part 69:


This post aswel as the next 4 are dedicated to sister/in/islam….congrats for reaching 50 comments

Sorry for the delay but I was having abit of a network problem today and couldn’t log on to post


Wednesday was the kids first day at school…ismail and I both decided that it would be best to both accompany will give them extra confidence and can make their day go much more smoothly having both their parents moral support…


The kids were over excited about attending school…even though they’d only be in grade R..they already felt big and were acting all independent and responsible…


As I’ve said before, my kids and I have never been separated from eachother since they were born..apart from these few days when I’d left them with dadi…


I was overly attached to them…and I would really miss them dearly..however it was necessary for them to learn to be apart from me sometimes…


I always wished I could home-school my kids….in todays time,things are so terrible…I’ve tried hard bringing them up the correct way….I was so worried about peer pressure…


I suppose they still major peer pressure at the moment…


As much as I would have managed schooling my kids from was a total no no to ismail and the rest of the world…


Everyone felt as if though I would be depriving my kids of social skills and outdoors…


As a parent, who spent my entire days and nights trying to instill correct morals within my kids, I just worry of what their outcome may be..I fear that they are still so young and can’t differentiate between right and wrong as yet and kids tend to pick up the wrong habits faster than they do the good…


With a very heavy sigh…I got off the car at school…they were attending an islamic school..hopefully some islamic morals could be instilled in them….however madressah after school was a total must in my opinion..what was learnt in madressah was can never learn the same anywhere else…


It was crazy on the first day..the grade R’s were quite noticeable..apart from them all wearing red t-shirts and blue jeans…almost every kid was crying their lungs out….


Oh gosh!I’ve had it..I looked at my 2 for their reaction…..

13 thoughts on “part 69:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww – جزاك اللهُ خيراً sooo much !!
    Sorry abt ur network problems … I was gettin abit worried n tawt mayb the forever mess up posts got messd up * tongue out * just kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s gonna feel the separation more than the twins – @least they have each other !!!
    All the best to them !!

  2. nafissa says:

    I’m sure d twins will b confident,nw dat d parents r doing so well “ALHAMDULILLA ”
    The positive energies of parents,brushes off very well!

  3. mumof3soldiers says:

    Every mother’s fear!! How will my child handle negative pressure? I heard that talim in d home regularly wipes off the negativity of outside influence. …. Allah safeguard our kids

  4. rooksana says:

    I thk its natural 4 every mother 2 feel like dis wen dey kidz start skwl. Allah no best. Atleast ismail went wid dem on da 1st day of skwl.

  5. rooksana says:

    I thk its natural 4 every mother 2 feel like dis wen dey kidz start skwl. Allah no best. Atleast ismail went wid dem on da 1st day of skwl. Sorry abt ur network.

  6. Sister A. says:

    Evry mum feels dat way on her childs 1st Đά̲ƴ @ skool. Bt dey ωɪℓℓ b fyn إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ.
    Home schooling ωɪℓℓ protect children frm many fitnahs. Has its advantages. ɪ̇Ƒ a mum wants 2 home skool her children she has 2 mk many sacrifices. Unfortunately its not posible 4 evry1- 2 do it. Den again many ppl r not °̩и favour of it. Jzk 4 bringin °̩и anothr imp. topic.

    • Its true..many ppl are against home-schooling..someone once passed a comment to me saying that you can’t home school your kids because education is the ‘MOST’ important thing you can give your child and I’m depriving them of that..whereas I totally disagree…alhamdulillah, my eldest son is 6 but is doing so well that he’s already moved halfway through grade 1 work and is almost completed with half of the 30th para in hifz…

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