 thoughts on “part 71:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Oh no,shame! of the worst experiences to go through..n on the 1st day as well..hope fay does sumthin about it b4 it gets out of hand..

  2. rooksana says:

    Poor kidz *sad*allah mk it easy 4 dem. Der r wild kidz out der in school. Shame dey soo small also. I feel vvy sorry 4 small kidz.

  3. zana says:

    Poor riyaad. Alot of the kids learn to ugly to others from home. How you are treates at home thats how u will treat others.
    Hope the next day at school will be better for riyaad. He must not take the nonsense. Inshaa-Allah he will become s stronger little boy

  4. Sister A. says:

    As we get caught up °̩и da rat race of lyf, we sumtyms overlook da things our children say. Neva overlook wat dey tel us as sumtin imprtnt cud b missed leavin 1 wid regrets later. Parents r da best ppl 2 giv advice 2 der children.If da parents r not gona b der 2 advise dem da children r gona seek advice frm others or take matters °̩и der own hands. The outcum wil not always b pleasing 2 da parents.

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