part 67:


Here’s post 4 of 5 for today



Aqeel:”Noori I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you”

And he takes a deep breath….


Aunty nafissa:”nooooo noooo please don’t do this….please… were so good to noori and to all of us..please, we can sort this out…divorce is not the way to go about it….”


Just incase you all wondering what nooris father had to say about all this….well nooris father had a stroke about 5 years ago which left him almost like a cabbage..he has to be pushed around in a wheel chair and can’t talk at all…therefore he probably doesn’t even know what is going on really…that’s why moey and joe have taken over as the men of the house….and poor aunty nafissa had to go through all of this stress almost as a single parent….


Aqeel:”maaf…..its done….3 talaaqs is 3….it can’t be taken back…wether said in anger, or even playfully…or even one sitting..3 talaaqs means I don’t ever want anything to do with her ever again in my life…”


Aunty faati gets up and walks to aqeel..she throws herself at her son and cries into his arms…..


Aunty faati:”I’m so sorry my son! I’m sooo sorry..this is all my fault…I should never have insisted you marry this rubbish if I knew all of this..I promise I didn’t know any of it…”


Aqeel:”shhhh maa…(Stroking her back and kissing her on her head)…its not your fault….its not your fault..I know you would never intentionally want to hurt me”


Uncle imraan(aqeels father):”I suggest you(pointing at noori)..pack your bags and get the hell out of this house…’ve caused enough damage to our lives and to my son…… will never find another man like him…and I really feel you very sorry….I don’t think any man will accept you ever again in your life for doing such immoral and pathetic things…you are a disgrace to the entire muslim community…you are filthy and shameless….my son deserves better and he will get better……get out!just get the hell out!”


Everyone was too hurt and embarrassed to say any more….noori wasn’t even crying…..she looked angry…but no sign of remorse showed on her face whatsoever…


She dashed off into her room..all we heard was the banging of cupboards….


Aunty faati:”nafissa….we were such good friends….why didn’t you tell me?what kind of a friend are you?to allow my sons like to be destroyed like this?do you not know the damaged you’ve caused to an innocent gentleman?”


Aunty nafissa:”(looking upset)…I’m sorry faati…really we thought she changed and that she was happy with her aqeel….I didn’t mean to hurt you people…”


Aunty faati:”well you have really hurt us…and I don’t ever want any kind of friendship with you…please don’t ever call me….I don’t ever want to see any of you people at my house..”


Because of nooris shamelessness she lost everything…she lost a gem of a husband, she lost the trust of her family, she lost her luxurious life, she lost her flat, her car, but most importantly she lost her izzat…


If only she’d changed her immoral ways, she couldve been happy…there’s always a chance to make tawbah…Allah puts us in situations so that we can turn to him in repentance..


Pride and arrogance leads a person to destruction…


This entire situation has really opened up ismails eyes…as they say, when Allah chooses hidayah for a person….then everything around them serves as an eye-opener for them….


We stayed with aqeel after the dogs all left…he needed us….we performed asr and then maghrib..I called dadi to make sure the kids were okay…once she reassured me that everything was fine, we sat a little while longer trying to comfort aqeel and his family….


40 thoughts on “part 67:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    What lovely and supportive friends he has !!
    Really pride and arrogance r from shaytaan who wants us to giv him company in Jahannum !!
    May اللَّهُ cure us all from every evil and may we b humble , modest muslims who do things solely for اللَّهُ pleasure – آمين يا رب العالمين

  2. Binte Ahmed says:

    No remorse huh..shes not even bothered..she prob thinks she has cashmore so she has everythin..shel learn the hard way which will serve her right..
    Allah save us many lessons for us as well..zina is so common in our society nowadays,even women,wich is so shockin n sad..Allahummahfaza minh…

  3. mumof3soldiers says:

    SHOCKING! !!!!!!!!
    Sad today parents think marriage will settle der kids down n everything will be covered. …….. very unfairly innocent girls and boys lives are ruined like dat

    • Yes that’s very true…marriage is not a solution to any problem…and marriage is no rehab either….ppl need to change and know that marriage is a special bond and connection to complete half our imaan

  4. a95r says:

    No remorse? No regret? No guilt? She’s just angry?!! Cashmore probably isn’t even his real name, just a street name and that’s just what she knows him as? Proves how little she means to him, just a toy to amuse himself. And for that, her marriage is broken, an innocent boy suffers, her family shamed and she has no respect whatsoever left.
    May Allah save us from even going near zina. آمين.

  5. nafissa says:

    It’s all over for Noori n jus d beginning 4 Aqeel.
    Hope Aqeel finds real happiness!

    I’m glad that Aqeel has Ismail n Faaiza by his side…
    “Truth shall prevail,n falsehood shall b perished”

    May Allah swt guide our hearts n d hearts of our children,”yah deekal bahu”

  6. Faati says:

    Noori needs to suffer the consequnces,shame but her poor family need to deal with all her filth….wel serves them good for hiding the truth..
    I wonder if she even had aids!! Disgusting!
    Shame to the Muslim society, wel its so coming thou.. ..

    Poor Aqeel, Inshallah you will be blessed with an angel frm heaven sooon. …
    Hmmm *weding bells* sooon

  7. Sister A. says:

    Gud Aqeel got ӑℓℓ da suport he needed. As 4 Noori who had it ӑℓℓ, Due 2 her Haraam actions & arrogance … has lost evrything. ɪ̇Ƒ she had realised she was wrong & showed remorse den she cud change. Bt it didn’t Εn∂ dat way. Its not imposibl 4 any1 -2 change as Hidaayat is °̩и ﷲ’s hands. Bt ﷲ does not force Hidaayat upon anybody dat does not want 2 change. I kno of a true incident wher da wife had da same atitude wen da marriage broke due 2 her betraying her husband jus lyk Noori. May ﷲ save da Ummah & protect our Imaan ​آمِيْن.

    • I’m so glad that you can relate….because I want people to understand that this is reality..we need to know about what’s going on around us for no other reason but so that we can take lesson from everything and everyone

  8. rooksana says:

    Whoh????? Wat a ending. Ameen 2 all duas mention above. Allah gv hidayat 2 all who r commiting sins. Kep up da good wrk author. Dis story is soo happening nowadays.

  9. zana says:

    Ameen to all the duas
    Really glad ismail and faaiza are there to support the family. May they all grower closer and learn from this.
    Hopefully aqeel will be a happier person and find someone to love him for who he is

  10. rooksana says:

    Wtever happens ,happens thru da will of allah. Dey say a 10days thief mst get caught 1day. Lol. Allah no best. He is da best judge. Bt dis is happening in reality. Widout doubt

    • It deff is happening in reality….Allah save us all from turning to these type of haraam…and yes…no-one can continue doing wrong without inevitably getting caught oneday

  11. Binte Ahmed says:

    Ameen ameen..sad reality that we’re livin in..n yea its not too late for noori to change,her eyes havnt closed yet

    • Just like you guys to know that I always read every comment that comes in immediately when it comes in as I get e-mail notifications….I sometimes take very long to reply a comment but I will if necessary when I get some free time inshalah…I’ve updated my ‘about the author’ page so you can understand the hecticness of my life and why I sometimes don’t get time till later at night…jx for all your support

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