part 70:


Post 2 of 5 for today….dedicated to sister/in/islam…enjoy!



Raadiya:(whispering)”mama?why are they all crying?did something happen?”


Me:(giggling)”no sweety…they just don’t want their mummys and daddys to leave them”


My kids were so genuinely strong…we met their form teacher, whom I must say I wasn’t very impressed with…I expected much more for an islamic school teacher…


The teacher was a young muslim lady who had half her hair sticking out from the back of her scarf and from the front aswel…


She had on a tight skinny jeans with a top that was barely covering her butt….


If I were the principle of an islamic school I honestly would expect all the teachers to atleast dress islamicly..what impression is she going to leave on these innocent kids?that its okay to dress in this manner?


Okay fine, I also don’t wear cloak..but my scarf is always pinned properly so that every bit of my hair is always covered..all my clothes are loose fitting and I ever wear skimpy things infront of my kids…even when I wear my nighties, I make sure I have a gown next to my bed to cover up…


Now my children will be exposed to someone dressing like this in an islamic environment…shouldn’t she be setting some kind of example…?


We were all asked to choose a seat for our kids and help them settle in before we leave…


I made sure my kids were sitting next to eachother and right close to the teacher so that they could pay more attention to what they’re supposed to and not play around and get influenced by other kids…


Ismail and I both gave them hugs and told them we’d be back at 12 to fetch them…they were so excited and took out their colouring books almost immediately and settled in much faster than I’d expected…


The teacher was quite snobbish….she looked us up and down and hardly gave us a comforting smile…


I would’ve been much more at ease if I knew they had someone friendly and lively rather than a stuck-up pain in the butt…


My day seemed to have dragged and I was miserable…I worried sick about my kids and how they’d coped…..I looked at the clock almost every 15 mnutes waiting for 12 when ismail would bring the kids home..


It worked out fine as ismail would fetch them from school everyday and come home for lunch and dropp them off at madressah on his way back to work..then he’d fetch them from madressah when he was done with work…


When the clock struck 12 I waited impatiently outside for them to return…I expected happy kids to run in my arms and blabber about how fun their day was….instead, I found them looking rather down and noticed a few tears in riyaads eyes when he got off the car…..

11 thoughts on “part 70:

  1. zana says:

    The teacher is supposed to make both child and parent welcome. She supposed to let the mummies know their little angels will be in good hands

  2. a95r says:

    At least they have each other, probably why they were fine in the morning. Wonder what happened.
    So true, when an ‘Islamic’ school does something un-islamic, its so hard to teach children right and wrong, coz to the child “but they muslims, so its right”. Yet when they go to a non-muslim school the child understands that the teachers and other students aren’t muslim, so at times they do wrong. Especially the birthday issue, unfortunately its so common in muslim schools, and then it becomes so hard to teach your child that its haraam to celebrate birthdays when they do in school. I’m not saying that non-muslim schools are better, because الحمد لله there are many, many advantages and benefits in muslim schools, its just that some of them don’t do everything islamicly. May Allah guide us all آمين.

    • Ameen….one thing that you learn in a non-muslim school is discipline..its sad because its supposed to be the other way around… There’s just no discipline in muslim schools anymore…that’s why I don’t call them islamic schools, cos there isn’t much islamic about it..I call them modern day muslim schools

  3. Sister A. says:

    Awwww !!!wunder wat hapend 2 da cutie pies on their 1st Đά̲ƴ at skool. As da saying goes the first impression is a lasting impression. Teachers of an’ Islamic school’ shud not be allowd 2 dress °̩и unIslamic attire 2 skool.Children learn frm wat dey see. Teachers r role models 2 der students. May ﷲ guide ӑℓℓ teachers °̩и settin da corect example.

    • Ameen..yes they are also human but its a major responsiblity being a teacher and an even greater trust being one in an islamic school.before applying to teach at any school, the teacher should ask themselves if they’re are willing to be the best example and not err in any way

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